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Toyota Sequoia Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Although they aren't plentiful, you should be able to find an '05 with NAVI & LX within a 150 mile radius. And yes, most of those seem to be fully equipped - with rear DVD, etc. I also believe Toyota is offering a $1000 rebate until the end of January.
  • petro33petro33 Posts: 192
    had an offer of 47,000 out the door for a '05 limited with everything possible on it. seems like I am paying about 1400 over invoice, not taking into account any rebate which no one seems to know anything about??


    What do you think???
  • husky92husky92 Posts: 56
    You need to find out EXACTLY how much you are paying over invoice. $47,000 is too much money to spend and not be totally sure. If you are paying $1400 over invoice, you could probably do better. I don't know what area you are from, but I believe $1,000 over invoice is about the highest people pay on this board and that does not count incentives. Use the Edmunds site to find out the invoice price by looking up each of the codes on the sticker.
  • petro33petro33 Posts: 192
    Tried that and the dealer said edmunds was wrong on their invoice price by about $1,000. i noticed the same thing when I looked at another seq and the MSRP was $1,000 higher than edmunds.


    The dealer told me I was paying 400 over invoice on the 47K deal.


    I will ask them to show me the invoice. The said there is no incentives, no $750 rebate. Two dealers have told me that!!
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Can't name them here, but why don't you try some other websites and see if what thee dealer is telling you is true.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    You can name dealership, city and state - just not the names of individual salespeople.
  • petro33petro33 Posts: 192
    Finally got to look at a LX package and was not overly impressed for the money. It was equiped with a dvd player so the storage bin was smaller (we liked the storage). Plus the second row of seats did not have armrests on them, just making them individual seats not captains chairs in my opinion. Plus the vehicle they showed us at 7pm had a bad battery and would not start so we could not see how the memory seats worked. All in all I will wait and see what next year holds. I still love the seq I have even with 81K miles I have had no repairs other than scheduled maintaince.
  • Hello all! New to this board, what a great resource!


    I am looking at getting an 05 SR5 4WD. Would like to add:

    PM-Preferred Pkg. 1

    CQ-Convenience Pkg.

    KE-Keyless Entry

    SR-Sunroof (needs DJ)

    LF-Fog Lights

    DR-Roof Rack

    PG-Additional Rear Privacy Glass

    TO-Tow Pkg.

    QA-Load Leveling Rear Suspension


    Went to the local dealership today and ws told that I *cannot order* a vehicle! I know better since I have discovered this great forum!


    Also was told that SR5 is not available with factory leather or sunroof. Are these dealer or PIO options? Or is this salesman fulla bulla? I see these options on the factory brochure.


    Any one out there have any insight to the special order route? How long does it take? Can I still get a great deal-or is taking one from existing inventory a better option for dealing?


    I am in So Cal and am seeing that Simi Toyota is the place to go.


    Any replies or advice appreciated!
  • Not sure on how far from you but Carson Toyota has a great internet sales team from reading many posts here and other boards. "special order" will probably take 12-15 weeks (yup 3-4 months!) I ordered mine from a dealer in North Carolina after getting the same BS from the NY area dealers as well as New England and mid Atlantic area. I got the some regions have only certain options available. So I hunted and found a region that could get what I wanted. MANY dealers do not want to special order because after 10 weeks of waiting some customers change their mind and then the dealer is "stuck" with a potentially hard to sell package for that area. I got what you want but no sunroof or leather. The hard part for all the dealers here was the QA load leveling. Search some of my posts for how it works (I like it) but it is NOT a compressor based system that pumps up to level. It is an internal shock design that works off pressure differences and hydraulically levels as you hit a couple bumps. Don't expect it to come back to level while your sitting still and put a load (boat or trailer) on to it (because you'll be disappointed). Positive side for me with the system is that I have seen MANY Expeditions etc. where the compressor or sensors fail and your SOL anyway as the whole rear end drops and stays there. I believe I read that the '05 sport package has one of the compressor based leveling packages available. Make your e-mail public for a day or two and I'll send you a couple good links.


    My price, special ordering, including air fare to fly down to get it, was about $800 over invoice. This was the BEST price I found anywhere at the time and was $600 cheaper than NY dealers offered even with the warehouse club discount prices. Since I love road trips anyway and used to live in that area I visited friends and took a nice leisurely break in everything as I want (before the wife got to it) ride back to NY.
  • Thanks, sequoiasoon


    Sounds like you *can* special order. 3~4 months-too long for me plus I need to get the best deal (limited budget) for the OTD price.


