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Land Rover Freelander



  • If you turn in your vehicle for problems, does LR actually give you a vehicle for the period they are working on your problem machine?
  • You are definitely picky. I doubt if you can find many Japanese vehicles likable. Suggest VW Touareg. A CPO cost less than 30k. Since '04 is the first year, even CPO is still pretty new.

    How much have you spent on the repairs? Sounds like nothing. Otherwise what is the reason of holding it till the warranty is over.
  • Hello. I bought a 2002 Freelander S today. It has 25000 miles on it, and as I was driving it home, the traction control and hill descent lights lit solid amber. The owners manual indicates system failure. I went back to the dealer, they said the battery needs to be disconnected to pull a "code" and reset a sensor. Has anyone heard of this ? I put about 80 miles on the vehicle on an overnight test drive, then after the dealer prepped it, these lights came on not 2 miles after paying for it...any input appreciated. Thanks.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    I have a (03'Freelander HSE w/7000 miles) that we thought would be a great little car man was I wrong! Since we bought this car in January of 2004 we have had numerous issues and are very fed up with it. The only problem is that they are never repeat offenders they are always new issue. I will say it is a good thing we are able to get a car every time it is in the shop. Maybe that is why they have that service they know the work is on the way. I know we will get a new car even if they do not buy this one back it will just be a slower process one part at a time. We had the following work done so far:
    1. Head liner came unattached from roof. Water leaked into the car over driver side.
    2. Front windshield replaced because the auto defrost did not work.
    3. GPS system Radio replaced two times.
    They replaced it and they told us they did as much as they could do (it was a EOM issue)
    4. Speaker in both doors have been replaced
    5. Fuel pressure drop off (New fuel pump)
    6.Grinding noise when starting the car(New starter)
    7. Driver window would not work. (New motor and regulator).
    8. Replace the tool box when we bought the car it had been smashed.
    9. Car pulls to the right new alignment in Feb. 04
    after a whopping 400 miles.
    10. Fuse box cover was broken when we got the car. ( new cover) Little problem I thought. But they all add up.
    11.Replaced the door motor for the passenger side
    could not open door from inside or outside of the car.
    12 When it is cold out the back door will not open. I live where we get snow (FUN)!

    As I am writing this my Hippo sits at the repair shop I was driving it the other day and when shifting down the car jolted pretty hard. The car has had it's 3000 mil maitance and regular oil changes. The dealer puts the blame on the manufacture and it goes back and forth. They offered me 15k trade in while they are selling a '02 Freelander SE for 2lk with 30k in miles. Some help the offered the same deal every Joe gets. This after they had said they would make it up to me. Landrover states they are a different type of car dealer. That is true I have own several used cars and never had these problems. The dealer is 30 miles away and each drop off is an inconvience. I see the new policy that we have 24 hours to return the loaner car after they call us when the repair is done on there time. I travel alot it makes it hard enough to balance family work and travel and now car repairs. yeah:{
    Wish I had never bought the car. The trade-in book value from Kelly is 21k now I do not know how true to date that is but I know it is not 6k less then what is offered by the dealer.
    Any Ideas?
  • I have a 2002 Freelander S that has had similar problems from electrical and transmission issues, the most recent is the Transmission Failure that I am currently experiencing. As I am driving a Ford Explorer Loaner, my car is in the shop, my 2.5 year old car is getting a new transmission, not under warranty, and they are on back-order....!!!! Who knows when I am going to be driving my luxury SUV again. I have had the Throttle Body replaced 2 times, front brakes and rotors 3 times and the hard shift upgrade 2 times. For anyone doing research on the Freelander I would not encourage purchase of this car unless you are a fan of the service department. Any advice on getting the car bought back at what I owe, not what it's worth? Help!
  • coco6coco6 Posts: 1
    Looking for suggestions on how to approach dealership/Land Rover North America. Recently had to be towed twice in December 04 - alternator didn't have enough power to charge battery and it died on a cold, icy night, and then towed on Christmas Day off turnpike with frozen throttle body (again).


