GMC Jimmy Front End Repair

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My GMC Jimmy "98" keeps pulling to the right. The repair shop has replaced ball joints and done a front end alignment 3 times. Any idea what it could be. It is now back in the shop again. I just purchased this Jimmy.


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    The problem is your shop I think. This is not rocket science, this is a truck. They should be able to figure this out by now.
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    I have owned this truck for 20 days. Its been in the shop for 10. I think the company is trying to put the screws to me.
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    could be tires
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    They rotated the tires on this and then did a front end alignment. Then they did another alignment. Replaced ball joints and then another front end alignment. Next they took it back and did another front end alignment at a different company. They now say they done everything. The even had the nerve to say it was the crown in the roads. Well every road does not have a crown in it.
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    So lemme get this straight, jimmy...the truck will pull to the right no matter what the road you think? That is, you're going along, and if you let your hands off the wheel for a second (careful!) you'd be off the road to the right? Would this happen if you were in the left hand lane of the highway? Is it any worse when you brake? Is the steering wheel straight and level when you drive?
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    Yes, even if I drive it on the left hand side of the road, it still pulls to the right. It is not worse when I apply the brake. And the steering wheel is not straight and level when I drive. I showed this to the shop manager and he now thinks he should change the wheels on the truck.???? Any idea's? Thanks
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    Well, now, why didn't they level the steering wheel during the alignment? This is basic stuff here.

    I doesn't add up.....unless the frame is literally bent, if the wheels are properly aligned and the tires are new, the car should track properly....unless there is something hellaciously worn out under there in the suspension.
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    I called the company I purchased it from and told them to come pick up this truck
    and give me a new one. I drove it into my driveway Tuesday night and it stalled. I
    could not start it again. They had to come with a Tow Truck and take it out of my
    yard. If it was not for bad luck with this truck, I would have no luck at all. So now I
    have a loaner and they are getting back to me today.
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    Well, you know, problems can be fixed. Don't get into the whole "lemon" thing. Being positive and patience can work miracles....but of course if they sincerely try and try and can't do anything with the truck, then maybe you have a case there.
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    I just got the truck back and it is a lot better. They put new tires and aligned the steering wheel. They also replaced the fuel pump. It is still pulling a little to the right, but not like before.
  • gmcjimmydebgmcjimmydeb Member Posts: 8
    Any reason why it would still pull to the right. I think they have done most everything to this truck.
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    I have a '97 Bravada. Had upper & lower ball joints, idler arm, and pitman arm replaced, not because of pulling, but you may want to have the idler and pitman arm checked for looseness.
    Also, a bad wheel bearing can be the culprit, or one dragging front brake caliper, which can cause a pull, as well.

    My '93 Pontiac Grand Prix has had a slight pull to the left for the last 20K miles. It was traced to the power steering rack & pinion box that had fluid leaking past internal seals, which caused a slight pressure bias, which caused the steering to remain off-center, regardless of the alignment. You could take your hands off the wheel (on a level, empty road) and watch the slowly steering wheel turn, always to left!

    The Blazer/Jimmy/Bravada I believe have a recirculating ball steering box... it's another thing to look into.

    In terms of the alignment, find a shop with a Bear Alignment machine. Each wheel has a sensor attached to it, vs. a laser alignment which may be just as accurate, but more prone to technician error. And my local Firestone provides the readout from machine, with before and after readings, so ask for that too.

    Hope this helps...
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    I have been having the exact same problems with my '99 Jimmy SLT. Three alignments, ball joints replaced, tires rotated and they tell me it is "within spec and follows the crown of the road". Funny none of the other cars I have owned pulled this hard to the right when they were within spec. Also, if I follow behind my wife when she drives the Jimmy, I swear the rear tires are offset to the right from the fronts.
    In addition, there is a perpetual rattle from the left front which they cannot eliminate after three tries. And the drive train "bucks" as I accelerate from the first stop after a long stretch on the highway.
    I decided to try to sell this thing while it was still under warranty but the resale values were pathetic. I paid for a luxury sport-ute and I can't believe this quality. I've read everyone's comments of the pulling, but if someone has a clue about the rattle or drive train problems, I'd appreciate it.
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    I have a 1997 GMC 4 wheel drive Jimmy that has just been in for the repair of the control boot and replacement of the fuel injectors. The truck only has 85,000 miles and the repair cost $1,300.00 Any comments.
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    I had a rattle from what I thought was from the foot well in my Bravada, it turned out to be worn pins & bushings in the driver's door (a common problem!). Two new pins and four bushings later cured the rattle. The hood hinge may also require skimming, another rattle source, but has not happened to me (yet).

    Have you had the same alignment shop do the work? You may want to try a different place... also, make sure the tire pressure (cold) is the same in all tires. I run 32 psi. (cold). Even with the rotation, you may want to try swapping the fronts from left>right / right>left.

    The drive train bucks? A common transmission problem is a worn modulating valve in the valve body. CM chose the wrong material for the modulating valve, which becomes more oval than round with mileage, causing harsh upshifts, especially when the cranny is hot. My cranny (@48K miles) started to bang upshifts after traveling the highway for a couple hours... I was accelerating from a NY toll booth when I first noticed this problem. I had the valve body replaced under an extended warranty. Problem solved.

    The bucking may be related to the valve body problem...

    Hope this helps.
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    I have the same thing with my 1998 Jimmy SLT. The shop has done everything possible and it has improved some, but we still have a slight pull to the right. I had them align the steering wheel and new tires. Now I am stuck with it for another year or two because the trade-in value in the first year you own it is low.
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