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Land Rover Freelander



  • moe71moe71 Posts: 11
    All I will say is that I am so happy I got rid of mine in August. I practically gave it away. I got $1000 on trade on just because they could probably scrap the car for parts if anything the seats and stereo are worth that! If you can get rid of it. Also search this site for folks that have purchased from Carmax. I recall reading over the past couple of years folks who got Carmax to take the car back. It is a piece of junk and NTSB does nothing about it an neither will LR. Good Luck!
  • Working with Howard too. Get rid of that car. You will find that there are no engines coming from Land Rover to replace those engines anyways. Read all the posts regarding Carmax and these Freelanders. Print them out if you have to and go back to them. Get your money back, or make them trade you a diff car..
  • I have the same problem with a 2004 Freelander as others, internal coolant leek in the engine. Repair is a new engine, more costly than the vehicle is worth. I would encourage everyone to call the NHTSA to complain. These folks are the ones that investigate problems for recalls. As of this date there was only a few complaints. Good luck !
  • First: yes, this car is an absolute lemon. I chuckle at so many posts because I could've written them myself. I share everyone's frustration and anger but in the end I have to laugh because if I didn't I wouldv'e driven the car, and myself, off a cliff already.

    QUESTION: Can you replace a bad coil without having to replace all Six? I want to make this LAST repair and get out of this car ASAP.
  • My nightmare ended on Tuesday....I sold my ticking timebomb !!! Like many - an unrelentless loss of coolant and an endless series of everything breaking. Hell, the day I traded it....the front passengar wiper stripped from the hub, the rear wiper stopped in mid-stream, I burned 1 tank of coolant in 100 miles, the seat heater switch stopped working....that's just 1 day in the life of a Freelander.

    I got 6500 on trade to a naive local car lot. I actually felt bad for them..... then almost cried in joy as I drove off in a 2007 Volvo XC90. Going from the car from hell - to agruably, one of the best cars around.

    Like a blogger posted earlier...I have owned many cars in my life, and without doubt, the Freelander was by far the worse car I've owned or even encoountered. It is a piece of dog crap.

    And as far as LR customer service....they've hired a bunch of sweet talking teeny boppers that, as they say, piss down your back while they're telling you it's raining. They're worthless. My local dealership stated that LR will buy the car back...eventually...but will hold out for giving you as little as possible. Stay diligent and demand KKB full retail. The company's strategy is too make these things "extinct" before they cause any further damage to their overblown they will buy it back !!

    If you're reading this to determine whether to buy a Freelander....don't, don't, don' any price !!!
  • lainey2lainey2 Posts: 1
    Hi Guys my name is Lainey and I'm new this site. I am having a problem with my 04 Land Rover Freelander. Currently I can't afford to go back to the dealer with my problem do you guys have any ideas. Last week my hill decent warning light came on 2 days in a row but has not been on since. Later that day I learned that all my brake lights were out. I put a new bulb in 2 of them to no avail. Then I changed (with help) the brake light switch on the the pedal bracket, still to no avail. We did check and there was power to the new brake light switch. My only thought is it could be a broken wire? Do you all have any ideas on what it could be? Are there any other "modules or other controlling devices on this car? Thanks in advance for all your help.
    Sincerely Lainey
  • moe71moe71 Posts: 11
    Aside from get rid of the piece of junk (I know you didn't want to hear that), I believe there was a recall, at least there was when I had my 2002. Check to see what the recalls are on your vehicle.
  • da2da2 Posts: 4
    I logged 2 complaints this weekend. One for my 2005 Freelander and another for the 1st lemon they gave me for the 2004
  • eric114eric114 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know the status of these cars in Brazil. I live in South Brazil and had the misfortune of purchasing one of these five months ago for $51,000 reais. It has 37K miles and just encountered my first problem. The engine light has been on for months but the car overall ran fine. On several occasions the car experienced sever loss of power, I would pull the car over and restart the engine. After restart the car ran completely normal until the next occurrence where I would repeat the process. Last week the restart trick completely stopped working and the car permanently ran as if only three cylinders where firing. It is now at a local shop being diagnosed (non LR).

    Any ideas??? I am naturally horrified after reading all these stories. I never had an overheat issue and the cars behavior led me to believe the problem was electrical in nature, (plugs, wires, distributor, computer) not internal engine failure. I'm not a mechanic but it's illogical to think a restart could temporarily repair internal engine problems. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, mechanics here are not familiar with these cars.

    FYI. After reading all the information here I will be trading my car in as soon as this problem is resolved. People in Brazil evidently don't know about this problem with the Freelander because the price of the car here has remained steady for years. I don't know what warranty LR offers here but I am sure that it sucks. I am not sure why the value of the car here has not plummeted to rock bottom like in the U.S and U.K. I fell very fortunate to have found this information and equally fortunate here in Brazil that lemon is still worth $44,000 reais in running condition.

    I thought this would be a rugged dependable car perfect for Brazil, what a joke. The high quality tough as nails reputation Land Rover has in the U.S is clearly undeserved and a result of brilliant marketing and effective smoke screen.

    P.S Someone please suggest an alternative solution to my loss of power outside the blown motor.
    Finding a motor for that car here will be will be impossible. I'm better off leaving the thing in the fevela and letting the bandidos strip it to death.
  • Want a laugh read the threads you see from this guy from the begining to the end. He was hyping this worthless crap factory the Freeloader up before it even arrived. He made it seem if you did not own one your car life experience would forever be incomplete. For months he sold this junk as gold and he had never rode one, seen one, or really knew anything about them. Then when they arrived he was helpping everyone find one, kind of like the guy who would be pointing the way to the nearest cliff to a pack of lemmings. Leading the unsuspecting and trusting to their hell on earth (Freelander ownership). Then when actual Freelander owners started finding out what a worthless pile of crap the freelander is (year after year, and its funny how everyone was hopefull that the next year model would be better). Tincup47 was like the guy on the Titanic telling everyone, "look its just a small leak the company will fix this minor defect. Now I am going to get a better look at this small crack while they lower me down in this life boat. I will be right back up to reassure you all that its just a small defect." Then all the sudden Tincup47 dissappears, gone, POOF! not a post to be seen. Kind of rowed off in his life boat so to speak. Well I am sure he did not drive off in his Freelander because we all know he would not have gotten very far. Trust me if you want to laugh till your sides ache start from the begining and work to the end.
  • okwocheokwoche Posts: 1
    I had same problem with my freelander, the difference being that i could lock and open all doors with the remote from inside apart from drivers door, and from outside this could he done only by use of key. The solution was to change the whole locking unit on the drivers door as it is the master control for the central locking system. Till date that problem is gone.
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