2000 Chevy Metro Turbocharger

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Someone is giving me a 2000 Chevy Metro, it's a 5 speed with the 3 cylinder 1.0. When I first got it the clutch needed to be replaced so I did. Then I noticed that while it was in fifth gear it would lose power going up a hill even at 65mph and would slow down to 45 mph so I would downshift to fourth gear just so I could get up the hill. So I had it checked and there was no check engine light or anything on it didn't burn oil so we did a engine rebuild. Still didn't help the issue so we moved onto the transmission and had that rebuilt. Still no change so we want to put a turbocharger on but we cannot find a turbo charger exhaust manifold anywhere for a 3 cylinder metro. Can anyone point me in the direction of where on this earth I might find one??


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    I think you're beating a dead horse here. Many motorcycles have more power than your car, because the Metro was built strictly for fuel economy. You'd be better off installing the 1.3L engine--that'll bump your horsepower from 55 to 79. Even if you found a turbocharger (they used to make one back in the late 1980s, for the Canadian and Japanese market), I think the engine would hand-grenade in short order.

    If you really need a faster car, you should just go buy a faster car. A nice turbo kit for most cars is a $3500 proposition and it makes no sense to invest that much in a 2000 Metro.

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    Compressed air injected into intake gets me up the hills at only a 5mph loss. It's redneck, but cheep solution.
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