Toyota Sequoia Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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I am a rookie at this message board.... :):) However, I would like to share the price I paid on my Sequoia, SR5, 4x2. I paid $35,500 for a Silver Seq. SR5, 4x2, AC, AH, DR, Leather, Sunroof, Wind deflector, spoiler (if u can call it that), mirrors with signal, Compass, Carpet mat set, Cargo net, vin number etched all over, and key-less entry. I hope I didn't forget some of those silly things. Anyway... I think I got a fairly decent deal; however, I like to hear from others (if it's indeed a good deal??) And, by the way.... It is deffo a wonderful car...Looks, runs great..... very happy with it.


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    No mark ups on MSRP and no dealer added stuff. The dealer was offering this on any Sequoia. I also got a fair deal on my trade - all in all a very positive experience. Paid $37,325

    Here's the details...
    Desert Sand Mica SR5 4X4.

    Options Selected Invoice MSRP TMV
    Alloy Wheel Package $1,044 $1,305 $1,305
    Captain Chairs/Fabric $524 $655 $655
    Carpet/Cargo Mat Set (PIO) $109 $175 $175
    Convenience Package $392 $490 $490
    Dual Air Conditioner $456 $570 $570
    Privacy Glass $64 $80 $80
    Roof Rack $176 $220 $220
    Sunroof $804 $1,005 $1,005

    Total Options $3,569 $4,500 $4,500

    Invoice MSRP TMV
    Base Vehicle Prices $30,566 $34,345 $34,345
    Optional Equipment $3,569 $4,500 $4,500
    Destination Charge $480 $480 $480

    Total $34,615 $39,325 $39,325
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    I am looking to buy a Sequoia, SR5, 4x4. The MSRP is $37,900. The dealer is asking $36,000. Is this a good deal ? Would appreciate some feedback.
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    That's not a bad price and could be considered a respectable deal on a vehicle that many are still paying MSRP for. You may be able to do better though, as inventory seems to be building at most dealers.

    Good luck....
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    Paid 41,600 for my Sequoia LTD 4x4 w/the works
    moon roof
    cargo net
    carpet/cargo mat set
    6 airbags
    6 CD (option,that's not really an option)
    rear spoiler
    hood protector (bug guard)
    daytime running lights
    MSRP= $45,214
    $$$$$ OFF = $3,614
    + good price on my trade in

    like RRUCK1, a positive purchasing experience
    although, I forgot to mention it didn't include part of the engine! HA HA
    My dad said "that was a good deal Deb, how much would it cost to buy one that runs???"
    Can't wait to get it back though.
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    I payed 42k for mine and the only difference is that I got the unwanted wheel locks but no cargo cover or GBS. (no trade in) Although I did get the entire engine. I'm sorry to hear about all your problems. I think it may be time to get a lawyer in on it and maybe they'll start listening to you.
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    With AH, AC, CQ, RL, CN, M5, RF, WL, I paid $34,450. The best deal within a 300-mile radius.
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    Silver 4X4 SR5 with AH, CC, CQ, AC, SR, DR, GY, V2, CF, GN, DJ, WL and dealer added chrome wheels for $37,100? MSRP before chromed wheels is 40,472.
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    I picked up the limited which stickered at $45000. It had the roof, and extra air bags, In fact it had everything listed as an option. It came in at $41650.. I believe the stickers reflect 10% margin. You should be able to take a quick 5% right from the get go if the vehicle is on the lot. So far I love it. It is a beast.
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    Just picked up my new 4x2 limited and I love it!
    It stickered at $41,966 and I managed to get it for $38,000 with the gold package thrown in (goes nice with the green). Was this a decent deal?
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    The price I posted earlier was drive out price, including TTL.
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    Following options for an SR5:

    AC, CC, DR, FE, PG, RL, DO, P1, L1, W1, SS, A2, DD

    Quoted as $34,531.15 (invoice price).

    Just trying to verify since Dealer Installed Options are hard to research.