    Dealership "fixed" it, but I refuse to accept my Freelander back.


    LRNA working on getting me another vehicle, not a Freelander, from dealership.


    Has anyone had similar experience?
  • ice2ice2 Posts: 1
    Hey there was a helpful break repair walk through someone posted here and i saved it, however I had a hard drive failure so I lost it. Once again it's been 16k, so time for new breaks on my 2003 SE3. Does anyone have the break repair guide they could point me to. I am going to do it myself this time and save a few hundred. thanks
  • Is any body here from canada? I am looking at purcahsing a new freelander( purcahse is at least 6 months away yet). Any way. I was woundering how well it starts in cold weather. Because my 96 jeep cherokee just will not start. I have checked out the competion, and the freelander is at the top of my list. And as far as I Know,escapes and hondas start well in the cold. But i am not sure how well land rovers do.



    candian gal
  • Not from Canada, but close: Buffalo, NY! Right now it's -1 F outside. I have a 03 SE and never had any problem starting it in the morning (the car sits outside overnights). Also the heated windshield and seats are so great! But (it had to have a but!), beware of reliability issues with the Freelander (a quick reading through the posts can tell you the picture!). Also, you will have issues with opening the trunk door when there's ice (the window sticks to the car and won't let the door open). My windshield wipers also recently decided to stop working one at a time! Repair's easy, just need to retighten the bolt, but makes you wonder! I've been told it's due to the wieght of the snow on the windshield: first car that ever does this to me! I also noticed that most of my bolts in the trunk or inside (holding the seats for instance) show a lot of rust, probably due to the salt on the road. I just hope my seat won't fly out when I drive!


    Good luck,
  • klasseyklassey Posts: 1
    My 2004 Freelander SE3 has 3,800 miles on it with the following repairs to date already. I had to return to the dealership two days after I bought it (a bad omen) to have the brake light switch replaced. 3,700 miles later I noticed my fuel economy degrading and the engine would not remain on immediately after starting. I had to start the engine in neutral with my foot on the gas. The "Service Engine" and "Service Engine Soon" lights were coming on but later going off in no understandable pattern. I called the dearlership and they related that the two closest warranty repair dealers were either in Portland, OR, or the dealership where I bought it in Rocklin (near Sacramento, CA). This required my driving over 300 miles. The dealership was responsible and did the work gladley; even provided a loner car for the day. They did, however, require I replace any fuel I used in the loner, even though the repair cost me three tanks of gas (at $2.20 a gallon) and they were quite I had to drive so far. They ended up replacing a section of wiring harness leading to the throttle body. They admitted it has been a problem with the 04'. Before dropping my Landy off, I mentioned that the steering wheel was not aligned properly and felt loose. They found it had left the lot with faulty front end alignment. They realigned the front end during the same service. I also asked about the front brake pads and they recommended having the pad thickness checked at 12K and having them replaced before the rotors are ruined: they estimate at around 18K. The problems with the brakes have been an ongoing issue, as reflected in these forums. By skimping, on an expensive little car no-less, on the rear brakes (four wheel discs would have reduced the wear on the front brakes and increased braking power) and by supplying obviously thin pads and rotors, they supply the consumer with very poor engineering. It isn't too late, Land Rover, to reengineer the front brakes and perform a recall. And replace the rear drums with discs on newer models. Replacing rear drums with discs would be an engineering chore outside the scope of recalls though it'd be nice to find aftermarket kits and parts.

    I actually love driving the Freelander. I test drove the CRV, RAV-4, and Liberty before buying the Landy. I don't agree with any of the other posts regarding the other vehicles. The liberty has a better track record with reliability but isn't nearly as solid feeling. The RAV-4 and CRV both felt like station wagons and DO NOT COMPARE. The CRV is underpowered and has its own set of reliability issues. The check engine light comes on and has to be reset if you simply don't close the gas cap tight enough: I'm not kidding, check the CRV forums.

