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My 03 Navigator's battery (11 months old Sears) started going dead about a week ago.

mainlyymainlyy Posts: 17
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I came out to start the truck and the battery was dead, was fine the day before, I jump started the truck drove for about an hour and a half. I stopped three times and truck started. Parked it over night and it was dead in the morning. At first I suspected the radio/navigation system, it didn't turn off with the ignition. When I turn the radio off then jump the battery, the radio is on again. Also I found the battery's positive connector was loose enough to just lift the thing right off the battery. It's worn to bad to tighten. Now I think the batteries fried, any suggestions Thanks............
2003 Lincoln Navigator 68,000 miles the battery is Sears, about 11 months old

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