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Nissan Altima



  • Read the whole paragraph:

    "All it does is allow mom and dad lazy driver not to think about releasing the brake when veering."

    I know what it's intended for and I think it's one of those anti-darwinian devices that allow unskilled drivers to remain at large ruining lives. It's like stability control and yaw and pitch sensors. Ick.
  • Without ABS your wheels can lock causing you to possibly lose control of the car. To prevent that you have to fan (pump) the brakes. With the ABS, the computer does this for you, and much faster than the human can.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Can't beleive in the year 2001 we are still debating the merits of ABS. Even if we were to put Michael Schumacher in a car without ABS, the ABS equipped car would still provide a better safety margin in a wet condition accident avoidence manuveur.

    I have evoked ABS in both my intrigue and my impala, it made a difference in turning and in overall stopping distance.
  • Thanks everybody for your advice on the ABS. I could have used it a week ago to help me convince by SO, but we've decided it's a go.

    Sunroof - has anyone found this without the convenience package?

    Otoluva - the catalog lists it as a separate option, however edmunds, carsdirect & dealernet list the convenience as a requirement.

    I can't take this - want my car!!!
  • mney6mney6 Posts: 116
    It irks me also.
    Not only does it cause a problem between dealers and consumers.I really believe that buying a car should be easier.
    It also cuts the margin of profit I have to work with.
    You may want to se if they will split the 300.00 diffence that way you both win.
  • I'd like to know the process/best way to protect myself in signing the paperwork/making down payment. I want to make sure I've got the dealer's financing approved & detailed on the contract before I sign, and certainly before I put any money down (it'll be $10,000). I assume the approval can be done within a day?

    The dealer will be finding the car elsewhere. As long as I have signed the contract (after getting loan details in writing?) I shouldn't give my down payment until I get the car - right? I've read so many scary things & this is my 1st purchase. Thanks.
  • mney6mney6 Posts: 116
    No I wouldn't give the money down until you are able to inspect the car.
    I do however require a customer to put at least 500.00 down before I do a dealer trade.
  • The Altima 2.5S does require that you have the conv. pkg. the Altima brochure has a few errors in it. But according to, and the latest Consumer Guide, in order to get the Altima 2.5S with the sunroof, you have to have the Conv. pkg. As you stated, you don't have to have the Conv. pkg. to get ABS, but you do have to have it to get the sunroof. Hope this helps.

  • In addition to the conv. package you also have to take the Bose Stereo and wind deflector in order to get the sunroof.
  • Thanks for all the good dialog concerning ABS. I have learned much over the past day or so. Seems like some love it and others hate it. But it is a fact that right now, it is difficult to find an Altima S or SL with ABS. I agree with MNEY6 that we should see more after the new year as dealers order what the consumers want. I highly encourage those who love ABS to let their dealers (not just the salesman) know that you require ABS. Mention the phrase "Most Camry's have ABS" and watch them squirm.

    PS: I think the ABS study that the insurance companies are hanging their hats on so they can discontinue premium discounts for ABS is all wet. I feel fairly certain that a prior wreck was caused by my car not having ABS and the vehicle in front of me having ABS. The road was slick, and a car pulled out in front of the car in front of me. He stopped quickly and I slid (hydroplaned) several hundred yards until I crashed into him. Yes, I know pumping my brakes might have helped. (Karl Flaig, alias blueguydotcom, please don't call me "lazy".) In a crisis situation, it was difficult to remember to pump the brakes. These emergency situations are not a common every day event.

    You had better believe that if I plan on letting my teenage son drive my new (and later OLD) Altima, it will have ABS.
  • otoluvaotoluva Posts: 158
    volcano2-I probably didnt make clear statement on the sunroof issue,although its a single option however convenience package is required(s model).Dont be scared this should be a fun experience,I would try to bring someone with me the day I sign all the papers.I'm counting the days til I get my rocket,reason is I'm going on a long trip n dont want it to just sit while I'm gone,you are lucky you are getting your baby now.Keep in touch and let us know.Gd luck
  • The BOSE system is not required to get the 2.5S with a sunroof. had an Altima 2.5S for a while that had the sunroof but no BOSE or sunroof wind deflector. It only had the Conv. pkg and the sunroof. Where did you here this from Steve? Also, has a few altima 2.5S models without the sunroof wind deflector or BOSE audio.
  • If you have ever wanted to say "I love you" to someone, do it now. I just lost one of my best friends to violence. Her mother's boyfriend killed her, shot her mother and then killed himself. Right now, I am mad, sad, hurt, shocked and feel very very guilty. There were so many things I should have said to her, to brighten her day, so many times I should have just told her, that she could always depend on me, if anything happened. She is gone now, and she was only 15 years old. She had a 1 year old child, and the child was there during the whole thing. I will also say this, if you have been going through life, wondering what is wrong, turn it over to Christ, get him in your life while you can. Don't play around. TIme is ending! I now believe that this world really is coming to an end. I don't want to go to school, I don't want to chat, I just want to cry. I can't bring LaRita back, but I can at least think of the good times I had with her. I know this is the wrong place to post this, but I just want to touch someone's life out there. Someone who needs to find that direction. I am going back to the church, I not going to play around anymore, I am going to do my best, not just enough to get me by. Thanks for reading this, and God bless you. I'm going to continue to read this board, but as of right now, I could care less about buying a new car, I will try to help all with questions and concerns about the new Altima.