    My main complaints aren't about the vehicle itself. I'm not happy about the reliability problems but it drives like non of the other offerings. I complain there are no aftermarket performance engine parts, no rear disc brake kits available, no performance computer chips available, no air intake kits, no lift kits, no muffler kits and no upgraded front brake kit. And since it is a very rare vehicle, such parts will likely never be available. You'd think being so popular in Europe there'd be as many aftermarket parts as there are for the Ford Focus. I also think if a rack is sold with the vehicle it should be usable without having to buy additional cross bars; a real pain just to mount a bike rack on the roof.

    All in all, I'm not totally disatisfied with my 04'.
  • freeleefreelee Posts: 1
    I bought a brand new Freelander 2002,Friday August 2,2002 for my wedding anniversary for my wife, I drove it home and I feel some mist coming out from the air vent(air conditioner is on) I thought it was like the commercial by land rover in the jungle. The car was park on my garage On August 4, 2002 my family was on our way to celebrate our wedding anniversary and we were at the expressway when I noticed that water (not mist) coming out from center vent and few minutes later, the radio started to make a loud humming sound and I could not turn it off, I end up emergency parking in the expressway, of course I cancelled our dinner reservation because I am afraid that it might ruin more the computer on board or whatever in the dash board. I returned to the dealer in "Winnetka, Illinois and complaint about it and demanded to give me a new vehicle, I just added 28 miles from the original delivery miles. I spoke to Land Rover service department and beg no call the dealer and give me a new one. The dealer fixed the leakage and I was told that "it happened in one of the other customer that they did not remove the hose drainage plug. I have been calling the Land Rover and their respond was"I am pretty sure and confident that the dealer did the job. I went o another dealer for service since then till today03/023/05 I have received at least 3 recalls. With 3209 miles on it they found that the coolant hose is chafing, with 12985 miles on it, the brakes was vibrating when you apply the brakes they found that the rotor was warped and replaced the rotor and pads(cost $570.00) then today 03/23/05, after inspection they are recommending new pads and rotor (brake pads 4MM life left, the right passenger speaker buster (gurgles sound) engine coolant bottle was boiling, found holding coolant and cap not holding pressure and some brown oil burnt and they replace the oil cooler, also the wiper motor was replaced. I complaint to the advisor about the brakes that there's is something wrong with it. This car is suburban driving 8-10 miles a day. Last brakes service I was told that I put "brake hard" I drove this car for 1 and half year driving my kids to school and I using different car to and from my work. I have three other cars that I use alternately. With less than 6000 miles since last brake repair need another one? GOD BLESS AMERICA....
  • I just bought my Freelander and I wanted to know a few things. Can anyone give me some intelligent/educated information (not personal experience) about what to expect from my pre-owned vehicle? I'd like to know about the engine and transmission and any other major components that may cause a major expense in the future. My bumper to bumper warranty is good for another 50k miles. I'm not sure if I'll trade it in or keep it after that. If there are major issues with the tranny (as I've been hearing) and there will only be potential future problems with it I think it would be wise of me NOT to get too attached. I really like driving this vehicle, but what sold me was the financing. I got 2.9% on a certified pre-owned and if anyone knows anything about the car biz that's unbelievable. The day I bought it, I got calls from other competitors telling me to go for it and congrats! Before I bought this SUV, I rented a Jeep Liberty for weeks on the job and drove it in the roughest weather you can imagine. Wow it drove so nice I wanted to keep it for personal reasons and I did - to go out car shopping. I really wanted a Jeep Liberty, especially because it would tow 5k pounds and I have a small horse trailer and a horse. The Freelander won't tow but 2500 pounds and that is a real bummer. Now I have to use my Freelander for daily driving and buy something else real cheap to haul the horse. Oh well, I got a really great deal on the price of my Freelander too - thousands BELOW NADA value, so no GAP insurance needed thank you :)
  • laslas Posts: 5
    The battery originaly delivered with our car was a lemon and I had the same problem. After 3 electrical problems and then finally a stall in -30 weather in traffic the person who boosted me told me to get a new battery. A new battery later and a middle-finger salute to the service center, the car ran fine (electrincially).
  • laslas Posts: 5
    After 3 1/2 years and many services later we finaly are trading in the Freelander. The car problems did not bother me as much as being treated like a complete idiot every time I reported a problem. Here's what drove me to the almost $8,000 loss with the trade-in:

    First Incident:
    - Went to dealer and reported that I was losing coolant.
    - Dealer said they did a pressure test and found nothing.
    - I replaced coolant for a week and waited until I got a different service agent to answer the phone.
    - Serviced the vehicle and they found a cracked coolant line.
    - Replaced line, everything was fine.

