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Hi, I am planning to buy a '98 Accord with 30K miles at the nearby dealer. I wanted to check if others have had problems with their Honda Accords and would recommend to buy it or not. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help!!


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    If it is an I-4 Accord, I would make the purchase. If it is a V-6 Accord, I would stay away because of the transmission problems the 1998's had their first year.Check transmissions on this board and you will see what I mean.
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    Actually the transmission problem was limited to a few late 99 and early 2000 V-6 Accords and Odysseys. A vendor changed the specs on a part without telling Honda.

    The problem wasn't all that widespread and Honda fixed them under warranty.

    98 Accords like all Accords are great cars. I own one.
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    Transmission problems are not limited to the 99's. I own a '98 Accord which is presently at the dealer getting the transmission replaced. It has 50,000 ml.
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    A transmission failure on a Honda with 50,000 miles is HIGHLY unusual.

    I've never even heard of such a thing but I also know that any car can have something unusual go wrong.
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    Remember Isellhondas is a Honda salesman. The trouble with him is that he is generally right (as in correct). No fun in that! And he's knowledgable too. Ugh! This is a case in point. I too own a '98 EX V6 Accord Coupe. It still has low mileage, but is now being used as a daily commuter. And thus far, I've had no trouble with the transmission. Go figure!
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    Are the Honda Accord V-6's sold in Norway made in the United States or Great Britain?
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