Bad gas, Lexus ES350

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2013 ES350-5500 miles--car stopped running-towed to Lexus dealer-2 days later they told me that I had BAD gas.Not under warentee-$858 cost-I had gotten gas 5 days before at COSTCO. They sell so much gas that they get at least one truck full every day. I WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT GOT BAD GAS. I ONLY GET GAS AT COSTCO. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW I GOT BAD GAS? Lexus CORP. COULD NOT!!!!! i would love to hear from someone. Thedealer was LEXUS OF PALM BEACH!!!


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    I don't know how Costco tracks gas sales but I assume your member number would show up somewhere, and that could prove you buy gas there. You could "file a claim" with Costco and then let them pursue Lexus (assuming others didn't also get bad gas that day). Or go talk to your local consumer protection agency or attorney general's office. Did you also contact Lexus corporate?

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    it would also be interesting to know how the dealer determined "bad gas". Knowing this could a) verify that the dealer's diagnosis is correct and b) further your claim against Costco.

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    A receipt for gas at Costco does not tell what car it was! I couldn't prove that this car got the Gas!
    The dealer knew the gas was bad by the readouts and then tested the gas!

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    Sounds like you have enough to go to Costco with. You may get some help with your state's division of weights and measures or whoever regulates gasoline dispensing to consumers.

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