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Nissan Altima



  • Dealer in Boston area advertising ALTAIMS $2700 off Loaded SE...
    Maximas SE $3100.00 Off , GLE $3280 Off..
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    Hope this helps you save some $$Bucks$$ at your local dealer.
    Happy Driving.: )
  • gasman1gasman1 Posts: 321
    My concerns over tire pressure are due to previous ownership of a Ford Exporer. I checked the tire pressure the day after I took delivery, The pressure ranged from 31- to 34-psi on each of the tires. I adjusted them all to 33-psi.

    I looked for the tire information sticker on the door jamb so that I could adjust them properly. It wasn't there! I read the Owner's Manual, It referred to the sticker which is suppose to be on the B-pillar. It wasn't there! I looked on the other side, on every door, in the glovebox, and under them hood. No luck!

    Email to Nissan for the information -- deferred to my dealer. At my first service, the dealer adjusted all of my tires to 35-psi and stated that on the repair order. I asked them to order the tire information sticker for me. The look I got...

    I finally found the sticker while cleaning the interior. It's on the underside of the upper console storage compartment. Lift the lid to gain access to the lower storage compartment and its on the lid.
    The sticker sates 29-psi front and rear. The tires are Continental ContiTouring Contacts (the first OEM tires that I've kept - normally I swap "whatever" brand for Michelin). The Conti's are rated at 44-psi MAX. My Exploder was suppose to have 26-psi and I always ran them at 30-psi (before all of those troubles and Ford/Firestone recommending 30-psi).

    I'm currently running the tires at 31-psi Front and 33-psi Rear. My Alty 2.5S rode great at 33-psi and not that bad at 35-psi. I may consider 35-psi on a fully-loaded trip. My '83 SAAB 900 is the first car that I had with different -psi for front and rear. I don't know if it helps handling or not, but it's comfortable. Any thoughts???

    As for the assistance I received from my inquiry, Nissan failed to meet my expectations. This should have been a very simple inquiry.

    I also had the dealer balance the tires at that first service. they sent it to a reputable tire shop for this service. The wheels use weight tapes instead of the clip on weights. I like the look this leaves on the wheels. The steering wheel vibrations that I had experienced are gone. (I did find that they use the "normal" weight clips on the back side of the wheel.)
  • emmo1emmo1 Posts: 6
    I'm looking to buy a new 4-door family sedan in the next few weeks and I'm considering the new Altima, Camry and Accord. I don't want to spend more than $20,000. I have been driving American-made cars for the past 20 years and I've grown tired of them. I feel that if any one of the three car makers above can sell me a car, they will keep me as a long-term loyal customer. I've test driven the Altima S and the Accord LX so far. Let's start with the Accord. Although I heard many good things about the Accord's reliability I found its 4-cylinder engine, which is within my price range, noisy and rough. I was disconcerted because as I was driving along it kept shifting down for no apparent reason. Is this typical? I actually liked the way it handled although it felt that the rear seat was much smaller than the Altima's. I also don't know how good this small engine will be in highway driving. I really like the way the Altima looks on the outside but was quite upset to see that the interior was made of cheap plastic. The car locks for example were particularly cheap. The light on the air conditioner button didn't light-up when I tested it. The tires on the Altima were General when the Accord offers Michelins. I think that I favor the Altima over the Accord for its looks and more powerful engine but I fear that I among thousands of others who buy the car will be guinea pigs for Nissan. The Nissan dealership I visited was also a bad experience. The salesman and the owner's son acted with a sense of arrogance that pretty much drove me and my wife away. If Nissan thinks that these cars will walk out of their floors at the prices they are asking they are dreaming. And since I am in a desperate need for a new car if they came across a little nicer they could have had a sale. As for the Camry, the reviews I've read so far on the new and improved Camry are so-so. But I have still to test drive it. I'm in the Chicagoland area. Any Nissan, Toyota or Honda dealerships you recommend will be greatly appreciated.
  • if that's a tough decision.

