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Isuzu Rodeo transmission slip?

radavis314radavis314 Member Posts: 1
edited May 2014 in Isuzu

I have a 1998 isuzu rodeo v6 automatic 2 wheel drive.About a month ago, when you start to take off, the transmission will kinda slip and jerk a little and even when you are going into a right curve it will slip like it is in neutral until it finally grabs back in gear.I'm no mechanic,one guy said he had one do that and it ended up being a wheel baron went bad.Anyone seen or heard of this and wjat it may be?


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481

    If you are slipping while turning hard that sure sounds like low fluid level.

  • murbano1murbano1 Member Posts: 1
    Radavis...were you ever able to resolve this issue. I have a 98 Honda Passport (Rodeo) and mine seems to be doing the same thing. Upon acceleration from a dead stop, just as I am getting to around 10 MPH, it seems to jerk/grind and then "catches". It shifts through the gears fine. It is just that initial acceleration.
  • sassy317sassy317 Member Posts: 3
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!
    I am kinda having the same trouble. Mine started out that way so we put fluid in it & it was find for a day then on the way home it stopped shifting into any gear. We changed the fluid & it still wont shift. Any ideas anyone????
  • sassy317sassy317 Member Posts: 3
    I have to correct myself it will shift into Reverse & Drive but once you take off it will not shift into any other gear
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