    Thanks for the heads-up on the leveling system. Sounds great! Do many SR5s on a typical lot have this option? I guess this option is not a deal breaker for me.


    Sounds like you got a great deal...and a road trip! Did you get an 04 or 05?


    I am within 50 miles of Carson Toyota. I will definitely try your internet sales advice.


  • I actually bought mine in May '03. When I was looking I had a REAL HARD TIME finding the QA package in Limited or SR5 which was what I wanted, as well as no sunroof. When I found the dealer in NC that had 3 Limited's and 1 SR5 with the QA in stock (of course not the color I wanted though)I sent e-mail ASAP. Dealer returned mail and called at 9:30 next AM and was excellent from then on. My next Toyota will come from them again just based on how smooth they handled it.
  • When looking at the lease special, it states that it is for the Model 7920. Options FE, AH, CQ, DR, GY, KE, LF, RL, SR. Does this mean that these options come with the lease deal or that I am able to upgrade to them? Also what does Tier 1 only mean? I would rather ask this here before talking with our dealer. Does anyone know of somewhere good to go on Long Island? Not one has come close to one another and we are getting the run around.
  • asif1asif1 Posts: 49
    I think Tier I is mid Credit Scroe above 680 b/w 3 Credit Bureau reports. Not too sure about it but you can always call finance manager and ask what is Tier I. Also during negotiation they tend to show you lowest score among 3 reports to give you higher APR/Lease rate. Make sure you ask to see all 3 credit reports. By law they should use the middle score b/w highest and lowest. Experian tend to be always higher than transunion and equafax.


  • sakssaks Posts: 8
    We are in the process of ordering a 2005 Limited 2WD. (We can't find a car with the options & color we want. We live in Houston.)

     MSRP is $46,800. I calculate invoice (according to Edmunds and KBB) to be $40,478 after $750 rebate. We have a dealer offering to sale us this car for $41,429 after rebate ($951 over invoice as calculated on edmunds). Is this close to what everyone else is paying for ordered cars or sale of cars on the lot? Thanks
  • asif1asif1 Posts: 49
    951 $ above invoice or TMV?. If it is above invoice then it is fine since edmunds did not include TDA, MAF, Finance HoldBack etc. That makes to rougly 800-100 $ for 40k SUV. You might be able to negotiate some more since many dealer are letting go 300-400 $ of their hold back. I got 250 $ hold back.

    Have you tried, if you order it will take 3-4 months. I think in houston area you can find some what close to your needs.


  • Did you mention the name of the dealership from NC that you found to be so helpful? I tried browsing though old messages but wasn't able to find it-- would be appreciative of the info.
  • sakssaks Posts: 8
    $951 was above invoice not TMV. I'm familiar with Holdback but not how it's broken down. To be frank, I'm not familiar with TDA,MAF or Finance Holdback. Could you explain what these are and how much they typically would effect a $40K suv. Just to be clear is the range for a $40K suv $800-100 or $800-1000?


    Because the holdback is garnished the longer a car remains on the lot it seems we would have a better negotiating posture by ordering one vs buying one off the lot. What do you think?


    We have tried pretty much for the whole state not just our area. Can't find a white or artic frost with LX Pkg and Nav. We have one on order and the dealer is telling us it will take no longer than 1 month to arrive.


    However, the dealer we placed the order with charged us an additional amount for the "Molded Dash Applique". Two days ago we found out this is already included in the LX package. We feel this overcharge was deliberate and would like to deal with someone else we trust. However, last week we put $500 down for him to order the car. At this point how difficult would it be to get our $500 back and go with another dealer that has been more upfront.


    Thanks for your help!
  • asif1asif1 Posts: 49
    Sorry for typing mistake 800-100 was 800-1000$.

    The break down is roughly, 1 % Finance Hold Back which comes to 350-400 $ depending on invoice. 300-400$ TDA, 300-400 $ MAF. For Limited Package i think all this would be close to 1000$. TDA is Toyota Dealer Association and all the money goes into a common pool for that Area which they use to give local incentives later on. MAF is what sales region or Manufacturer uses for advertisement etc. You can ask for finance hold back if you are financing through Toyota. Other than that, your 2% MSRP hold back and PIO Hold back would also add up to 1500-1800 $. I guess the dealer has lot of room to give back some holdback, specially for 45 k SUV.


