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Extended Service Agreements

nighthawk117nighthawk117 Member Posts: 3
edited April 2014 in Chevrolet
Hi All -

My 2000 Monte Carlo SS just turned one year old. I didn't purchase
the Extended Service Agreement from the dealer at the time of purchase.
I really like the car, even though I've had a few problems with it (engine cradle)
and I'm thinking of buying the 6 yr./50,000 mile extended warranty.

The dealer where I bought the car quoted me a price of $775, retroactive
to the date I bought the car, so the ESA would expire in 2006. I was
under the impression that the ESA took effect after the 3 yr. mfr. warranty
expired. So actually, I'm paying $775 to have the warranty extended
three more years.

Anyway, does anyone have any experience with this warranty? Is it worth
having? Is this a fair price? How can I find dealer cost on this item?
Does anyone have the Monte Carlo service manual, and would this be worth
having instead of the ESA?

The dealer said that GM will increase the ESA price in mid-April.

Thanks very much.


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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    The value of an extended warranty is not only in the amount of time offered, but even more important, in the limitations/exclusions that each warranty offers. These realy aren't warranties at all, they are insurance policies, and like your health insurance, there are things they do cover and things they don't. Essentially, you are betting $775 that within three years you will have big trouble, and the insurance company is betting you won't, or that if you do, it'll be something they don't cover.

    So first thing you need to do is get a copy of the "warranty" and see what it does and doesn't cover, and then compare it to others availabe, say right here at Edmunds. You need to do some homework before you can decide. It doesn't sound like you've read anything at this point.

    Here’s the link to the Edmunds Site Map to help you Get around!



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    nighthawk117nighthawk117 Member Posts: 3
    Mr Shiftright -

    Thanks for your reply and information. I'll check it out
    further. I do have the brochure from the dealer for
    the General Motors Major Guard protection plan. It is
    the only policy this dealer sells.

    I take it by your reply that there are many types of policies,
    some better than others. Is the best place to buy the policy
    at the dealership where the car was purchased? If so,
    then I have no choice but to go with the GM plan.

    Do you know anything about this policy? Is it the best
    available for my Monte Carlo? The dealer made it sound
    like I needed to buy the plan within the week or the price would

    Thanks again.
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    tronsr1tronsr1 Member Posts: 149
    You do not have to purchase the extended warranty immediately. The warranties are "negotiable" and you will get a different price from five different GM dealerships. E. Mail at least five or six in your area and tell them what plan you want, what kind of vehicle you have ,year, make, model, when purchased and ask for a price. It is usually recommended that the factory type' extended warranty is usually the best as no matter "where" you purchase it... it will be good at all GM dealerships.
    You will get lower prices from places such as Warranty Gold,and others, so do your homework. There is a whole section here at Edmunds on warranties.
    I have a new Ford and had prices from $2500.00 to $1040.00 for the Ford ESP Premium Care, 6 year, 100,000 mile plan. And I had offers from several of the on-factory offered plans for less. I went with the lowest bid on the Ford ESP plan {$1040.00} as I always get my service done at a Ford dealership, including the oil changes, etc., so I felt more comfortable with a Dealer plan as opposed to a none-factory plan.I am not knocking the other plans... there are pros and cons and testimonials and complaints for and against the "others. Do your homework and don't rush into it. I purchased mine two months after purchase date... as I "did my homework".
    Check-it out NORT
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    armtdmarmtdm Member Posts: 2,057
    I have never heard of anyone having favorable experiences with NON FACTORY warranties. In fact, all I ever seem to hear are "NO REIMBURSEMENT" woes or the hassle involved in trying to get the repair covered is worse then trying to get your health insurer to pay for a brain transplant!
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    namfflownamfflow Member Posts: 202
    I have had 2 extended warranties. The only reason I bought them was I purchased a couple of rental vehicles that were turbos.

    The first one was a non-factory one. The company went out of business so I ended up paying for a non-warranty.

