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'05 Honda Accord replacement mirror

cabriggscabriggs Posts: 32
edited May 2014 in Honda

Someone knocked the driver's side mirror off my '05 Accord EX-V6 sedan. It's powered but not heated. I checked the Honda eStore and the list price for a replacement is $243. I've seen some sites (dealers, I think) that have it for $170 (plus shipping).

I've also seen many aftermarket replacements, starting at $30 and going up. (Part of the reason they're cheap is that they're all black, whereas the Honda one has a "cap" that matches the car.) However, any that have reviews say that have real problems with vibrations at highway speeds. Most of my commute is highway, so this matters to me.

Can anyone recommend an replacement that's reasonably priced and doesn't have a vibration problem? Preferably one that includes a cap even if it's black. I have the old cap but some of the tabs broke so I'm not sure it will stay on.

Many thanks.


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