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Land Rover Freelander



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    and have read this forum since inception

    And, for the record, you just passed your 6th anniversary with 3 days ago. Congrats!

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  • Just for the record and to keep things a bit more balanced here, I have a 2004 HSE that I have been very pleased with. Have about 15000 on the odometer with only a problem with the outside temp. gauge to report. A bit underpowered but not bad if you shift for yourself. Very solidly built - feels like it's been "moulded" out of a single block of steel. Spent some time in Utah on washboard back roads and there wasn't a rattle or squeak once back on the pavement. Drove a friend's new Forester recently, good pick-up from the engine but the whole package felt pretty "thin". Got into a little fenderbender with a woman who pulled out of a driveway into my path - totalled her Toyota Corolla with minimal damage to the Freelander. Get close to 30 mpg (25 US) on the highway. As long as the reliability holds, it's a keeper. Ciao, B.
  • I have had a 2004 Freelander for 18 months and 20k miles. Prior to my purchase, I was concerned about all of the horror stories, but felt a bit assured due to the warranty. I've been very pleased with my Freelander. Fortunately (knock on wood) I have had only very minor problems (loose rear window and weak windshield washer jet) both problems were fixed under warranty. It goes great through snow, and I've had it off road once where it was a lot of fun. The car is very solid with no rattles at all. It drives great on road and has very tight ride for a SUV. It could use some extra horses, but the manual/sport shift mode gives you enough control to optimize the power band. I realize there are a lot of real horror stories out there, but there are many satisifed owners too. :)
  • rvrmsrvrms Posts: 3
    I have a 2002 Freelander SE...So far I have been pleased with my car, its performance, gas mileage, etc. The dealer where I purchased it (Wilmington, DE Land Rover) was excellent--gave great service! I have since moved to Cape Cod, Mass. I am considering replacing my Rover...with another Freelander, but after reading many of the posts, I am now hesitant. Has anyone else had major issues with a 2002 after it goes out of warranty? That is what I fear!

    Any feedback would be appreciated. I was inclined to replacing it soon, but am wondering if I should wait until the new 2007 comes out...or just appreciate the fact that my 2002 seems "so far, so good!"


    With thanks ...
  • meggybmeggyb Posts: 1
    I purchased my 2004 Freelander new and have owned it for about 15 months and have taken it into the dealership 10 times already (crack in radiator, t/c lights and seatbelt lights come on for no reason, sunroof replaced, gas tank not filling up, etc.) I have been very reasonable with the dealership, not complaining or anything. The other day I went to use my cruise control and to my surprise, it doesn't work. I had my husband contact the service manager and explained to him that my car is still fairly new and I shouldn't be having all of these problems with it. He asked the service manager to go through my records and determine if my car is possibly a lemon. He said he contacted corporate and they reviewed my records and are willing to cover a couple of my car payments for my inconvienece. I don't think that they are being fair, they just want to pay me off, which is not worth it in my book. Has anyone else pursued a complaint with corporate or filed a suit under lemon law? Any advice is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!
  • My two cents on this: if your car breaks down in a year or so, wouldn't you be really pissed at yourself for taking a chance with a car you knew could go seriously wrong? :confuse: Reading the posts on this forum have really made me doubt about the reliability of the car. I have a 03 freelander, and while my trips to the dealer for repairs are not too outrageous, I know i will get rid of the car right before the warranty expires!