    You should talk to your dealer that you will not pay for "Molded Dash Applique" as it is included in LX package. you can always ask dealer to show actual invoice with VIN # of your vehicle and you will get all the cost breakage from there. Many dealers are not hesitant in showing it. In fact this is the best way to find out if he is overcharging you and about hold backs.


    In my opinion you will have hard time getting your 500 $ back. you can take quote from some other dealer and see if they can make up your 500 $ loss plus some additional discount.


    I had many bitter experiences with several dealers and luckily i found a small dealer (Courvelle Toyota) in Opelousas, Louisiana which i can now trust very much. All i do is ask for actual invoice and negotiate from there. I guess you can try them, if you can afford to travel 230 miles from houston. Email me if you need further details about dealer (name of sales man) etc. I would be glad to help out you guys.


    I wish you best of luck in your hunt of limited sequoia, I think the arctic frost pearl is an excellent color and you will not regret your decision to buy this SUV.


  • sakssaks Posts: 8
    Asif, Thank you for the excellent information. I would like to get the salesmans name from you. Please email me direct. I have a few other questions for you as well if you don't mind.


    Thanks Again
  • asif1asif1 Posts: 49
    I have emailed on the address in your profile.


  • Looking for lease deal on an 05 limited 4wd

    I have gotten quotes that are not even close to each other. I live in Long Island,NY area

    Anyone has any suggestions , I would appreciate it

  • Alloy Wheel Package #2 Includes:17" Alloy

    Wheels w/P265/65R17 Tires,Tow Hitch w/7

    Pin Trailer Wiring Harness,Rear Door Priv

    Glass,150 Amp Alternator,Running Boards

    Convenience Package Includes:Power Heated

    Outside Mirrors,Accessory Meter w/Compass

    Outside Temp.Gauge,Homelink,Trip Computer

    Roof Rack w/Rails JBL AM/FM/Cass/6 CD Chngr w/10 Spkrs. Dr & Fr Pass Seat Mounted Side Airbags,

    First & Second Row Side Curtain,Airbags w/Rollover Sensor & Cut-Off Switch.Front Fog & Driving Lamps.Daytime Running Lights.

    Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof.Ball Mount

    Rear Spoiler.Color Keyed Door Edge Guards

    Fabric Guard.Nightvision Mirror Upgrade

    Keyless Entry.Carpet Floor Mats.Rear Trunk Mat

    Door Sill Protector.Side Signal Mirror Upgrade

    Glass Break Sensor.7 Pin to 4 Pin Converter

    Wheel Locks.Road Hazard Tire Warranty(3 years / 36,000 miles)Roadside Assistance(3 yrs/36,000 Miles Extra Mile Extended Life Tires.(6 years / 100,000 miles)Lusterizing Sealant Sound Shield

    Sealant Cleaner.Rental Car Assistance Custom Tape Stripe.Sunroof Wind Deflector.Leather Interior.

    Msrp $41563 Quote $36898.57 plust TT&L

    is this good price or I can get better deal thank you
  • cjk2cjk2 Posts: 2
    Is there a Toyota Dealership out there that really tries to sell a Sequoia at a fair price, or do they all think they are doing you a favor by selling you this vehicle?


     We went to the Frank Fletcher Toyota in Joplin MO. We were on the lot looking at Sequoias for at least ten minutes with no other customers around and no one came to help us.

    We went inside and ask a employee if there was anyone who wants to sell a car, he laughed and said "Yeah, do you know anyone who wants to buy one" and he walked past us with his coffee cup to his desk. We left!


      We talked to another dealership in Tulsa, OK.

    They were friendly and ready to help, but the offer they made us was approx. $5000.00 too high according to the figures we got here on Edmunds.

     The attitude was, "This is our price and if you don't want to pay that, you won't get the vehicle."


      I don't know how these dealerships sell anything. Unless people are paying way more than they should just because it's a Toyota.


      Does anyone know a dealership that really tries to help you get the best price possible and still make a profit?
  • asif1asif1 Posts: 49
    I completely agree that some dealers treat you like they are doing a favor by selling vehicle at MSRP. I guess there are some naive people who keep buying from such dealers. My advice if you can go to Oklahoma city, Try Dub Richardson Toyota in OKC, OK. They were the best dealer i ever came across. At one time they took off all hold backs, i mean all of them just to sell me a latest model camry. I am sure even if they dont want to do that, they will at least sell you one at invoice.