    The interior is atrocious otherwise though. :) But a tape player? Now there's a device that didn't disappear soon enough. God bless CD and CD-R.
  • ahossaahossa Posts: 152
    One that I will definitely not recommend is Hillside.Yesterday (Sat Nov 10)I had an apointment at Hillside Toyota which is right next door to Hillside Nissan(They Share the same driveway)and it was the worse experience. I called a salesperson looking for a Blue Camry.She told me they had 3. It took me 2 hours to get there from NYc and when i arrived she had left plus they didn' have any Camrys in Stock.More important they didn't seem to know much and were generally unprofessional.I believe you will get the same treatment.They just don't care.Nissan,honda & toyota sell themselves.The BIG 3 salesmen have to work hard.
  • Your post mentioned my "Exploder" was, that a slip or intentional?:->
  • ahossaahossa Posts: 152
    Hondas are very reliable cars and they are noisey.If you are looking for quite cars Toyota is the company.They wrote the book on quiet cars.They are obsessed with NHV(Noise,Harshness,Vibration).The camry did not get a so so review. The car is great just that it has a boring style.No personality.Nissan dealers and salesmen are a rough bunch and it starts with Corporate Nissan.I walked into a dealership and I asked a salesman to show a base Altima 3.5 Se. He pointed to a loaded Altima and told me that's a base model.I asked him the question again and he told that's as base as it get. The Sticker was $29,744.A base Altima 3.5 se is about $23000.
  • Emmo: I'll let others with more expertise talk about Altima vs Accord. They are two great automobiles, and the real challenge is to find the one that appeals most to you. "Guinea pigs?" You might mean you fear problems related to radically revised cars. I wouldn't worry about the engine and drivetrain of the Altima, as Nissan has been evolving these products for a long time and their record has been outstanding. You might be unhappy with other aspects of the new design, like switches, but be advised that Nissan, Honda and other better Japanese makers are rarely embarrassed by quality issues on new introductions.

    On dealerships: write the sales manager of that dealership a short letter telling him he lost sales and reputation because of staff arrogance. Copy Nissan America. Then look into other dealerships. Nissan dealerships are NOT all the same, and unless you live in a remote area you should be able to find a good one.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    would you be interested in a strap-on bumper?
  • Has anybody bought a 2002 Altima 3.5SE??? I am interested, but am afraid that because they're pretty scarce in the dealerships, I may have to pay MSRP. Any info is appreciated.

  • lsclsc Posts: 210
    The Altima has gobs of headroom in the of the reasons why it's so tall. How tall are you that you can't fit. I'm 6'1" and I have no problems in my Altima.

    I've had mine for about a month now and because the ergonomics are so good, I don't even notice the cheap plastic anymore. The dash is designed in such a way that my right leg doesn't rub up against the middle console and my left leg doesn't touch the door. Not to make excuses on the interial materials because they really should have stepped it up on their do or die car but it wasn't enough to detract me from the awesome looking exterior. Plus I liked the neat little features like the trip computer the steering wheel controls as well as the gauge layout. Also, the auto on/off headlights are cool too, I never have to touch the headlight switch.

    A couple of cars were trying to challenge me today, one was a Honda Accord LX. ha ha ha! I actually let him need to race a car you can smoke w/o trying
  • I am about 6'4. Call me old fashioned, but I definitely like to have more than an inch or so of space between my head and the roof of the car... And I like to be able to see whether the light has changed from red to green without having to crouch down to peek under the windshield.
  • stebustebu Posts: 204
    I looked over the Altima, as well as every other car being mentioned here, pretty closely this past week at the NE Auto Show. The Altima really is a nice looking car, especially compared to the Accord. I was somewhat surprised by the interior of the Altima. By that I mean, I went to the show a bit jaded and expecting the worst considering some of the negative remarks I'd been seeing on this list. Sorry folks, I don't see what all the fuss is about. There was gobs of room both front and back (I'm 6ft tall). The switches were well placed and felt as smooth as any of it's main competitors. Seats were supportive and comfortable. The tilt/telescoping steering was slick since it makes the Altima one of the few cars that both myself and my wife (5ft tall) could adjust for a perfect fit. All in all not bad and very competitive with the interiors in the other mainsteam sedans, and certainly no where near deserving of the criticism I'm seeing leveled at it by some here. If you want to experience a dissapointing interior sit in a new Saturn. Even Hyundai has blown past them in that department. I can only hope the Altima's performance is being as understated as its interior.

