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How to fix 2009 Infinity FX35 electrical problems?

skratkaskratka Posts: 6
edited May 2014 in INFINITI

The dashboard warning lights on my 2009 Infinity fx35 flash on intermittently. I have the tech package with all the bells and whistles 40,000 miles.

The VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control) lights and a few other warnings beep and stay lit.
I brought into dealer and they "reset the computer" and did other things but cant fix it so I gave up.
If I restart the car, the warning lights go away but intermittently light up again.

Anyone have similar problem or know how to fix?
It looks some sort of a short?


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,504

    What other lights go on besides the VDC? Dealer needs to monitor the car at the moment the lights go on, then freeze the data and examine what the various sensors are reporting.

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  • skratkaskratka Posts: 6

    Thanks for the reply,
    Of course it never happens at the dealer when I brought it in for them to drive. It seems to happen more in slow NY traffic but its random by day/month/season. The lane departure warning light, IBA -intelligent brake assist warning, slip indicator light- traction warning go on and the car makes 1 emergency beep. I think cruise light goes on too (but is not engaged).

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