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Nissan Altima



  • What are the performance specification for the 2002 Altima 2.5 S with automatic ( 0 to 60 mph time).
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    Consumer Reports tested an '02 Altima auto at 9.0 sec 0-60, but they're Consumer Reports. In the same test, they tested the Passat 1.8T at 9.0 sec, the new Camry 4-cylinder at 9.8, and the Accord 4-cylinder at just over 10 seconds.

    So basically it's significantly faster than Camry and Accord and about the same as the Passat 4-cylinder. I wouldn't take the actual numbers as gospel, since CR isn't known for being able to wring the most performance out of a car.
  • stragerstrager Posts: 308
    Any vehicle that is exclusively built for the US market is manufactured with (lower)US expectations of quality in mind. The new Altima would be trashed by Japanese buyers for its fit and finish if it was ever exported to Japan.

    On the other hand, the Accord and Camry are made in both the US and Japan, and their level of quality is much higher than that of the Altima. The Japanese made Maxima is in a different class of quality, IMO.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Isn't the US Camry and the US Accord wider and different than those sold in other markets?

    If so your theory doesn't hold water. The Altima has a solid track record, according to CR.

    Sienna also has been reliable.

  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I'd say that the CR 0-60 times reflect, for example, a test similar to Car and Driver's "Street Start" 5-60 test where the driver just stomps on the gas. The car mags, like C&D, MT, etc. use a brake torque technique which Consumer Reports does not do. So with that in mind, I'd say from the CR test you could extrapolate that the Passat 1.8T and Altima 2.5 would do the 0-60 trick in the mid eights, the Camry 4 cly in the low 9s, and the Accord in low/mid 9s. (The Last 4cly Accord tested by Car and Driver recorded 9.2 seconds.)
  • stragerstrager Posts: 308
    The Japanese Camry is exactly the same as the US Camry, while the Japanese Accord is different than the US Accord. But the US Accord(also same as Australian Accord) is built in Japan for the US West Coast dealers, just like the US Camry(for West Coast dealers) is built in Japan.

    What I'm saying is that anything that is built simultaneously in Japan and the US always has a higher level of fit and finish, whereas anything that is built exclusively in the US for the US market suffers in comparision.

    I'm really talking more about fit and finish, than reliability, although reliability too is affected to a lesser extent.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Perhaps that is true, but it may be for a different reason - smaller initial R&D investment given they have to split resources?

    Could be. For Nissan, Carlos "le cost cutter" Ghosn took over and basically saved them from the brink of extinction. But to do that he did was he does best, i.e. cut costs, so we'll see how that affect fit and finish on the entire line of Nissan cars.

    Now that they're making a comeback, perhaps Renault is more willing to let them spend a bit more money.

  • I went to negotiations yesterday and they brought up this MA (Market Assessment/Advertiseing) fee for 400$ that is on the invoice... Now they gave me a copy of the invoice and it list my car's MSRP and Invoice, all the options MSRP'S and Invoice, but than it tacs on this MA fee to the Invoice and not on the MSRP... Is this a fee that can easily be haggled with or taken off all together. Any help from those who've see this fee at the negotiating table or those who been to the table, but havn't seen it at all would be greatly appreciated.

    <--- Almost a Altima Owner Dan
  • I am in negotiations to buy a 2.5S w/ convenience package and airbag package, etc. for 5% above invoice. This seems to be below TMV, but is it still too much profit for the dealer, and not good enough a price for the buyer?
  • I am the point where they are giving me a 5% over THEIR INVOICE for a 3.5 AUTOmatic.. Now of course my 1st question was, "Well what is YOUR invoice" and they gave me the same Invoice pricing ya get off edmunds, KBB, Etc, but added a 400$ MA fee on it (see post above)... And getting to this point has not been easy let me tell ya... So 5% over Invoice that KBB, and Edmund's comes up with, TAKE IT!!!

    Gl buddy and let me know bout that MA fee...
  • mney6mney6 Posts: 116
    The MA fee is part of the invoice.
    Edmunds does not include it in their pricing but does tell you it is legit.
    Try they will give you the correct invoice which includes the fee.
    Dealer does not add MA the manufacturer does.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I'm curious, is the invoice on Nissan letterhead? Is it original or a fax or copy?