  • asif1asif1 Posts: 49
    Any particular reason you are taking road hazard, extended warranty, Sound shield etc in this package. This must be adding 700-1200 $ (forgot actual price). This package has lots of dealer margin and actual invoice is very less so dont go for difference from MSRP. I think you can get better deal than this.

    In my opinion the most cost effective and loaded package is with Alloy Wheel package and PM leather package that gives steering wheel mounted audio controls + all other bells and whistles. you cant go wrong with this package. Having that your MSRP would be around 39 k with out of door price including rebate around 34.5k. Since these options does not have lot of margin b/w MSRP and Invoice, it seems you are just saving 4.5 or 5k below MSRP but look at what options you are getting.

    Unfortunately lot of dealers have extra mile option A, B, C. B/c they can make more money by showing greater discounts and earn business.

    I recently bought 2005 SR5 2WD with liquicell leather, sports package, side curtain, JBL10, Side Curtain air bag, etc etc in 34750$ after rebate. MSRP 40034$.

    With Toyota Sales Hub in Houston, you can get any vehicle ordered in very less time. Try and locate the vehicle with your options.


    Just my 2 cents.


  • cjk2cjk2 Posts: 2
    Thanks Asif,


      I will contact Richardson Toyota and see what they can do.


      We are looking for 2005 Limited.

    I was reading some of the horror stories in the problem section here on Edmunds, I sure hope the new ones aren't plagued with problems.

      We have a 2001 that we have never had a problem with, which is why we are wanting to stick with the Sequoia. Wish us luck !
  • Asif, thank you very much for all the information. Any dealer in Houston area that you will recommend for me will be Great, I will try to make deal by end of the February.

    Quote” recently bought 2005 SR5 2WD with liquicell leather, sports package, side curtain, JBL10, Side Curtain air bag, etc etc in 34750$ after rebate. MSRP 40034$” what exactly all the option does your Sequoia come with can you let me know thank you for all your help.

    What do you think about this quote

    Sequoia SR5 2WD, you can purchase for $34,105.35 (including $750 rebate good till 2/28/2005) plus any tax, title and licensing fees

    -Convenience Package Includes: Power Heated Outside Mirrors, Accessory Meter w/Compass Outside Temp. Gauge, Homelink, Trip omputer --Roof Rack w/Rails

    -JBL AM/FM/Cass/6 CD Chngr w/10 Spkrs

    -Dr & Fr Pass Seat Mounted Side Airbags, First & Second Row Side Curtain Airbags w/Rollover Sensor & Cut-Off Switch

    -Front Fog & Driving Lamps

    -Rear Passenger Door Privacy Glass

    -Daytime Running Lights

    -16" Styled Steel Wheels w/P265/70R16 Tires

    -Leather Interior Upgrade Incl:

         Leather Seats / Door Trim

         Liquicell Comfort Technology

         Power Lumbar Support - Passenger

    -Lighted Color Keyed Running Board
  • asif1asif1 Posts: 49
    My 2005 SR5 2WD is exactly same as above +

    --Sports package

    --DVD Pre wire

    --Ball Mount

    --Rear Spoiler

    --Carpet mats/trunk, Door sill protector


    The price quoted to you looks good. You can add up invoice for my additional options from edmunds and see where your total adds up to your quote of 34105.35$


    I gave back carpet mats/trunk mat and got 160 $ back. kept Door Sill protector which was included in this price. I like All weather mat and bought set of 4 for 60 bucks and used my 2004 4Runner rear rubber mats for Seq 3rd row. Bought a Cargo liner (59$), Cargo net (19$) too.


    I really like the liquicell leather as it is more comfortable and looks awesome. My sports package includes tubular running board, rear leveling suspension and front skid plate. Though i was not really looking for this option but the only vehicle matching my other requirements had this one. It is very hard to find PM leather package and I've heard many dealers/buyers prefer new liquicell leather.


    And yes the sports package includes running board and 16" styled wheels so you have to weigh in that too when comparing your quote with my purchase.


    I would also suggest if you can manage to get 17" Alloy wheel for Seq. As it looks better than 16". Mine is 16" and i am still thinking if i can swap them with 17" some how.