    The second one was a factory one that didn't help anything at all. I attempted to make 1 claim and the denied it. Thwe warranty was supposed to cover struts in they failed. At around 20K they were toast. Claim denied, why? They didn't hit the bump stops. (BTW, even with no fluid in them, on this car the bump stops would not have been hit, I know cause I put a strut in with no fluid just to show them).

    My opinion is that extended warranties aren't worth the paper they are printed on. You'd be better off taking the money and putting it in a separate saving account specifically for repairs. If you end up not needing it you can always use it as part of a down on another vehicle later.
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    akplateakplate Member Posts: 4
    I was offered an extended warranty service with Westchester (autoXtend) from the dealer and would like to know anyone with the same service and their experience with the service.
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    tronsr1tronsr1 Member Posts: 149
    Never heard of them. Why doesn't your dealer sell the 'factory" warranty. I will tell you why..They get a better kick-back from that outfit.
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    golden51golden51 Member Posts: 4
    If interested there is at least one place on the 'net selling manufacturer warrantys, Chrysler and Honda, at discount. Deep discount. Check site and cost at http://www.autoinvoice.com.

    I purchased extended warranty for my 2000 Chrysler there using credit card. Nice discounts.
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    nighthawk117nighthawk117 Member Posts: 3
    Hi -

    I think I'm going to purchase the GM Major Guard Extended Service Warranty.
    Is there any place that I can find out what the dealer cost for this is for the various
    Additional Year/Mileage options (e.g. 6 Years/50,000 Miles)?

    When I was looking for my new car (2000 Monte Carlo SS), I found the pricing
    information on Edmunds.com to be very helpful, but can't find the same information
    regarding the ESW. I don't want to overpay for the ESW.

    Thanks for any/all information
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    fritz1224fritz1224 Member Posts: 398
    Not a bad price for the honda 7/100k, but still over 100 more than I paid, and my dealer is local.
    Plus that site traps you(can't use "back" button) after clicking on one of their links. May indicate how these people treat their customers as well.
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    spokanespokane Member Posts: 514
    Shiftright makes a good point that factory warranties are insurance policies and should be evaluated as such.

    Based on the bitter experience of having four out of four claims (all were modest dollar amounts) denied by a non-factory warranty provider, I would caution anyone to evaluate a non-factory provider very carefully.
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    montypyfanmontypyfan Member Posts: 2
    I bought a 1992 Lexus ES300 (not Certified Pre-Owned due to program restrictions) in Dec '98 with 45k miles from Lexus of Norwood (MA). I had the option of getting the extended warranty (3yr/36k) for $995 but felt that the car's mileage was low enough to skip the added expense.

    Boy was I wrong!

    In Feb '01 the transmission gave out at 69k miles - total cost to repair exceeded $3400. It would have been covered if I had gotten the warranty.

    If I were to buy another used high-end auto I'd seriously consider the extended warranty.
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    armtdmarmtdm Member Posts: 2,057
    I thought that because they were "CERTIFIED" the warranty was extended automatically to 100,000 by the dealer?

    Factory or dealer wraanty is okay to buy, third party warranties are rip offs, they refuse to pay!
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    armtdmarmtdm Member Posts: 2,057
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    lugwrenchlugwrench Member Posts: 213
    The one car I would definitely buy an extended service warranty is on the Honda Accord V-6 automatic. The transmission of this fine vehicle has been very problematic. I would opt for Honda Care on this vehicle in a heartbeat!
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    poisondartfrogpoisondartfrog Member Posts: 102
    Try this link for extended GM warranty pricing:


    Don't buy a third party warranty. My problem was I moved away from the dealership where I had bought the extended warranty. Therefore, at my now local dealer, I have to pay for the repair, then apply for re-imburshment, because the warranty company doesn't accept the dealer's credit! Very strange... Note: The warranty company does authorize the repair first.

    With that said... I paid $1,100 for a 6 yr./60K warranty, and I have had $2,100 worth of warranteed repair work in two years on my '97 GM SUV.

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