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    I'm not sure what all those options are. My SR5 invoice was $35518 I believe...and that was a 4X4 with tow package, moonroof, etc.
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    Just picked up my Thunder Gray LTD 4x4 yesterday with EJ, GY, RF, RL, SR, CF, V2. Worked with fleet dealer and paid $1000 over invoice plus a decent price on my trade-in.
  • gpm5gpm5 Member Posts: 785
    plus a good trade--that's also what I was able to get. That's a good deal. Welcome to the sequoia ownership group.
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    Yes you can get a Sequoia LTD. in the Southeast without all the distributor add-ons (ToyoGuard, cheaply made carpeted floor mats, an overpriced rear spoiler, You simply drive out of the Southeast Distributor area. I ordered a loaded black beauty from a dealer exactly as I wanted. Dealer worked to get it preferenced and in within two weeks. MSRP $42.7, paid $38.2. A great SUV and a great dealer who listened to the customer and worked to earn his money. Dealers in the Southeast, especially Atlanta, should try this approach.
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    Okay, living in Southern CA, I have found that the dealerships in our area have no sense of humor. I am trying to buy my husband a Sequoia for his birthday and when I ask the OWNER or fleet managers for the lowest possible price, they offer me $2000-$3000 over invoice and laugh when I say "I think I can do better." Is this because I am a woman? One even had the nerve to tell me "Don't even talk to me if you aren't willing to pay $1600-$2000 over invoice. You are wasting my time." What an a**!! I would like to know how you all feel about waiting until the 2002's come out. Are they going to have to lower their price expectations to make room for the newer ones? And just when should we see the influx of new Sequoia's anyway? And can I even mention the Dealer holdback of 2% when bargaining on this vehicle? All of the Toyota dealer's I have dealt with have been rather snotty about the whole thing to be quite honest. They believe they can charge whatever they want for this car because most Californian's are too dumb to spend some time researching the price. One dealer in particular regularly marks UP his Sequoia's about $2000 to $5000 over MSRP so he looks wonderful to the idiot that goes in and buys without researching. I want a 4X4 SR5 with Dual A/C, alloy pckg, conv pckg, power cptn's seats w/ fabric, prem stereo, drvr & pax crtn sd air bags, roof rack and cargo mat set and I am hoping to get it for $36,500 + TTL. This is $1000 over invoice. I don't want to haggle, I just want to hand over a check and drive away!!!! Any feedback????
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    You may want to check out I put in what your asked for and came up with 36,615. My friend used carsdirect to buy a Honda Accord and it was a very smooth and easy process. I drove him to the dealership and it took 15 minutes to sign the papers and have the guy go over the car. Also I would think that if Carsdirect is this cheap you should be able to get dealers to do the same or better. I would try email and phone with fleet managers to try and beat that price...If you are a serious buyer they should take you seriously.
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    The obvious choice would be to talk to Dianne at Carson toyota if you are in the LA area--if you are in the San Diego area talk to Barry Murray at Bob Baker Toyota in Lemon Grove-I got my limited from Barry, great service and price-no haggle, no hassle.

    What a great birthday present!
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    Limited with Side Air Bags, Michelin LTX, etc...Msrp $41,866 Bought for $37,611 (Invoice supposedly)
  • toyotatoystoyotatoys Member Posts: 118
    Where did you get your Ltd for that price? Mys sister is looking for one. Thanks.
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    Sticker 45,300 paid 41,400.

