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Holy smoke, do NOT leave this much money on the table!

easypareasypar Member Posts: 191
edited May 2014 in BMW

So I'm sitting at the sales guy's desk finalizing the purchase of my new 328d-xdrive. The sales guy says; "it's too bad you don't qualify for USAA membership...or do you?" I told him yes I do, but their insurance quotes have always been higher than what AARP/Hartford charges me.

He said to get USAA to email/fax a letter to him to the effect that I do qualify and it's worth an extra $1,000 discount! My wife's was walking up at that point and her jaw hit the floor when she heard that, because we don't have USAA insurance. He repeated that we don't need to have their insurance, just qualify.

Then he decided he'd better look it up and confirm the amount. "Uh, oh" he said. It's not $1,000, it's $1,500! Let me repeat, FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS extra discount just for being eligible for USAA membership.

Had anyone else heard this?

The moderator may want to re-word this entire post and put it under "Prices Paid" but I thought that much money was worth a new discussion.




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    isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342

    This makes no sense.

    I used to deal with a lot of USAA customers and this is nothing I've ever heard of.

    Who eats the 1500.00? Not USAA for sure!

    So, a deal gets struck and then the store gives up 1500.00?

    I don't understand this one at all!

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    kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 243,140

    I'd be surprised if you are "eligible" without being a USAA customer..

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    easypareasypar Member Posts: 191

    It seemed pretty weird to me but the sales rep insisted that just having USAA email/fax that I qualify for membership would do it. The unit we're getting (coming from an adjacent state) is $1700 under invoice and I was happy with that deal. However there were some higher priced $52,000-$53,000) units on their lot with over $2,000 less than invoice, and I see deals written in Los Angeles on this site with bigger discounts, so the money is in the deal.

    If it turns out that I don't get it I won't lose sleep over it, but I'm not going to do everything I can to get it either.

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    easypareasypar Member Posts: 191

    I should have checked before posting the above answer. It's right on the BMWUSA site. It's a "military salute" discount of up to $2,000 for 2014 and 2015 model years. It says, "available to USAA members with insurance I.D. card or PROOF OF ELIGIBILITY". I guess my membership is still valid although I'm not currently insured with them, but it reads as if the "proof of eligibility" is something that USAA might know about.

    I'll find out Monday morning after my golf round.

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    cartalkcartalk Member Posts: 147

    BMW requires presentation of a Photo ID and USAA insurance card with USAA number or a Confirmation Letter provided by USAA. For a Confirmation Letter, members can call USAA at 1-855-787-6272. One incentive per member insurance number per calendar year for new BMW vehicles.

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    easypareasypar Member Posts: 191

    Thanks cartalk. I received an email from USAA at 10:00 this morning that they had sent the confirmation to the dealer.

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