Hatchback or Crossover w/ AWD, good fuel economy, and under 30G

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Need to replace my V6 4x4 SUV and don't want to loose the important things to my little family and and me. Am thinking a Hatchback or Crossover w/ AWD, good fuel economy, and under 30G. Sedan or small SUV possible, just need the following...

Should seat 5 or more.

  • 4 cyl, Hybrid, or EV because want better economy.
  • AWD or 4WD - I'm in the North East, preferably engage-able/disengage-able.
  • Turbo or alternative computer settings for some power when necessary a plus.
  • Manual preferable, though not a must. But the CVT on the Subarus gets such awful reviews.
  • Hatch or good trunk space when back seats fold down.

What I've seen so far:
MINI Cooper Country Man
Tesla Model X looks amazing - but what the heck is it going to cost?
Wish the Golf or GTI had AWD, is there a version that does? I don't see it.
Mitsubishi Lancer - same problem with CVT and the Evolution is pricey.
Subaru Crosstek
Nissan Juke, Rogue, or Murano
Any thoughts or suggestions?

Much appreciated.


  • mrjayagurmrjayagur Member Posts: 1

    The Nissan Juke is a worthy competitor, meets your requirements in terms of small SUV sedan, has 4WD (although this seems to be offered as an optional extra). Fuel economy is good, turbocharged and also under 30G. Subaru crosstek also a good bet, 2.0 hybrid and also good in terms of price and is a 4-door, as opposed to 2.

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