  • cppcpp Posts: 36
    I would caution you to do some research on lemon law proceedings for your state before you accept anything from LR. I've never looked into it, but it's been claimed before that if you allow the manufacturer to cover any of your payments, you are no longer eligible for lemon law proceedings because you have already been compensated. Again, I'm no expert - just encouraging you to educate yourself before acting.
  • adw1adw1 Posts: 1
    Read your message after the same defect occured on my Nov. 2001 TD4 ESX. (only 35000 miles) Fortunately no casualties. However I am aware of the following. The Service manager of Town & County Garage Aberdeen UK advised that this has happened before on a vehicle and that Land Rover engineering developed a fix. This involved laser cutting the double skinned bulkhead where the two retaining nuts are located and rewelding a new panel with the bolts back in, the repair being carried out free of charge on an out of warranty (+3years) vehicle. From your posting on the defect report I see that Land Rover USA advised this had happened before. This in my limited knowledge takes the incidence of this failure to a total of four. Until a few days ago when a another vehicle in England suffered the same fault. This vehicle had had a new steering rack replaced within the previous 12 months but the bolts still failed. My vehicle has been with Land Rover since June when after my local garage who were so concerned when attempting the repair that they contacted Land Rover. Land Rover recovered the vehicle and advised that the repair would cost £1280.00 ($2176) with an offer that I should only pay 25% of this cost. Whilst I have been very fond of the Freelander the nature of this defect and the inability of Land Rover to reassure me of the repair which is only gauranteed for 12 months makes me consider that the repair is a risk I could not live with should I or anyone else drive this type of vehicle. I recollect the + 100k I have driven in Freelanders and my limited imagination dreads what would of happened if the failure had occured when I have been pushing the vehicle around our very twisty roads. In my limited knowledge I can only consider that they we have a problem due to over/under tightnening of the bolts, substandard bolts, or a design problem because the steering rack has only two retaining bolts, most other steering racks I've come across have 4 fixing bolts. The other side of the steering rack is only located in place. I speculate that any free movement on the located end cyclically fatigues the bolts at the other fixed end. I am dissapointed with Land Rover because I feel they should of repaired my vehicle free of charge as was the case in a previous vehicle and that they have not been able to give me any re assurance about the repair and the likely hood of re-occurance. Fortunately I have been in the position to leave the vehicle with them for the last 3 months but now have come to the point where I either pay for the fix or take them to court. Any further information you have found would be appreciated.
    Alex D Walker
  • Just wanted to join in the fun. We have a 2004 Freelander that we purchased new in May of '04. It has had a few minor problems here and there but nothing major until now. The brakes started making a grinding noise and when I called the Fresno CA dealership to make an appointment I was told that the rotors would probably have to be replaced and that it would not be covered under warranty. This vehicle has less than 15,000 miles on it and they said that it was 'normal' for brake rotors to wear out in that amount of time.Interesting how he would say that the rotors need replacing without even having seen the car. I wrote a letter to the general manager of the dealership expressing my disappointment with the diagnosis and told him I felt that this should be covered under warranty. The day the car was taken in for repair I was told by the service manager "well, we didn't manufacture it so it's not our (the dealership's) problem. The repair cost over $500. This is totally unacceptable. I filed a complaint with the NHTSA and the BBB and wrote to Land Rover again. I will keep you posted as to what happens. I have asked LR to reimburse me the cost of the repair and to cover future repairs.
  • Had the EXACT same brake problems-my car is just over a year old. This car has cost me a lot of money already-might as well not have a warranty. Thanks for the idea of having LR reimburse some of that money. My seatbelts don't work either nor does the airbag-having some safety issues!!!!
  • If you are having seat belt and airbag problems they should definitely be covered under warranty. If LR tries to tell you it is not, report it to the NHTSA at
    The word dot above stands for department of transportation. I am still waiting to hear back from them on my complaint. I have not heard back from LR yet and the BBB was no help, they told me I should have had the brakes inspected before the car was one year old. Never heard of having to need to do that before. Good luck and keep fighting. You were right about might as well not have a warranty at all if they can pick and choose what is covered and what isn't.
  • Can anyone please help me with any info for 2002 Freelander S with the last 8 digits of VIN being: 2A376087?
    How do you guys get this info? Do you work for LR?
    Thanks very much in advance....
  • rvrmsrvrms Posts: 3
    Thank you "stephang"....Yeah, reading these posts does make me stop and think...will be looking at the Toyota and the Honda as I do like/prefer the smaller SUV. I love my current Rover, but as I said, do worry about costs after warranty runs out!

    rvms :cry: :confuse:
  • sfinesfine Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Freelander and was happy with it until September when the transmission went. I only had 43,000 miles on the car. They replaced the transmission (only took 10 days), never reimbursed me for my rental car. The new transmission is now going, and the electrical system went kaput on Saturday.

    I have been dealing with Land Rover Corporate becasue the dealer in Cherry Hill, NJ could give a toss.

    They just keep telling me the standard customer service sentence, we'll take it up with the dealer and get back to you.

    The dealer actually told me that the warranty on my new transmission is only good for the original warranty on the car, and then tried to get me to buy the 100,000 mile warranty for $1100.00.

    I still have a year left to pay on it, but I am afraid it won't be running in another 3 months!!

    My advice do not buy another Land Rover!! Apparently this is typical of the brand.
  • You may have problems with the EMS which is why most dealers are reluctant to look to much into it as it is expensive. I took a similar problem to fair trading who contacted the dealer, and funnily enough they bent over backwards to get the job done. Make sure all problems are logged and all visits to the dealer is also logged as they have a tendancy to exagerate the truth.
    Good Luck
  • spgspg Posts: 1
    Let me tell you. I have a 2002 Freelander and the first year I had it, I had to take it to the dealer at leat 10 times and I have the services invoices to prove it. I bought it used, my initial thought was to get a toyota....NOW how I wish I went with the Toyota!
  • Well here we go, I have a 2003 G4 edition Freelander. Like many others on here I have had some minor problems that the dealership took care of under warranty no questions asked. But...the brakes! The dealership replaced the pads at about 12K miles because they were pulsing, felt like the rotors were warped. Now I am at a little over 30K and am being told the same thing you are about the rotors. Actually I was told I have done well to get this many miles out of them. It just doesn't seem right that the rotors on other new vehicles I have bought have lasted well over 60k and several pad changes without a problem. I have called and written Land Rover politely expressing my dissatisfaction with the situation. I have no idea if I will hear anything from them. The old phrase "planed obsolescence" comes to mind.
    I hope that Land Rover realizes that they are not even coming close to the quality standards that other less prestigious manufacturers meet.

