BMW Z4. Should I buy?

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I'm looking around at all types of used convertibles as my "summer" car. Mileage isn't a worry for me, as I only plan on putting about 2-3k per year., however reliability is (I know both may go hand in hand). I came across a bmw z4 5 speed the 2.5 enginge, Nav package... pretty awesome. Test drove it and ran very strong... felt and sounded like new, extremely clean inside and out. Only downside is its missing the radio amp, and probably needs a fog light probably needs replacing.

The kicker is, it has 160k miles on it. I don't mind little things going here and there... but I can't afford to have this engine to go. Its inspected, new rear breaks and rotors, new tires all around, and a new body control module. It's listed at 7200. I think I can get it down to 6800 (I'm in the Philadelphia area)

I'm on a budget, so the option of getting something with less miles is slightlying out of the question... for a z4 that is. Or... should I just get a miata LS with far less miles...


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    If you are worried about repair cost, then the Miata is a no-doubter, plus there are many more in your price range to choose from.

    The 2.5L engine in the Z4 is a very reliable powerplant, but weaknesses are the cooling system. Of course, after that many miles, that cooling system has already been replaced once. It's also not cheap to work on, unless you get an experienced independent..

    The Z4 is much cooler, of course... :)

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