    My town is very small, we only have about 300 students in our high school and that's grades 6-12. We need prayer right now, and we also need prayer for there family. This is very tough for anyone, but in a small town where everyone knows everyone, it's even worse.

    Reginald Gist
  • Follow-up to my earlier posting regarding Sunroof $ Bose Stereo. I spoke with a customer service rep from Nissan. They verified what the dealer told me regarding the sunroof and stereo. This started beginning of December. Cars produced before Dec 1st came thru without requiring the Bose Stereo.
  • My fault. If you look at it, by the time you add the Sunroof and Bose to the Altima 2.5S, you might as well get the 2.5SL.
  • Reginald, what an absolutely awful thing to have happened. Nothing like this should EVER happen - it's very sad, and excruciatingly painful for anyone touched by it. I wish there was some way to make sense of the terrible things that happen in this world.

    My mother has had a couple of tragedies in her life, it's amazing that she has stayed so strong and spiritual. Her belief (and that of many others) is that we each choose our own path before we get here, things DO happen for a reason, and we even possibly choose how we leave. That may sound kind of crazy, and too much to even contemplate right now. But the point is that we cannot control all the events in our lives, and somehow, though I sometimes agree with you that the world is going to hell, it's really not. Ever since the beginning of time crazy and unjust things, and beautiful and wonderful things have occurred, and will continue to occur. Everyone's life is a journey and I believe how you live your life and how you touch others is the point. I also believe that there is an afterlife, be it after one or more tries (who knows?) "down here" - life is not just an exercise in futility. IN TIME we must learn to find a way to lives our lives in a way that allows us to not be taken over by the sad events, but be changed for the better. You have already started to do that, not because you weren't good enough or didn't do something right, but because you are reaching out to others, even during such a rough time. Hopefully, you will even be able to touch LaRita's baby's life. That would be a good thing.

    You sound like you are very strong yourself, and have your head on straight, especially for someone relatively young. Don't think for a moment that you didn't make enough of an impact on LaRita; I'm quite sure that you were a good, caring friend. Very few of us declare our thoughts and emotions to those we care about; it's something that's understood by virtue of the fact that you're there, and are that person's friend, especially when other aspects of that person's life are tumultuous.

    Reginald, you should feel all of those things that you are feeling, except for guilty. Guilt is natural only in the sense that you care so much and want to make it all right, but it isn't logical or correct, and it will take over your emotions, which basically, means you. Pray to LaRita, and tell her how you feel. There is much more to this life than our daily routines and physical happenings; there are spirits around us. Lean on your family and friends, and those at church, and be there for them also.

    I hope none of this sounds like I am preaching, or dismissing this tragedy as something that just happens; nothing could be further from the truth. It's just that some words in black and white are hardly adequate for real life. God bless you, and I hope that your pain will be eased.
  • Just want you to know that you will be in my prayers this Christmas season.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Well-tuned ABS will beat even the best drivers in the world. To even attempt to match ABS, you would need to equip your car with four brake pedals, because ABS modulates each wheel independently. Think about surfaces with split traction - even if you are 100% perfect you cannot get the most effective braking from all four tires.

    I was just slammed into by a non-ABS Saturn, and I'm sure she regrets not having purchased ABS. It was raining and I was able to stop short and straight (ABS pulsing).

    She was behind me and started skidding. I could only watch her, helpless as her Saturn plowed into me. She even got a little sideways, so most likely her right side locked up before her left side did.

    I ended up with $1200 of damage, but hers was much worse. She lost her hood, bumper, 1/4 panel (the plastic actually broke apart), lights, turn signals, even wheel well covers. It would have been totalled if it weren't brand new (still had temporary tags).

  • Just wanted to pass along some key learnings that I have learned in purchasing my Pewter, 3.5 SE Automatic... I did all my home work using http:/www/ From their I learned the ins and outs of negotiating the best deal that I could get... Main issue was to find out what the dealer paid for the vehicle and offer a fair 3-5% profit and 99.9% of the time, it is
    well under MSRP..

    After filling out the excell spreadsheet that http:/www/ offers, I found that I should offer a price of 600$ over invoice... I wound up getting from the dealer, 500$ over invoice..

    Key learning #1 is that the invoice pricing that http:/www/ and KBB offered DID NOT include a 400$ MA fee that was on the original invoice of my 3.5.. Now includes this MA fee in their invoice and even gives an explanation of what the fee is for (Advertising mostly)I didn't like the fact that I payed 300$ out of 400$ dollars of this fee in my deal...

    Key learning #2 is that I should have taken my 600 over invoice (without the fee) and figure what that was under MSRP and Dealed that way... Not 600 over invoice, but 1754$ under MSRP... I actually payed 1454$ under MSRP. reason being that the fee is added to the INVOICE only and not to the MSRP.