    This review has a number for 0-100kmh in automatic version of 2.5L. 9.4s is not bad. 0-60mph in 5-sp version should be in high 7's to low 8's. Not bad for a mid size family sedan.
  • I didn't have an advertising fee added to mine. When we sat down to write it up I told the salesman that there better not be any extra fees added.
    Cars direct gives the invoice of my configuration at 23,265. But on top of that the dealer put on a spoiler, tinted windows and a pinstripe. So really it should be a little higher. Anyway, I paid 23,888 for the car.
  • mney6mney6 Posts: 116
    Cars-direct does give the correct invoice in which the ad fee is included.
    Edmunds does not.
    How's the car ?
  • Love it. Even more than I did on the test drive. Loaded up this car is great. I went to pick up some food on the way home and my wife waited in the car. People were looking at the car and they couldn't see her because of the tint but she heard them say "It looks like a Lexus."
    Then when I came out they told me how great it looked. Only had the car 5 minutes and already got compliments on it.
  • I am having a very difficult time finding a 2002 Altima 2.5 S with ABS. The optional ABS is state of the art, which is great, but it is almost impossible to find. If Nissan wants the Altima to compete with the Camry, they better put ABS in more than 2% of the cars. I know it keeps the cost down, which makes it competive. But I believe most buyers in the market for a $20,000+ vehicle are going to demand and are willing to pay for ABS. Does anyone out there know why there are so few 2002 Altima's with ABS?
  • I had no problem finding ABS on a 2.5S. In the end I got the 2.5SL though. The only thing was that to get the ABS I had to get the convenience package too. With convenience it near impossible to find.
  • I've got it on my car. If someone had offered me the option of 500 off the sticker to get rid of it, I'd have jumped at the chance. I never slam on the brakes that hard that I have the need for ABS and that's after 12 years of legally driving on public roads at highly illegal speeds.

    Seems more like a gimmick. If you look at 60-0 numbers over the past 10 years the influx of ABS hasn't really shortened stopping distances. All it does is allow mom and dad lazy driver not to think about releasing the brake when veering.
  • hawks1hawks1 Posts: 57
    I can't recall the publication, but a few days ago I read a new buyers guide in the grocery store that stated the 2.5S auto had a 0-60 time of 8.6 seconds. This I consider outstanding when compared to say an ES 300 Lexus that has an 8.1 second published time for their V6. I've test driven the 2.5S auto and I know it's much quicker than my '90 Acura Legend with a 2.7 liter V6. As for ABS breaks, I don't want a car that has them. My Legend has them and their nothing but a pain to stop the car when they engage. Perhaps newer model cars have more sophisticated systems but I'm still not convinced.
  • Juice, yes it is on a Nissan letterhead. Says Nissan North America, INC. in huge letters across the top.. Tells ya where the car was manufactured, when, vin #, what dealer it was sent too, invoice #, MSRP, Invoise, etc... It says in very small fine print on the buttom, ......This invoice does not reflect the actual cost to the dealer. It includes Holdback (HB), financing assisstance (FA), and may include advertising promtion/marketing funds (MA). It does not reflect allowances and incentives which may be paid or collected on a per vehicle bases....etc. Hope this helps ya and I hope ya can find a way that I can get rid of it cause we are about 300$ from making the deal... I wanted 600$ over invoice without this MA fee, and they are at 500$ over thier invoice which includes the MA fee of 400$...

    Its a 3.5 SE (pewter) automatic, Moon roof, Spoiler, mudguards, floormats, filter, wind deflector
    Thier so called final price is 23, 789

    23,789-12,700 for trade-in value = 11,089 x 6% NJ taxes = 665.34 in Taxes

    23789 + 665.34 = 24,454.34 + 88.50 registration + 119 documentation fees = 24,661.84

    24,661.84 final out the door price
    MSRP is 25243
    Invoice is 22889 before 400 MA fee so their Invoice was 23,289
    My deal is 1,454 under MSRP and 500 over their invoice

    I originally asked for 600 over the 22,889 invoice, so I'm at 900 over their invoice
    Now in my case we traded in a Leased 99' Acura Inteagra with a buyout value of 13,000. So they gave me 12,700 for it, which I than still owe them 300 (but I still have 5 payments totaling 1267$, so i'm happy to get out of the lease ahead of the game)

    24,661.84 + 300 = 24,961.64 - 3,500 down payment = 21,461.64 total financing value

    Now they gave me what they showed me as a no mark up rate of 5.39% for 60 months which is lower than any rate on the net...

    Montly payment is 410$ and some change

    Paper work is all filled out because we thought we agreed on the numbers over the phone, went in to finish the paper work, and they were like 1500 over what I asked for ;( Man was I MAD!!!
    Next day on the phone they knocked it down to the 23,789 number..

    Please help me... Should a take the deal... they gave me a very nice interest rate, great deal on the Integra, etching is on the windows, they are going to give me a pinstripe, gave me a price of only 200 over their cost for a 5 year 100,00 mile warranty for 900 (dont know if i want it yet, would bring monthly payment up to 426$)... So these are things that I wuold most likely have to rehaggle to get them to match the price, besides getting a better offer on the car.. And they went and got the Pewter with the exact options that I wanted....

