Escalade Brake repair 16K miles

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I have a 1999 Cadillac Escalade with 16,212 miles on it. The gas pedal sinks to the floor board whenever I stop or am stopped at a light. There are no grinding noises or squeaks. My car dealer informed me this morning that my front brakes are shot, ie, disc brakes, rotors, brake pads,etc...although the rear drums are fine. I was advised that this repair would cost $770.00 which seems excessive to me, especially on an SUV with only 16,212 miles on it that has been driven gently. I would appreciate any advice on this.

Thank you.


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    Brake wear at 16,000 miles is quite common on heavy 5,000 pound plus SUV. We repair Lexus and Infiniti cars and SUV in large numbers.
    Purely a function of weight and the speed you brake from also larger tires have more rotating mass/weight so much more difficult to slow down.
    You should see the monster brakes on new LX470 and they still wearout at 30,000 miles or less.
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    Yes, I'd agree....most big heavy SUVs can eat brakes pretty quickly....laws of physics mostly, although your driving habits could contribute to early wear, as could your geography (san francisco vs. Iowa for instance).
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