    Second Incident:
    - Electrical problems
    - Went for servicing, reported no problems found
    - Car stalled, was towed to dealer. Tower told me to ask for a new battery.
    - Asked for new battery, they told me it was fine.
    - Told dealer to replace battery or they were keeping the car (had to get too aggresive for my taste)
    - They replaced the battery
    - No more random lites, and no need to plug in vehicle overnight anymore

    Third Incident:
    - Did the 40,000km service and was told brakes needed replacing
    - Replaced brakes and service at a cost of just over $1,000 CAD$
    - Two weeks later the brakes were squeeking unbarably.
    - Returned to dealer (seperate agent)
    - Was told I was in need of a desperate brake change
    - No one had any explanation for me or excuse, owner was not available.

    Final Incident:
    - Very hard jerks between gear changes
    - Serviced vehicle, nothing could be found
    - Returned a week later, things were worse
    - Transmission was replaced (and no report to Carfax by the way, they simply said regular service)
    - Could not use any gears but Drive and change or sport or lower
    - Returned for service
    - Transmission work done

    We have traded in for a Honda.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I assume they then replaced the brakes for free? I cannot believe you did not sue them or something. That warrants taking a week off of work and picketing outside their shop.

    What was the dealer? Perhaps the web can be your venue?

    BTW remind me not to buy a LR
  • kcrainkcrain Posts: 4
    Our '02 Freelander was in a wreck, and declared totalled by the insurance company last week. We weren't thrilled with the Freelander, but figured we'd try to keep it running until 100K miles rather than take the loss selling it early. The wreck brought that decision to a quick close.

    After all the headaches...failed shifter cable, two front brake replacements in 30K miles, electrical wife didn't want another one and I don't blame her.

    2005 Mercury Mariner (nee Ford Escape) has taken its place.
  • iogieriogier Posts: 1
    I bought a new V6 Freelander in 2002 and am very happy with it, with the exception of the same problem you have been suffering. The two amber lights only come on intermittently, and strangely usually only in the winter months. My local dealer allegedly ran a full diagnostic test last year and did not find any problem. The garage who serviced my Freelander today have suggested that it is a broken sensor on one of the front wheels - problem is that the "Testbook" diagnostic machine is only available from my local Land Rover dealer who are worse than useless. Have you had any luck sorting the problem ? If so - could you e-mail me.


  • My own experience, having just crossed the 50k mile line...

    1) Brake pads being the first and foremost. After being told repeatedly by service staff that obviously I was driving way too fast and it was my own fault. Until they themselves had too many customer complaints to renege or ignore this. Several hundred dollars in pad / rotor replacement and rental cars.

    2) Minor electrical problems. Warning lights that come on with no warning. Sunroof motor and windows motors breaking. Best was when I had $300k of priceless gear in my car and the rear left window decided to keep slipping down for no reason at all.

    3) The ever present and oft mentioned coolant bottle. But here's where it gets bad and you should all be warned...

    My overheat and check engine lights have come on erratically and dissapeared just as frequently. The temperature guage has remained constant and steady however, until around 30k miles when the needle started to fluctuate wildly. At one dealership two attempts were made to repair the problem before this was fixed. It was diagnosed repeatedly as a thermostat problem, not an actual problem with the coolant system itself. Ergo, the indicator becomes useless as to the actual problem with the car. I keep insisting coolant seems to get eaten up by the car way too fast. I am told I am not looking at the reservoir at the right times.

    Unfortunately then I move to another state. The problem reoccurs. I bring the car in. The coolant bottle is replaced because of cracks.