    Speaking of interiors, I think someone mentioned an article that blasted the new Mercedes C-coupe interior. I guess I can understand some consternation about the funky pattern they used on the cloth seats. But then again, you can't get in any other new Mercedes at the coupes price point. So what's the [non-permissible content removed]?

    However, getting back to the Altima, its exterior, especially a light green 3.5SE they had at the show, was attracting quite a bit of attention. In fact, there was a new A4 directly across the isle, and it was getting nowhere near the hordes of onlookers the SE was harvesting. Actually, the only other cars that seemed to be getting nearly as much attention as the Altima along it's isle was a WRX wagon (it had a $3K BBS wheel/tire package), and the new IS300 Sportcross.

    That said, I would never expect the Altima to post the sales numbers the Camcords achieve, unless the new ones completely drop the ball (I would hope not and it's not likely). But I wouldn't be surprised if the Altima stole a disproportionate share of previous generic sedan owners and others who might be shopping for something with a bit more of an edge in the family sedan market.
  • Motor Trend should never have said the Altima lets drivers pick on Porsche's Boxter, even in jest. Yesterday I saw 3 guys in an Altima 3.5 challenge a previous gen. M3. They punched it, burned rubber, got ahead of the M3 at the stoplight. Needless to say, the M3 spanked the Altima REALLY hard. They stopped laughing and looked pretty ridiculous. Having 3 guys in the car didn't help I'm sure.
  • 3 people in the car of cousre it will be slowed down. Plus an M3 and a Porche have their differences. The Altima is FAST period there is no need to debate this. I't's the fastest car in it's class and then some. I'm frankly tired of your hating. Especially your complaints about the interior. If you think the Altima is so bad check out the new CR-V. If you think the use of plastic was stretched to the limits in the Altima welcome to a whole to new Universe at Honda.
  • I have to continue from my above post. Seriously though to people complaing about the Altima check out the new CR-V and then close your complaints about the Altimas interior. From the get go the CR-V's cheapness is apparent:

    1) Just by looking at the CR-V from the outside you know it's cheap. The front and rear uses more plastic even more so then the last model.

    2) At least the Altimas interior has unique and attractive design. I couldn't stand staring at the most boring interior in the world.

    3) The seats are just sad with their ugly pattern.

    4) From what I heard leather is not an option. Sorry folks :(

    5) even the door handles are black plastic.

    Of course Nissan will get the double standard and everyone will ignore how cheap the New CR-V is. The sad thing is that Honda has more funds then Nissan and their cost cutting efforts are more apparent then Nissans. It all started with the Civic with the cheap suspension(Even edmunds thinks the new Si's use of platic is overdone.)
    I suggest some of you who are looking to the Heavens for the 2003 Accord to be your savior better not get your hopes up too much cause this Honda trend with cost cutting seems to be stretching through out their whole line-up.
  • Any chump who decides to challenge a Porsche Boxster or M3 deserves the ensuing loss. He's driving a family sedan and a FWD one at that.

    I just noted that the local dealer has a few 5 speed Altimas listed. Finally gonna try one on! Yahoo. Maybe my annoying 1.8T will finally find a new home.
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    Motor Trend did not say that in jest. According to their test results, the Altima has acceleration numbers very similar to a Boxster. Check out an issue of MT and look at their road test digest, you'll see what they mean.

    I think MT's numbers were something like this:
    Altima - 6.3 0-60, 14.7@97 1/4-mile
    Boxster - 6.1 0-60, 14.7@96 1/4-mile

    Note that they were not referring to a Boxster S or an M3, which are both significantly faster than a base Boxster.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    OK, I'll take the bait. What does the Altima offer beyond the 0-60 numbers?

    Boy, you'd think it was a 1986 Hyundai Excel with a VQ series engine strapped to the front. Any how:

    * solid braking performance
    * good handling for a family sedan
    * exterior styling
    * 17" wheels standard
    * interior space (cross your legs in back, go ahead)
    * 5 speed manual offered with both engines
    * HID option
    * moonroof option (WRX does not have this)

    That's a pretty unique combination of pros to go along with the engine.