    Key learning #3 is that before we made the deal and was negotiating, they showed me all the Altima deals that they had done for the month and 90% of them were at MSRP price.. Well LMFAO!!! The reason for this is that they pad up the trade in on the contract, giving you cash in-hand to put as a downpayment and than they raise the FINAL PRICE of the car up to around MSRP.. My ex... My deal was for 500$ over invoice and 12,700 for my trade in.. Well on the contract, they showed my trade in as 14,174 and sold me the car at MSRP.. Unreal!!!!! No wonder the dealers are pushing MSRP as final price...

    Other helpful info (I bought mine in NJ):

    Registration fees : 88.50
    Documentation fees : 119.00
    5 year/100,000 warranty (50$ deduct): 759.00
    5 year/75,000 SILVER service fee) : 400.00

    That's it.. I have a pinstripe and etching on the car, but didn't pay any extra for it..

    The best senario would be to find out all these fees before ya make an offer and but together a final out the door price and once they agree, there are absolutely no surprises...

    I know it was long winded, but if this helps just one person, that is was worth it to me..

    Mcarlo24 ---> Dan <---Proud owner of a 3.5 Pewter Rocket
    Happy Holidays to you and yours!!
  • otoluvaotoluva Posts: 158
    Congrats on your new purchase,sounds exactly like my future altima except mine will be 5 spd and silver colored.I think you did great on the price and thank you for the few tips you shared with us I'm sure they will be helpful to many buyers.
    Happy holidays
  • gerapaugerapau Posts: 211
    Actually, the best drivers in the world CAN outbrake ABS in most situations. It has been shown many times that threshold braking will stop a car more quickly then letting the ABS do it. In real world situations though, most people are better off with ABS.

    There are certain situations where ABS is not preferred though. On very snowy roads, a car would actually stop faster (maybe not quite as straight though) without ABS then with ABS. This is because the small amout of snow that builds up in front of the tires when they are locked up actually helps the car stop quicker.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    For first generation early ABS, maybe. But well tuned ABS and traction control in racing became so dominant over the best pros that it had to be banned in many forms of racing.

    You can threshold brake on a perfectly dry, even surface, but otherwise you will brake at the threshold of the tire with the least grip. Exceed that and by definition one tire will lock up and you will lose directional stability.

    True, for snow and sand, you may be better off disabling ABS, but in some cars you can just pull the e-brake up one click to accomplish that.

  • Does anyone have a good guess about when Nissan will revise the Altima for the next model year? Are we looking at the next model in September? And what about the interior? Will Nissan respond to criticisms that it looks cheap by making a significant upgrade? Or will they leave a brisk-selling model alone?
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    I would guess that the '03 Alty will debut around September of next year, since that seems to be the usual time for Nissan to introduce its new models. As for the interior, I very much doubt we'll see a significant upgrade because the Altima is selling so well. Unless sales drop off significantly by next year, of course.

    I would expect an interior upgrade for '04, since the new Maxima will debut then. Nissan can then upgrade the Altima's interior without fear of cannibalizing Maxima sales.

    Not that I really know any more than anyone else here, just my opinion.
  • For the Viewers Choice Award on MotorWeeks website

    This is where it got 0-60 in 5.9 seconds. Show everyone that it is the "Cure for the common car"
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    their latest issue did a road test of the Passat, Camry, Accord and Altima (all with the four cylinder). Altima came in last of these cars tested. However, it did rate very good overall. The main culprit: CHEAP interior. Next month CR will test the Camry V6 and Altima V6 plus a couple of domestic V6 cars (this should insure the Altima finishing at least second). But the Altima will still have the same cheap interior. This might of been my next if it wasn't for the interior decor. Therefore, I'm really ticked that Nissan cut corners when it came to the interior. Hence, my constant negative posts in regards to the Altima.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    If you were Nissan, with the Altima selling like the Pet Rock in the 70s, and profits high, would you change it? They'll probably do a minor update in 2004, but I'm sure their efforts right now are on the next Maxima.

    CR is the first to complain about the interior. If you've followed this thread for a while, we've pointed out several articles that complemented the interior.

    The 4 banger tied for quickest 0-60, and IIRC it also had the lowest price.

  • A recent Car & Driver comparo included a 3.5SE, and they carped about the seats, the funky "three tunnel" gauges, and the dash reflecting onto the windshield. They thought the doors sounded tinny, too. Altima came in third out of a field of eight cars.
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    C/D didn't like it, but not because it was cheap. They disliked the seats because they were "wrongly shaped," and they just disliked the design of the gauge cluster. They didn't say anything about the "plasticky" nature of the materials as so many here have complained about. And the Altima may have come in third, but it was only only 2 points behind the winner (Accord) and 1 point behind the 2nd place (Camry).

    The article is here, if anyone wants to read it: 2001/december/200112_comparo_concealed.xml?&page=6

    You'll have to join the link because I can't post words over 115 characters.

    For what it's worth, I've had my new Altima for 2 weeks now and I have no complaints about the seats or the gauge cluster. Well, actually, I think the seats are too high (I'm used to a low seating position), but that's really a matter of personal opinion. I also have not noticed the dash reflections they mention in the article.

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