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2015 GTI Leasing Problem With My Dealer

dlaundedlaunde Posts: 4
edited June 2014 in Volkswagen

Hey guys,

My dealer (Ohio, United States) just got four 2015 GTI's on their lot and knowing I am absolutely committed to buying one went over there to test drive. Low and behold they had the EXACT model I wanted: Black Automatic Autobahn Edition w/ Headlight package. I was ready to sign and drive.....but was told that absolutely NO leasing is available. Further more, was told that third party leasing through local banks was unavailable since there is no known residual value or money factor known for the 2015's yet. Does this sound right?

From contacting a few big, out of state dealers and posting in the Golf MK7 forums, I am being told that leasing IS available (was told a 15k/36month lease would be a money factor of .00158 and residual of 58%). Normally I have always had good luck with my dealer but it seems they are less than helpful with this purchase. Is that because of how new it is? Or is it because they are behind on what's going on and lacking information?



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