  • I have a 2002 Freelander and am pretty satisfied with it. I bought it with the intention of keeping it for several years. So far, maintenance hasn't been a big issue and my local Landrover service is good. However, my original warrantee is expiring at the end of January. I've checked into the Landrover extended warrantee program and the price doesn't seem too unreasonable. I need to make a decision soon. I'd appreciate shared comments on extended warrantee experience. Thanks.
  • I too had this issue. The heater core was leaking coolant into the heater fan motor. One cold morning I went to turn on the heater fan and nothing. Turns out the fan finally burned out due to all of the coolant that had dripped into the fan. It was under warranty and the dealer replaced the blower motor and the heater core. I asked the kid behind the counter what it would have cost me if I did not have the warranty, he said somewhere around 1K.
  • I bought a 2002 freelander with only 18,000 miles and I was quoted $4,000 for extended warranty up to 100K. Any similar experiences?
  • Joey:

    My Jatco transmission slips between 1 and 2 in the normal mode. It worked poorly the first 500 miles, then became intermittent again at 11,500. Is this the common problem people are writing about? It is unnerving to do a right turn on red and then...coast while slipping.

    Other issues:
    -seat belt warning light wants to be on sometimes
    -replaced leaking rear light

    Good stuff:
    -underbody rails protected me once from a hidden ceramic --pipe in a grassy field
    traction is wonderful

    Better than he average Ford but, that trans is making me nuts. The dealer can't get an error code so, no repair. Contacted LandRover corporate. I am letting them think I want to exercise the Lemon Law to get some improvement. I really want the car, if it will go reliably.
  • Dear deadlander

    I have just read your message about the f4 error and a problem with the car changing from 2nd to 3rd...I have exactly the same issue...could this be linked to the throttle body on the the computer seems to think that the throttle body is faulty? did you solve your problem?....many thanks!!
  • After 5 trips to the service department since June of 2005 and the last one December 30th I asked Land rover corp. Customer Resources to buy back my 200 Freelander SE. It still under warranty @47K miles and all the service up to date. It has broken down on the California freeway at night and 4 other times with overheating/coolant issues (as they describe it at the service dept). At his point they have replaced about everything related to the overheating issue and want me to basically have faith that I won't break down again. Its pretty crazy having a supposibly luxury car that you have to carry a bottle of water just in the event of not if but when it will break down. I feel its a malfunction of the design and cannot be corrected. I'm currently pursuing the California dispute settlement program and then the lemon Law. California is a 3 strikes out for the same problem and the y have struck out 5 times.
  • gensadgensad Posts: 1
    I own a 2003 Freelander SE, and its been nothing but headaches. The Service Engine light comes on on a routine basis. The rear passenger windows have gone off track. I've had it serviced about 7 times. I have 2000 miles before the warranty expires and am in a race against time to trade it in for another vehicle, another brand. I think all I actually paid for the was Landrover insignia.
  • Hi, I bought a 2002 used. I just replaced the battery and now it's saying, enter security code. Anyone know where this is? I called LandRover and they don't know.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    The security code is for the radio.. Hopefully, the prior owner put it with the owner's manual... or wrote it down inside... Once you lose power to the radio, you need it to get it operational again...

    If you can't find it, you might try the original selling dealer... they may have it on file... otherwise, you'll probably have to pull the head unit to have it reset..



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  • I have had nothing but problems with this vehicle which I purchased new. You will need the warrantee more than ever the more milage you get. Endless issues. One day the transmisson just went, F4 error message on the dashboard, no reason. I never ever drove off road, nothing. I have spent over $15,000.00 on services and repairs. Once the vechile hits the 45,000 mark WATCH OUT here comes the service fees, this will cost you lots and lots of money. I would seriously consider putting that money towards another vechile. I love the way the vehicle looks, but it just is not manufactured very well, sad to say.
  • I have a 2002 Freelander. Just found out from dealer that it will cost $10K to replace the long block assembly. Started out as losing coolant, then replacing thermostat, now this. I am at wits end.
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