Chrysler Timing Belt Issues

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Wanted to ask a question. Car won't start, changed plugs, cam sensor and crank shaft sensor and still getting cam shaft sensor code. The timing belt is supposed to be right under the cover on the left of the engine, and I took out two bolts on the cover and spread it open to see the belt is still there, but when I have someone crank it with the key, that belt does not move but the two others for the A/c and alternator do turn. Could the timing belt be broken (Or maybe a pulley or something) at the bottom of the assembly? Should I be seeing that belt move when it is cranked? Any answer will help. Thanks!


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    Which model Chrysler? Year?

  • ken39ken39 Member Posts: 8

    Sorry, 2007 PT Cruiser base model.

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    The timing belt should be moving. The recommended replacement mileage is 90K. Mine went at 130K. You need to replace the timing belt.

    If you are capable of mechanical work it is not hard to do. Purchase the Haynes repair manuals, they do a great job in stepping you through the process.
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