    Darcars in Silver Springs, MD
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    Well, we took the plunge and got pretty good deal at Bob Smith Toyota in La Crescenta, CA. Our salesman, Bill Koerner, really went to bat for us to get this deal and we ended up getting a VERY loaded 4X2 SR5 for LESS than our original offer. The color we wanted was hard to come by, so I think we got lucky. Sticker was $37,445. Out the door we paid $36,400. The only thing we don't have is the leather seats, which my husband can't stand anyway! We have the alloy pckg, dual A/C, upgraded 3 in 1 stereo, pwr cptns seats, floor & cargo mats w/ door protectors, roof rack, curtain side airbags, sunroof, convenience pckg, glass brkg sensor and cargo net. We paid $700 over the invoice they showed. Of course, that invoice also showed a $300 advertising fee which I refused to pay, so we actually paid $1000 over if you add that back in, but it was worth the haggling. I also mentioned the $900 or so that they had already made on dealer holdback, as the car still had the plastic sheets on it and had just rolled off the truck and I think this may have helped us. Bill was awesome and fought for acceptance of our offer. Little did they realize that the final amount came in at $17 less than our very first offer fifteen minutes earlier! IT PAYS TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON THESE! It was a breeze and Bob Smith Toyota was upfront, honest and quite courteous. They have NEVER inflated prices and will tell you to NEVER pay over MSRP for any car. Ask for Bill Koerner or the owner's son, Pete Smith. GREAT service, GREAT fleet prices and wonderful people! FYI on if you live in So Cal, be sure to ask them about the TDA that they already INCLUDE in their pricing. It is WELL above the cap for this area and hence they should not be charging so much. $300 is the max allowed here and they are charging between $383 and $480 for advertising. When I called them on it they could not answer why nor did they want to fix it! We got our Sequoia for $600 less than what they offered so keep shopping!
    Also, Carson Toyota's salespeople and website LIE. They claim to have all these different colors and when you arrive, they don't! Then when asked about a blue Sequoia, which they list on their website, we were told by THREE salepersons that Sequoia's don't come in blue! HA! They wanted us to buy the black or silver they had on the lot. Oh well.
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    Often, cars that are coming to Carson Toyota are posted on the internet, and the fleet manager there (Dianne) requests that you interact with them via internet/email to get info. It doesn't say anywhere at the website for Carson Toyota to "hurry right in and get all of the cars right away." It isn't a come-on. It says to email or call her for information. Perhaps you should have done that. We plan to buy our car there from Dianne at Carson and when we emailed, she told us the car wasn't yet there and she also told us what was there and when the one we might want would be there. It looks like a very short wait, small price to pay for having the right rig.

    Maybe Opie ought to have read the details. It's full sized font, not even fine print.
  • opieluvopieluv Member Posts: 5
    Maybe, "hfernand", YOU should have read my post and Carson Toyota's website a little better. It says to check their "CURRENT INVENTORY". Does the word "current" have any other meaning???? I ASKED outright and was told OVER THE PHONE that those vehicles were indeed on the lot. I advised we would be driving from over an hour away and needed to know before we arrived if they had what we were looking for. THEY LIED and told us they did indeed have numerous blue and white Sequoia's ON HAND. I specifically asked about the vehicles listed on the website and included the stock numbers provided BY THEM. They even show 2002's which they told us, when we arrived, aren't even being shipped yet! So, when you combine the two, you come up with lies, no matter how you look at it. The bold print you refer to says to contact them about fleet pricing, not about whether the car actually exists on their lot! Furthermore, why do they show some of them as SOLD if they didn't want you to think they were in stock? And WHY does this page entitled "CARSON TOYOTA SEQUOIA SPECIALS" show an updated date of the current day?????? Because they are LIES!

    And why, when I get there do the salespeople tell me Sequoia's don't come in blue and never have? Hmmmm..... Hey, if you want to buy a car from people who don't even know what colors they come in (or was this a lie too?) then that is your business completely. If anyone thinks that a website offering a wide variety of colors and models that are not on the lot isn't a come-on, then they are just plain nieve. If you find a website offering a way to check NEW AND CURRENT INVENTORY, just how honest and trustworthy is your dealer when you find those vehicles don't even exist on their lot? You don't advertise over 35 different Sequoia's when you only have THREE, without the intent to be misleading.

