BMW sales are so good, they ignore buyers

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I went to my local BMW store (Co's in Loveland CO) two weeks ago and spent a few minutes looking in the lot and in the showroom. After a few minutes a sales guy came out and engaged me for a few minutes, answered a few questions (one answer at total odds with the information on the details part of the window sticker. After less than 5 minutes he excused himself, walked off and never returned..

Ten minutes later I got tired of waiting and left. Yesterday I went back and checked out some new inventory on the lot then went inside. I stood in the showroom for 10 minutes by myself and then, not having attracted any interest I went back outside. I spent about a full minute looking over every 5 series and 3 series on the lot. Still no interest. On my way back to my car I noticed the service/make-ready bay and walked over to it. After 5 minutes looking around there I went back to my car and left. In total I spent about 45 minutes on their lot or in their showroom.

I went to their website last night and noticed it had a "schedule a test drive" tab so I clicked on it and sent an email. In order to do that I had to give a lot of the general kind of information one would expect. There was a small area where I could squeeze in some comments so I wrote a shorter version of what I wrote here. I quickly got an acknowledgement of the email but it turned out it was actually an "out of my office" notice.

It turns out that whoever is responsible for answering test drive/sales inquiries at this dealership is on vacation for the next 2 1/2 weeks. I spent my career in sales, mostly in management and I can guarantee that if one of my people was not going to be able to give IN PERSON replies to any customer for as short as 8 hours they had to make darn sure that someone, even if it was ME contacted that client.

Now I'm faced with several options, there are a couple of other BMW stores 45 minutes and 90 minutes away. There are Infiniti, Audi and Cadillac dealers within 10 miles or should I contact the general manager at this place.

Thanks for letting me vent.




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    Here's another place to vent:

    Dealer Reviews

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    I did go over and test drive and spent an hour or so with the internet sales manager. They kept talking about full MSRP less the $1250 now available and another $500 for diesels. The biggest dealer in Colorado, about an hour away, advertises discounts of about 11% (which is below invoice) on the website and gives the $1250 in addition. Heading down tomorrow to seal the deal if the color, Mojave, looks as good in person as on the website.

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    Good luck!

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    Picked up my 328d last Saturday. Mojave over beige. MSRP $50125, my price $43400, which included $1500 USAA eligibility. Very pleased with the car and with Schomp BMW of Highland Lakes (Denver).

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    Congrats on the new BMW!

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    @easypar said:
    Picked up my 328d last Saturday. Mojave over beige. MSRP $50125, my price $43400, which included $1500 USAA eligibility. Very pleased with the car and with Schomp BMW of Highland Lakes (Denver).

    Nice! Post a pic when you get a chance!

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