    Unfortunately i dont know any dealers in Houston area, though i have spoken to few of them but never had chance to buy from them. Although i have heard good things about houston dealers, since competition is tough most of them usually give good prices right away. My suggestion would be to negotiate on your current quote. Walk in to the dealer and ask him to print you his invoice. He should sell you one at his invoice and try to knock off some hold back. 200-300$ can be taken off if your sales man is reasonable. Even with that they will make 1500-1800$ profit.


  • thatthat Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    Just want to know if I am right.

    I found out from that 4x2 Sequoia SR5 in northen california comes with base model and set of options in Package A and B. You have no choice to juggle around options (until you customize it which takes months). You have to select either one of them.


    Thanks in advance for your answers.
  • saks, I am sorry to bother you on this matter but have you made your purchase yet? Or which dealer that you have better luck with. We in the process to find out who's got the best deal and try to purchase one also. Thank you for your reply in advance.
  • whaat will you paid for SR5 with following option?

    AG,CQ,DR,EJ,GY,LF,RL,L2,DD,SR? thank you for all the information

    I in Houston TX. called up one the dealer & asking for Fleet manager for pricing. was told Quote " is such nice car and it's Toyota why don't you paid MSRP as pricing you got on website, " funny so I ask him did you ever paid MSRP when you try to buy a car? than all I hear was click
  • Just picked up an '05 SR5 2WD in San Diego with the following.

    EJ - JBL w/ 6 disk changer
    KE - Keyless Entry
    GY - Side and curtain airbags
    DR - Roof Rack
    AG - 17" Alloy Wheel package
    CQ - Convenience Package
    LF - Front Fog and Driving Lights
    CF - Floor Mats and sill projector

    Sticker - $37,174
    My price - $33,600
    Out the Door - $36,550.

    I think anytime you get can out the door for a lot less than sticker, you did a good job.
  • pman5pman5 Posts: 11
    If anyone is interested we purchased an 05 SR5 4 wheel drive with jbl sound, side airbags, alloy pk #1, prefered package,daytime running lights,roof rack, convenience package, fog lights, keyless entry, mats,hood protector, wheel locks, cargo net and moon roof for dealer invoice 38,770.00 minus the Dec 750.00 cash back. Sticker price was 43,762.00. Dealer is Gateway Toyota in Toms River NJ. They have a web site.
  • I've been looking at an '05 SR5 and it seems that a loaded SR5 RWD. Options: side airbags, convenience pkg, fog lights, keyless entry, sunroof, premium sound system, roof rack, alloy pkg #2 (MSRP $38,000, invoice $33,500). It is IDENTICAL to the Limited if you opt for leather, day/night mirror, and spoiler, minus the Limited badging and power-fold mirrors. For '05, there is little that distinguishes the SR5 from the Limited. Does anyone know how much I should pay for a relatively 'standard' Limited with only DRL, spoiler, side-airbags? By my calculations, a Limited should only cost about $3500 more than a SR5 with these extra options anyway. I ask because it is relatively hard to find a SR5 with the leather etc. in the color the wife wants (Bluesteel metallic). Also, any prices on the aforementioned SR5 without the leather would be nice. Thanks. (Located in Los Angeles).
  • Does anybody know what are the FICO scores required for Tier I or Tier II Toyota Financial Services Loan


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  • Has anybody been able to have the dealer not charge the TDA costs when buying a car

  • mwoolmamwoolma Posts: 1
    I just purchased a Sequioa at Broadway Toyota in Portland, Oregon. Everything was great, sales staff was great. Very respectful...I thought now here is a dealership that is finally honest, what a relief. They negotiated the price fairly close to what I wanted. We finally came to a deal and shook hands. Being at the dealer for over 5.5 hours was taxing and hard after working all day. They delay you as long as possible until you finally sign the contract. I noticed the price on the contract was $582.00 higher than agreed upon, I also paid the $218.00 License/Tab Fees along with my $7000.00 deposit for a total of $7218.00 down. In the contract they added an additional $218.00 plus they included the $218.00 on my finance amount which would have got charged intrest rate. The contracts can be extremly confusing, such everything is in such small print. Don't let them rush you, take your time or come back the next day and sign the papers. I highly suggest this. Buyers be wary and closely read everything. It's even suggested to have a lawyer with you when making a large vehicle purchase.
  • My gulf states dealer is charging me 275 TDA, 448 MAF, 651 2%holdback, 325 1%holdback for the sequoia I am looking at. I am not sure what all this means except buying from a gulf states dealer sucks. Any help?
  • yesyesyesyes Posts: 1
    Planning on buying one too. Did you get it by chance close to invoice price? Are they the most competitive in the Portland ares? Thanks
  • vanclanvanclan Posts: 1
    I Live in Raleigh NC, and I am about to attempt to get a good deal on a new '05 Sequoia. I am interested to know the dealership that you had such a great experience with.
  • Try Jim Barkley Toyota in Asheville NC.