    Maybe hfernand has more invested in Carson Toyota than he/she would like others to believe. I was lied to and I posted my experience so others could be made aware. You don't have to get nasty with me for doing so. I did my research and got exactly what I wanted, thank you very much. I also got it from an honest dealership. Good luck to you.
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    bought a limited today all options paid 41800 plus title and tags. no trade in. first time toyota buyer . thanks for your posts it helped in finding the bottom at least as far as I was concerned. richmond area
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    thebeet, you said you bought a limited but didn't mention whether it was a 2WD or 4WD. Would love to know as I'm thinking seriously about a 2WD Limited. However, I'm thinking I can get one for less that $40K and would like to know if that is an unrealistic expectation.
  • thebeetthebeet Member Posts: 2
    mhnclt' sorry I didn't mention that it was 4x4 all options even threw in a bike rack I probably detect a little snake oil
  • mhncltmhnclt Member Posts: 3
    Put down my deposit today on a new 2002 2x4 Limited. MSRP was $42,581.. Paid $39,073 plus tax/tag. I'm feeling pretty good about this deal.. Anyone think different?
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    Sticker was 45,058, walked away for 41,400 INCLUDING tax, tag, title. They gave me $12,000 for my 1999 Jeep grand Cherokee. I was at the dealer all day and really worked for it. Went in with all invoice pricing etc.
    I got 2002 Limited (Black/Oak) with
    -Entertainment System with VCR; wireless headphones, etc
    -6disc JBL
    -Driver & side airbags
    -Daytime Running Lights
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    My husband and I have checked out 3 dealers so far in the Atlanta area and ourlatest offer is an SR5 with MSRP of $37,859 for $33,750. Deal may get better as the salesperson left us a message tonight saying he has good news for us. Will find out tomorrow. What do you think?
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    FE DR GY RL SR AH CQ PM AC KE LF CF + dealer protection package,list $43911, paid $39772
  • testudo1testudo1 Member Posts: 1
    I would love it if people shared what they got a Sequoia for in the Raleigh -Durham area of NC.
  • gary1210gary1210 Member Posts: 1
    Got my 2002 2WD from Walnut Creek Toyota for about $3500 off MSRP last month. Faye from the internet dept. is very nice to work with.
  • borsystborsyst Member Posts: 30
    I posted this on the other board too. did anybody lease and if so, what was the residual value % used. Any feedback would be appreciated. thanks.
  • eelmassianeelmassian Member Posts: 4
    I'm looking for a good Toyota Dealer in South Orange County CA to lease a Sequoia. Does anyone have one in mind??

  • joevikingjoeviking Member Posts: 3
    Hello All,

    My wife and I (and now three boys - 5, 2 and newborn) picked up our Sequoia on Saturday. Got just about a fully loaded Silver SR5 (sticker = $42.3K) for $38.8M (before TTL) and they gave us $9K for our '95 Explorer (which we had a hard time selling on our own). Think we got a pretty good deal - could have beat them up more on the sticker but we were prepared to spend this much.

    Love the ride, room and the comfort of this "SUV". We drove the Expedition, new Explorer, Mercury Mountaineer, Acura MDX, Lexus RX300, Toyota Highlander and GMC Envoy & Yukon before landing on the Sequoia. I've always driven Acuras, so we really wanted the MDX but didn't want to wait 4-5 months. And we really love the extra room, comfort and quality/security of the Sequoia. The US vehicles couldn't compete on build quality, ride or car-like smoothness.

    You'll pay a little more but I think its worth it. Simply put, we'd recommend it to anyone with a growing family. Let you know what the next few months bring.

    Joe V.
    (Newtown, CT)

    P.S. Also used for the loan. Great business plan...approved us in 15 minutes and we had a blank check (good for 45 days) at our door the following day (6.75%). Very easy.
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    Don't know why they are cheaper up in the great white north, but just purchased a 2002 limited 4WD fully loaded (no options in Canada - everything is standard) list price $60,850 CAD, purchase $56, 100 CAD which translates to about $35,300 US. Sounds like a great deal compare to prices south of the border.

    Great vehicle (test drove MDX, Lexus, MB, GMC) no comparisons.
  • kupuakupua Member Posts: 31
    I've got an offer for any Toyota Sequoia for $500 over Manufacture's invoice. This seems to be a good deal? Is that true? I took the advice from and sent out for bidding at various dealers and they came back with $500 to $1500.

    Carbargains service is for $190 and they will price shop for you... I don't know if I want to put out $190 to find out that they can only get the same deal.

    Well, I also heard that beginning on Nov. 23 to Dec. 2, '01 that there will be a Tax Free Holiday coming up.

    Please give feed back people...Thanks
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    I'll be buying a Sequoia in the few weeks and looking for the best deal in the Southern California area.