    200 miles later the problem resurfaces. Car is brought back in again. Thermostat replaced.

    A few hundred miles later, driving a friend to the airport and the car emits enough smoke and steam to make it completely hazardous and it shuts down in the middle of the street. Vehicle is towed in to the dealer. Then and only then do they realize that the hoses should've been replaced a long time ago.

    I of course at this point contacted Customer Care. I reiterated that a full picture of the vehicle's history and the number of unacceptable times I've had to bring the car in and have it worked on while taking loaner cars or sometimes cars I pay to rent - can only be completed by contacting service reps in both states I lived in. The Customer Care rep does not do this. The car seems to be fixed, so I drop it.

    Until, 1000 or so miles later, the check engine light comes on for no reason...

    Once again i contact customer care, and am given hassle over wanting to speak to a supervisor. I am told a supervisor will contact me in 24 hours turnaround. I hear from one five days later.

    At my local service dealer I am overcharged $250 for a 48k mile servicing. I won't even go into what I heard then, suffice to say that two people had been fired from the service center for what I was told were fraudulent practices.

    Oh and I forgot to mention having my transmission entirely replaced at 30k miles for no fault of my own, having it break down on windy dangerous roads. The vehicle has been towed in a total of 3 times now in a state that's completely undrivable.

    This is a very concise rapid summary of a nightmare. Here is what I have learned about the Freelander 2002...

    1) There is a consistent problem with the coolant system, beginning with the reservoirs cracking, that can lead to misdiagnoses such as ignoring battered hoses that will lead to the car dangerously overheating and resultant damage.

    2) The transmissions are faulty and need to be replaced every 25k-30k miles or so. Wait until your warranty runs out and see how much that will cost

    3) The brake pads and rotors are either of completely unacceptable quality or there is a problem with the braking system.

    4) Land Rover "Customer Care" is nonexistent. Their local service technicians can range from excellent to admittedly deceptive. The corporate customer care service is staffed by rude people who only seem to care about making sure vehicles are repaired under warranty eventually, and no matter at what cost, safety, or inconvenience to you. Asking to speak to supervisors is unacceptable.

    Those three points should be reiterated again and again. Because we all seem to be having the same problem. And we need to do something about it. The car is an absolute lemon.
  • p996p996 Posts: 56
    Land Rover Palm Beach no longer has Land Rover loaner cars.

    I thought Land Rover NA gave them to them like Acura does.

    What is going on? :confuse:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    "The LR2, disguised versions of which have been spied on test recently, will be bigger than the current Freelander, with a wider track and longer wheelbase. It is also rumored the LR2 will be available with a hybrid powertrain."

    Land Rover Could Rebrand Freelander as LR2 (Inside Line)

    Steve, Host
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    "The collapse of Rover will mean an early end to sales of the Land Rover Freelander SUV in America." Note that "a new-generation Freelander is expected this fall" so don't panic unless you really wanted an '05.

    Freelander Production Cut Short (Inside Line)

    Steve, Host
  • pjn43pjn43 Posts: 3
    My 02 Freelander SE was the worst vehicle I ever owned.
  • I've posted previous about the problems with our 2004 Freelander, so heres where it stands.

    After 3 months of fighting with Landrover Canada on the phone, we got NO where. A couple months past and we kept dealing with it, and everyone at landrover was let go...apparently their customer service was moved to the US or something. So a nice big dead end.

    SO one year after we bought the landrover we finally had it BOUGHT BACK!!!! Well a trade assist, but all we paid was $2000 canadian (stupid mileage, and 'wear and tear') They gave us a 2005 Freelander, exactly the same (black 2 door) with maybe 100kms. We are trading it in on something worth while. :mad:

    Our headaches:
    -replace IRD
    -replace power steering pump, rack
    -brakes done almost every 10000km (had 22000 when we took it back)
    -Countless Dowhill decent codes( orange and green) , engine failure codes, etc. Our da-tranny computer
    -Head valves stuck open
    -rpm motor/valve faulty
    -2 sets of intake valves (outside engine)
    -new trannysh at times looked like a christmas tree. The famous F4.

    the clencher: Doing 80km with 5y/o nephew in car...all by itself goes into Limp Mode. It geared itself down and started doing 15km, NO MORE on the highway. NICE EH.