  • mirthmirth Posts: 1,212
    I'm looking to buy a new car early year and the Altima and Maxima are on my list 'o possibilities. The other day I ran some numbers based on the invoice prices of the Alty and Max I would want. The Alt would be a 3.5SE with abs, traction, side air, floor mats, and air filter. The max would be an SE with just floor mats.

    The invoice on the Max ends up about $900 more than the Alty. However, the residual on the Max after 5 years ( is about $1500 more than the Alty. So basically, even at invoice the Max is $600 cheaper in the long run than the Altima. If you use TMV, the difference is even greater: $2300 more for the Altima. I just don't see the value of the 3.5SE. I think Nissan screwed up the pricing on this one.

    OTOH, I think the 2.5 liter version of the Altima is very competitively priced.
  • Nice name.

    Be tired all you want, but valid complaints about a car is not a form of hating on it. Sorry you can't appreciate the difference.

    Sure, the CR-V's interior is plasticky in a bad sense, but look at its competition. That's what I said about the Altima too - look at its competition. The Altima claims to compete with the Accord and Camry but can't match even their interior appointments in quality.

    The CR-V competes against other mini-utes, and there, materials quality is lacking across the board - esp. in the Escape/Tribute.

    So what's the beef?

    What I said about the racer in the Altima is that he's dumb enough to try to race an M3. He obviously bought into a lot of hype about his car, and he got spanked for it. That's my point - I didn't deny the Altima being a fast car, just not THAT fast, and certainly not with 3 people on board.

    Jeez. Chill out cuz I ain't hatin, so dont you be hatin.
  • Looking at magazine times really isn't that smart when trying to determine whether you can outrun an M3 with an Altima SE. First, the magazine tests are all on stick shift. Most Altima SE drivers will be in auto, and will be doing 60 in the 7's. And to get that 7+ number, they will have to floor it and burn rubber.

    Second, the magazines use professional drivers, on a track, who are capable of dealing with the torque steer that the Altima has.

    Bottom line is an ordinary driver is more likely to replicate the magazine times in an M3/Boxster in a safe manner than an Altima driver.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    With an auto, and in a straight line (as most drag races are), it's a simple matter of mashing the throttle.

  • will beat the slush box driver in a straight line race -- every time (assuming the cars are about equal).
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    True. Especially if he's not caught by surprise.

    Remember, just because you outrun someone doesn't mean they were trying. ;-)

  • shriqueshrique Posts: 338
    You sure need to deal with tons O' torque steer on that straight line drag strip and those massive 60mph speeds are just insane. You just need to be able to shift fast and hold on. Of course you also have to be willing to beat the living heck out of your car. 1/4 mile? That's another story.

    Bottom line most people that drive any car whether it be M3/Boxster/Altima/Elantra are ill prepared to do anything out of the ordinary in their cars. Most people drive down the highway at 75mph talking on their cell phones. It's pretty evident around my home town up Nort' when that first snow fall comes around.
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    The whole point of magazine comparisons are to determine what the *machine* is capable of, driver notwithstanding. Arguing based on the "typical" Altima driver is silly. Do you think magazines should qualify all acceleration numbers with demographic information about the people who will buy that car?

    The Altima is not exactly a difficult car to launch. It doesn't require a ridiculous launch technique to get good times like some other fast cars do (*cough* S2000, WRX *cough*).
  • actually, getting a good Altima launch is quite hard --- if you don't want to shred your tires to little bits and have people laughing as you burn rubber at a stoplight. No such worry with the AWD WRX.
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    But with the WRX, you get no boost below 3000 rpm. It's apparently quite hard to get a good launch in that car without bogging the engine, at least from what I've read. Car and Driver claimed they had to rev up to 5000 rpm and drop the clutch (they called it "doing the unthinkable in an AWD car") to get the times they published. I have not driven the WRX, so I can't confirm this. I have driven an S2000 and an Altima 5-speed, and of the two the Altima was much easier to get a good launch out of.
  • You can get to 60 in 6 seconds without any clutch dropping. You just need to know how to drive a turbo, i.e., rev it up, and then slip out the clutch and then increase the gas at the same time. practice makes perfect.
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