Is this a good lease deal for an IS 250?

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After a lengthy negotiation. I just got quoted by our local Lexus dealership this lease for a 2014 IS 250 with the F-Sport package.

Gross Cap Cost: $38,275.00
Money Factor: .00085
Downpayment: $2000
Residual: $31059.36
Term: 27 mos.
Miles: 10k per year

Monthly payment with LFS Excess Wear and Sales Tax comes out to $403.03


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    What's the MSRP? $43K or so? Don't know your tax rate, but if you get the base money factor, the lease program is pretty good..

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  • stringcheesestringcheese Member Posts: 4

    Hello. Thanks for the reply. Msrp is $42,975.00 tax rate is 8.75. They also threw in free vin etching.

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