    Each time we'd bring it home, it'd be doing the same thing or a new fun code within a week.

    Our freelander was also in the shop around 3months, off and on. Which is 160km round trip and 4-5hours each time. ya that was fun.

    They said .. oh you can keep driving it as long as none of the lights are flashing. Ya okay, cause no damage will be done. When it went into Limp Mode, you're not supposed to be able to start it again without resetting the computer. We turned ours off and it ran fine 10min later.

    TOP NOTCH BOYS :mad: :lemon: :sick:

    anyways, a year after alot of stress, we're hoping to tradethe new one in on the weekend.

    Good luck guys..... ;)
  • angryatlrangryatlr Posts: 1
    ON May 26 while driving my 2002 S Freelander the steering failed. This was only an hour after having operated the SUV at 75 MPH on the Florida Turnpike and dodging semis in the rain. I had NO CONTROL of the vehicle. It was towed to the dealer and I was told that the steering column bolts FELL OUT. I was further told that this has happened before. I am afraid of this vehicle at this point. I have been informed by the head tech at the dealer that it cannot be repaired safely in his opinion. I have had a huge runaround by the customer service at Landrover America and only after repeated arguments with them have they agreed to pay up front the rental car replacement (after running up $441 on my credit card to be paid back later by Land Rover) until it is determined if can be repaired to Land Rover's satisfaction.


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I've never heard of that happening before but it sounds seriously scary. Thank goodness no one was injured.

    tidester, host
  • dan35dan35 Posts: 2
    Hello, I have a 02 SE 4 door Freelander (green Ha ha). Need help please advise...

    My power brakes dont work on a 13k mile machine that was once in a wreck, The abs light is on and I think I may need abs sensors but have no idea what they look like or where they are (other than by the wheels) I need to buy some and need some pictures or advice on the details of instalation or if that is my problem at all. I doubt my abs pump is out but I have one of those to put on as well if need be.

    If anyone has any info at all I could use it.


  • dan35dan35 Posts: 2
    Surely Somebody knows something on this problem, I could really use some help, Also my airbags were deployed, I have new bags now, do I have to replace the computer as well and do I need to do anything special to install the bags.
    Thanks Dan.

    I purchased a 2002 Freelander S in November 2002. I though I was buying a decent vehicle. In the less than 3 years I've had it, I've chewed through 2 sets of brakes, 2 sets of tires, switched out the throttle body twice, has the on-going TC/HDC light issue, leaking gasket around the rear glass, broken shifter cable, new thermostat - and now, after 72K+ miles, the dealer is telling me I have to replace the entire engine due to a 'dropped cylinder sleeve'.

    Land Rover N.A. refused to acknowledge that there is a major deficincy with their engines, and said there is nothing they can do. Dealer offered $1,000 discount on replacing the engine (Total cost $6700!) A vehicle this age, consistently highway driven should not have an engine failure. I am amazed that Ford PAG (premiere auto group) has allowed this to continue on all modeles '02-'04

    As it stands right now, this vehicle is going bye-bye infavor of a Toyota or Jeep. It was great when it ran right, but in past 12 calendar months it cost me close to $2500 in repairs

    Things to watch for:
    • Continuous loss of coolant - cracked coolant reservoir, possible head gasket failure or dropped cylinder sleeve
    • Sluggish/no acceleration - VIS/throttle body problem
    • Vibrations - need wheel alignment, bad front end, or worse yet - trans or rear seal gone
    • Excessive brake wear - loves to eat brake pads and rotors
    • 72,000 Mile Timing Belt Replacement - Quoted $2000-$2500 to replace 3 timing belts & water pump
    • Thermostat replacement issue - $700-$1000 - and to do it, exhaust manifold has to be removed

    For an entry-level SUV, the price is great, but the maintenance and construction of this vehicle leaves something to be desired..... What a :lemon:
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