Intermittant miss and backfire. 1998 Olds Aurora

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My 98 V8 Aurora has 101000 miles and has suddenly started intermittently missing at idle and backfiring when accelerating. I have noticed that it only misses when it is in gear (under a load). The miss is random and does not have any kind of rhythm to it. I ran a bottle of fuel injector cleaner thru the engine with no effect. I just recently acquired the car so I am not real familiar with the idiosyncrasies of the Aurora. In other words.........****HELP!!!!! ** **


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    Have the car scanned and bring us back any trouble codes found. If no codes are stored, you may have to go to a qualified technician and have them monitor the car while the event is happening, so that they can freeze-frame data and get a look at what's going on in the various systems.

    You can continue to guess blindly but methodically, however, as long as you don't spend more money guessing than you might have paid to a mechanic to diagnose it. You could try cleaning the MAF sensor (see youtube for how to do this) and the throttle body (also you tube), but keep in mind that these videos should be from qualified repair shops----some individuals might not know what they are doing.

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    There are no codes. I'm wondering if maybe bad plug wire/s or condenser coil. ?????
    I came to the forum in hopes that someone else had experienced the same problem. Oh well, Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you!

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