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2005-'07 Chevrolet Corvette Recalled for Loss of Low-Beam Headlights | Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 10,315
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image2005-'07 Chevrolet Corvette Recalled for Loss of Low-Beam Headlights |

General Motors is recalling 111,889 2005-'07 Chevrolet Corvette cars for loss of low-beam headlights, the automaker said on Thursday.

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  • binthrdonethatbinthrdonethat Member Posts: 2

    08 Corvette is also typical of this problem.
    Most importantly it is not just the low beam headlights.
    The headlight issue is endemic of the electrical system itself. I've encountered over 12 complete system shut-downs- tow services, towed to dealerships, lost power in remote locations stranded. Ignition start switch actually crackles, all lights, everything shuts down can't even take transmission out of Park as its electrically controlled
    Battery relocated to engine compartment overheats due to the electrical loads of the electrical system and heat dissipation from engine.
    This is s systemic problem not just a low beam head light problem.

  • binthrdonethatbinthrdonethat Member Posts: 2

    With respect to going to Dealership, that is ineffective predicated on how GM piece-meals authorizations.
    Also, GM has cross-trained mechanics which means you do not have Corvette specialists, as there used to be, and Corvette electrical and mechanical systems are somewhat unique to those Corvettes

  • mmcneal266mmcneal266 Member Posts: 1

    This is a Joke. My 2008 has the same issue. I was advised to pay for it or don't drive at night. Ridiculous.

  • armada954armada954 Member Posts: 1
    My 2008 has the low beam problem and GM said Corvettes from 2008-'13 will be covered under a separate Customer Satisfaction Program regarding the headlight problem. With No details provided at this point.
  • cyberdemonbfgcyberdemonbfg Member Posts: 1
    I received a recall notice on my 2008.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    Hello cyberdemonbfg,

    We're sorry to hear your vehicle is associated with this concern. Have you reached out to the dealership to set up an appointment? If not, we would be happy to assist you through the process. Let us know how you wish to proceed.

    Marlea W.
    GM Customer Care
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