    I have been to a few dealers and they are not willing to budge. I offered them about $500-800 over invoice and they want like $2000 over invoice.

    I know that that I can get the deal I want, I just have to find the right dealer that wants to sell.

    Hey Kapua, what is the name of the dealer that offered you $500 over invoice for any Sequoia? And explain that the Tax Free Holiday that is coming up. Like more info on that.

    Appreciate any purchasing advice. I can be reached at [email protected]
  • juscaljuscal Member Posts: 2
    I am also just starting to look for a Sequoia in the southern California area.

    I recall hearing about a tax-free holiday some time ago on the news but haven't heard anything in awhile.

    I found through my credit union. You pick the vehicle, options, etc. and then it prints a letter of introduction to take to a fleet manager at a specified local dealer. The numbers are there in black and white and I'm hoping this will help in negotiations.

    I'd appreciate any feedback on local dealers and I will definitely post my experiences. My e-mail is [email protected]
  • brando69brando69 Member Posts: 47
    I started my search for my Sequoia SR5 and went to checkout the much talked about Carson Toyota dealership and the "great" fleet prices on Sequoias.

    The internet "special sale price" for today was a no haggle price $34,588 for a 2002 2WD Sequoia SR5 with option codes of (FE,AC,AH,CC,CQGY,KE,LF,SR,CF,GN)MSRP OF 37,719.

    This price is approximately $2494 over factory invoice and if you include the 2% dealer hold back the dealer gets from the sale it adds another $600 plus dollars bringing a $3000 plus profit to the dealer. A nice tidy profit for the dealer and nice sales commission for the salesperson. No wonder they don't want you to haggle them down.

    I have always purchased my vehicles starting from factory invoice and asking the dealer how much they wanted to markup or markdown from factory invoice cost.

    I did talk to a fleet dealer on the telephone today and he wanted about $1000 over factory invoice for the same above vehicle. I think that is somewhat reasonable and I may purchase it. I still have more shopping to do in the next few days and see if something better comes up.

    Remember,be armed with the invoice prices and start your negotiating from factory invoice not from MSRP.
  • juscaljuscal Member Posts: 2
    Has anyone had a good/bad experience with Thanks.
  • brando69brando69 Member Posts: 47
    My sister recently used to purchase a new car and it worked out great for her. She's the type that does not like to haggle and basically carbargains did all the bidding for her. They sent her a report on five dealers in her area that bidded on the car she wanted and she picked the lowest bis and just had to select the color of car she wanted.

    I believe she bought the car(Honda Accord) at factory invoice or a few hundred dollars under that.

    I believe they charge about $190.00 for the service. Check out their web page.
  • brando69brando69 Member Posts: 47
    The special was on a pop-up ad special that was advertised on their web page. The figures I used for invoice was from Edmunds and that included the options that were listed for the advertised vehicle. The math is correct. The dealership is a business and is there to make MAX profit on everything they sell whether it is on car sales, parts or repairs. I just won't let them make the MAX profit on me. They can make that on the other guy whowill bite on their bs tactics.

    For example, I have dealers bidding on a Sequoia and so far using the invoice prices on Edmunds, I have found one dealer that will sell a 2002 Sequoia SR5 4x2(option codes of DR,GY,CC,AH,CQ,AC,DJ,KE,LF,G4,& GN) for $1000 over factory invoice. The MSRP they listed was $36,761 and a factory invoice of $32,586. The purchase price of this vehicle will be factory invoice plus $1000 for a total of $33,586 this excludes sales tax,license fee and $45 doc fee.They will show me the factory invoice.They are still making a tidy profit but much less than other dealers. I will still negotiate to get the price down but at least this dealer is somewhat reasonable for a high demand vehicle.

    The factory invoice they listed is about $300 over the factory invoice Edmunds list for the same vehicle. So Edmunds invoice prices for the Sequoias appear to be approximately what dealers "pay" for the vehicle.

    Remember, even if a dealer sold a vehicle at invoice he still would make a profit from the dealer holdback to factory dealer incentives.Then there are the kickbacks when you finance through the dealer and other items they try to sell you when buying the vehicle.

