Jeep Grand Cherokee '99 Scheduled Service?

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Dose anyone else who owns a Cherokee follow the book and service the differentials every 12,000 miles (Schedule b)? I can't beleive that this has to be done once a year! And at $300, it's not cheap. Any suggestions would be of great help. I really love my Jeep, but I don't think I want to keep it if I have to spend a ton of money to do "routine" service every year. Thanks!


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    Does it explain what this "service" is, in any kind of detail. We could tell you more if we knew what they were trying to accomplish. The only time I would service the fluids in a diff this often is if I am off-roading and fording streams or if I'm boat launching. Water can get in the diff and contaminate the fluid. In fact, I just saw a Suburban differential explode (literally gears through the case) for this reason.
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    Good Question. I was quoted something like $60 for the front diff and either $70 or $140 for the rear on our 2000 GC Laredo (I6, Selec Trac) by our local dealer. The rear pricing varied as to whether it would require synthetic lube or not. So, I don't know why this is so bloody expensive, and I don't know why they'd suggest changing synthetic as often as non-synth, but I know that my neighborhood Jiffy Lube here in the Big D read me exactly the same service schedule as reco'd by the book and quoted me $21.99 per diff. I like that price a LOT better.

    Now, on a tranny service, I understand that the dealer cracks open the pan and adjusts bands or belts internal to the tranny, fine, I'll go to a dealer for that. But unless you have Quadra Drive, there can't be anything that challenging about servicing the diffs in one of these.

    I think I'll go to Jiffy Lube at 24K miles (next oil change) and do this as we've done some towing and high speed driving and the like. But I don't think I'll be paying the dealer's price on this one.

    Would love to hear from others on this one.
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