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I have an Accord 2007, with 35,000+miles. Dealer recommends replacing timing chain. Necessary?

sdhmdsdhmd Posts: 2
edited May 2014 in Honda

Is it necessary to replace timing chain? 35,000+ miles/7 yrs old.

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  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,966

    That sounds pretty early to change a timing chain . Of course, if there's some kind of issue with the chain then you should, but I'd want a little more info from the dealer (than you've shared with us) about why they're recommending it.

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  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,667

    Is this a 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder? If it's a 4-cylinder, timing chains are not a maintenance item. Your dealer shouldn't be suggesting a change, unless it's related to another problem.

    If it's the 6-cylinder, then it will have to be done, eventually, but the interval is somewhere around 90K miles. While some might suggest that time is a factor, in addition to mileage, I think 35K miles is ridiculous.


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  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,830

    Well, Honda does say to replace timing belts at 105,000 miles or every seven years.

    If it's a four cylinder, it uses a chain and I have NEVER heard of replacing one of these.

    If it IS a four cylinder, the poster needs to find a different dealer.

    With only 35,000 miles if it were my car, I would push it another couple of years.

    But, that's me.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683

    The risk with the V6 and going beyond the recommended timing belt change interval is that the '03 Honda Accord V6 is an interference engine. I deliberately let my belt maintenance slide on my van and when it went out ~80,000 miles over the change interval, I got stranded and had to get a tow, but there was no engine damage.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,667
    edited May 2014

    I don't put a lot of stock in the "years" over the "miles" equation, when it comes to timing belts. They aren't exposed to the weather, rain, salt, etc... like tires or fan belts. I certainly wouldn't be changing one at 35K miles and just 7 years old.

    But, still waiting to hear if this is 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder... If the dealer is recommending a timing chain replacement? Hoo boy..


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  • sdhmdsdhmd Posts: 2

    My Accord is a six Cyl. Thanks for your help.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,667

    Thanks for checking back in.. :)


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