    Unbelievable how easy they are to deal with. No aftermarket BS pressure either. No dicker sticker and solid discount.
  • tbdallastbdallas Posts: 2
    2005 limited white with 856 miles
    everything but DVD, middle seat center console and rear spoiler but has $2,300 custom wheels
    Warrranty options not priced in either.

    Sticker 46,900, Dealer said invoice was 41,075

    Offer to us $1,000 down
    $639/month for 48 months
    15k miles per year
    no other cost/charges

    Pushed us hard for this one white model (last one on lot). We want silver but none at this dealer. Should we pass and find the silver or jump on this one because of the deal?? Great, good, average or bad deal.
  • gnu892gnu892 Posts: 9
    I'm being offered the SR5 at $400 below invoice. Has anyone purchased a 2WD SR5 for more than $400 BELOW invoice? I just want to know if I can get lower than this and perhaps add leather seating :)
  • hsmomhsmom Posts: 1
    After looking at these boards and getting an idea of prices, went to two dealerships to get quotes on a Sequoia SR5. First dealership in Plano spent 3 hours trying to whittle me down, then we agreed on all but the final trade-in amount (they were off by $500). After them calling back many times, I decided not to worry about it and was ready to go sign the papers. Then the head sales manager calls and says my sales guy was wrong and the car we had negotiated a price on a 10 calls earlier could not be sold for that price because it was below invoice. But here's another one without the leather, and they would even have someone install leather offsite for me.

    Didn't like what seemed like a bait and switch so went to a dealer in Denison who didn't have an SR5 in leather, but it had all the other options I needed and was the beautiful silver color. So here's what I ended up paying:

    SR5 2WD with-
    JBL 6 disc/10 speakers
    Alloy package #2 - 17" Alloys, Running boards etc.
    Convenience package
    Option Package A w/rear spoiler, door edge guards, mats, etc.
    Roof Rack
    Front Fog/driving lamps
    DVD pre-wire
    Daytime running lights
    DR & FR passenger airbags
    Keyless Entry
    Custom Tape pinstriping
    Window Tint
    Vehicle Shield Package (which seemed to me to make the car/road a little quieter. I drove some without and this did seem to make a difference to me)

    MSRP $38,768 Price Paid after Rebate $33,200 right around invoice.

    SO I'm happy.
  • keikoe55keikoe55 Posts: 24
    I got my on Feb 28th 8:50 p.m. wtih SR5 2WD with-
    JBL 6 disc/10 speakers
    Alloy package #2 - 17" Alloys, Running boards etc.
    Convenience package
    Option Package A w/rear spoiler, door edge guards, mats, etc.
    Roof Rack
    Front Fog/driving lamps
    DVD pre-wire
    Daytime running lights
    DR & FR passenger airbags
    Keyless Entry
    Custom Tape pinstriping
    Window Tint
    Vehicle Shield Package
    all the above plus Sunrood $33500 before TTL
    total drive out was $35883.15
  • max0max0 Posts: 2
    I got an internet quote for a RWD with leather interior for $33,864.00. Is that a good price? Do all new 2005 Sequoias come with car alarms? Any help when dealing with a dealership so they don't take advantage of me? I.E. extended warranties, protection for exterior, etc..? Any other ideas how I can get even a better price? I'm in the SF bay area.
  • Hello,
    I just thought i post this info. I recently purchased a Limited 2005 Toyota Sequoia. The price paid was $43,589.00. Almost all features except navigation system, memory seats nor security system. I love this vehicle it rides better than my car...It was purchased in Tri-City Motor Sales in Pasco, Washington.
  • tbltexttbltext Posts: 21
    Brand new (1 Mile), Luxury Package, DVD, NAV, Restraint system with side air bags, Spoiler, Wheel locks, Black
    No extended warrantee.
    Purchase price 47,800
    MSRP 51,800
    Sweet truck.
  • nicole3nicole3 Posts: 3
    please tell me if $47,800 purchase price included tax and license, and a rebate?
    and where did you purchase your vehicle. I am interested in the same car, just like yours. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.
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