    I have nothing against a dealer making the most they can for the product they sell but don't make it out like these dealers are poor and just scraping by.

    There's an excellent book called "What Car Dealers Don't Want You to Know" by Mark Eskeldson host of "Shop Talk: America's Radio Car Clinic". Gives the consumer the real story on buying and leasing vehicles and the typical sales tactics car salesman use to make you a sucker, so they can squeeze every penny out of you.

    Be informed and do your homework before you buy.
  • brando69brando69 Member Posts: 47
    I forgot to mention that another excellent source for car buying information is the link below.They provide a service on car buying. Check it out folks.

  • professorsnapeprofessorsnape Member Posts: 2
    I tend to lurk, for the most part, but can't resist here. I also saw the pop-up ad you saw on Monday. Although you seem very well versed in the car buying process (I'm aware of many of the sites you mention), I agree with gotcha_covered, that you may want to do the math again...

    The truck in question at Carson Toyota has MSRP of $37,714 (why they said $37,719 rather than this amount I can't say) and differs from the one you are looking at in message #46 as follows: delete G4; add SR; add CF. (BTW, both trucks also include options DR and DJ, which are omitted in your option list summary in message #42.) Using your invoice figures in #46 (which match the sites I have seen, and include TDA of $300) and adjusting for the options on the Carson Toyota truck, invoice for that truck is:
    At dealer cost of $33,355, the markup for the Carson Toyota pop-up ad truck (offer price of $34,588), using Edmunds numbers as validated by you, is $1,233, not $2,494.

    I don't know whether or not you can beat $1,000 over invoice; please let us know how you do. But, I do know the offer you saw from Carson is not $2,494 over invoice...

    Best of luck.
  • brando69brando69 Member Posts: 47
    I reviewed my post #46 and the ad that I saw did not have the SR(sunroof) option even though I posted as an option.

    I will check their ads today(11-23-01) and do a complete breakdown of their advertised vehicle.

    By the way, just checked my e-mail and a found a dealer that will sell a Sequoia SR5 4x2 for $800 over invoice. I just have to buy the one that arrives on Saturday and it is gray. Not my favorite color.
  • brando69brando69 Member Posts: 47
    This is the second best offer I have on a Sequoia from a dealer in the Southern California area. The best is $200 less but the Sequoia is gray.
    Just letting you know what the prices are for these vehicles in this area. I am still shopping.

    Model 2002 SEQUOIA SR5 V8 4x2
    Options included:

    DR....Roof Rack
    GY....Curtain & Side Air Bags
    CC....Cloth Power Captains Chairs
    AH....Alloy Wheel Package includes:
    -----16" Alloy Wheels, Tow Hitch, Privacy Glass, Running Boards, and Overfenders
    CQ....Convenience Package includes:
    -----Power Heated Outside Mirrors, Keyless Entry, Outside Temp. Gauge, Compass, Avg. MPG, Instant MPG, Distance to Empty, and Homelink
    AC....Digital Front & Rear Auto Air Conditioning
    DJ....AM/FM Cassette w/ CD Player & JBL Speakers
    KE....Keyless Entry
    LF....Front Fog Lamps
    G4....Door Sill Protector, Floor Mats, Floor Mats
    GN....Cargo Net

    MSRP $36,761
    Discount $3,175

    Invoice $32,586
    Your Price $33,586
  • brando69brando69 Member Posts: 47
    My cousin lives near Carson Toyota and he took a look at the Red Sequoia SR5 4x2 that was an advertised internet special. He told me that it did not have the alloy wheel package and no side impact air bags as advertised. They wanted about $1200 over invoice for it.

    I have a few more dealers to negotiate with and should have my new Sequioa by the end of month.
  • kupuakupua Member Posts: 31
    Sorry, I could not write back sooner with info, so I'll keep this short and read back all the posts and comment later. As for the Tax Free holiday, It's a no go for now. Senator Patty Murray for WA is the author and for now appears dead. The numbers still show the economy is hurting and will try to put it through again. May be December? I don't know. Washing DC has one, but with limitations. ie: <$100. Blah.
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