    Should I take it,
    <--So very close to being an Altima owner.
  • You are from Columbia! I live about 60 miles away from you, in Union South Carolina.

    Anyway, I have also noticed that it's hard to find the new Altima with the ABS pkg. Try using I saw a loaded 2.5SL in Super Black with ABS Monday morning. That's the first Altima I have seen with ABS since the redesign. I honestly think the ABS should just be standard. It's a shame that the Altima cost as much as 29K and still can't be found with ABS. Maybe it's a regional thing. Again, try and see if you can locate one with the ABS pkg. I at least saw one with this pkg., and there had to be about 30 Altimas on their lot in Greenville.

    BTW, aren't you near Dick Smith Nissan? They don't have any Altimas with ABS? That's one of the dealerships I haven't been to yet. I might drive down there one day and check them out.
  • mney6mney6 Posts: 116
    Just a question.
    If Edmunds included the MA under the invoice amount would you still be willing to pay 600.00 over ?
    Max and Joel
    The reason for it being hard to find ABS is because the first cars dealers received were automatically given to dealers.
    We didn't have a say on the equipment packages that were on them.
    You should start to see more Altima's with Abs now that we can order the way you and I would like to see.
  • otoluvaotoluva Posts: 158
    I have been in the market for V6SE 5 spd,and my silver baby MUST have:sunroof with wind deflector,spoiler,mudguards,mats,filter, Total cost $24,442.The best price I got from my local dealer was$23,000.Any advice??
  • You are correct and the answer is yes... I did my home work at, and the philosophy was to find the dealers actual cost and offer a 3-5% profit... And with this car, it came out to be 600 over invoice... Only thing is, this fee is for advertising and it urks me to be paying anything for it.... I thinks I'm gonna swallow my pride on this though and go pick up my sleek pewter SE rocket.......

    Tomorrow is Altima day!!!!!!! WWWoooooooooHHHHoooooooooo!!!
    I'll keep yas posted
  • Does anybody know if there's S's out there w. ABS, & sunroof? Dealer seems of decent size, but only had ABS on the SE. Now we've decided to go for the sunroof option, but I can't wait 60-90 days for delivery. Dealer originally said he thought ABS had to come w. the convenience package (I knew it didn't & corrected him), then when I called & added the sunroof, he said the same thing. I saw that the catalog had it as a stand alone option; he said the dealer book had it as a combo package & would fax it to me. I asked him to check which was the misprint, since I really wanted it.

    He's been pretty good, but I'm wondering if he's just trying to close an almost done deal. Does anybody know how these are actually packaged, and where I might find it? I also want Mystic Emerald/Frost interior - doesn't seem too popular.

  • otoluvaotoluva Posts: 158
    Sunroof is an option by it self and it is not part of a package,also ABS are hard to find at least that's what I been hearing,I personally dont want it on my Altima.
    Good luck
  • ahossaahossa Posts: 152
    vOLCANO2.In NYC I have seen a couple of 2.5S with abs pagkage and micron filter,mats and day nad night rear view mirror.I have'n seen too many of them though.You have to go to large volume dealers where you will more than likely find one.The Mystic Emerald and frost interior is a hot color as well as Silver.In Queens County I see more Silver and Pewter than any other color on the road.In the dealerships I see a lot of Seacape in the lots.Looks like in Queens County not many people are going for that color.
    Abs is an excellent feature. It really works especially in winter on the slick road.That ABS kicks in and keep the car straight.Another reason the ABS package is a must, If you are struck By an SUV the side impact bags will protect your head and shoulder.As you are aware an SUV will hit way above the doors in a 90 degree crash.this is just food for thought.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    hawks1- "their (they're, perhaps?) nothing but a pain to stop the car when they engage" what the hell does that mean?
    if anyone has had to slam on the brakes in the rain because, for example, some dumbass decides its smart to pull out of a mini-mall parking lot directly into your path(as has happened to me), he or she would tell you that the steering control facilitated by ABS is certainly reassuring.
    blueguydotcom-"If you look at 60-0 numbers over the past 10 years the influx of ABS hasn't really shortened stopping distances."
    NEWSFLASH- ABS is NOT INTENDED TO PROVIDE SHORTER STOPS ON DRY PAVEMENT, nor has it ever been. ABS is designed to allow the driver to maintain control in emergency braking situations. Try steering with your wheels locked and see how easy it is. I'll agree with your statement that ABS doesn't provide shorter distances. But why does everyone believe that is what the system is intended to do? oh and by the way, it has nothing to do with being lazy. A laziness option, IMO, is cruise control.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but mine is certainly that ABS is a mandatory option, especially on a family car.

    Note: if anyone here receieved the Altima CD ROM in the promotional package, you'll note that in the section describing ABS, it directly states something like "contrary to popular belief, the actual intention of ABS brakes....".

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