2014 MDX Lemon? Buyers Please Beware!

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Have 14 MDX/Tech 9 months. Complaining since inception #1 Driver's windows rattle lowered a few inches #2 intermittent motor noise from behind dash with recent 3 secondSteering Wheel Lockup. Dealer finally duplicated motor noise on 4th visit. Corporate tech advised dealer "they're aware of "an issue with the steering motor, but don't have any solution at this time". Then dealer advised car is "normal" and I should pick it up!! Problem without solution=normal? What could happen if the steering wheel locks up again? If you have experienced this steering motor noise and/or lockup problem Please file your complaint immediately with National Highway Safety Administration 888-327-4236. BTW dealer told me that the loose rattling windows is the way Acura designed the car. Really??


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    Well keep a record of every visit and hold onto all repair orders. Also, review the Lemon Law requirements in your state of residence.

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    I was afraid that when they moved the MDX to the Lincoln, AL plant it's build quality might go down. I had an 04 Odyssey built there and it was very poorly assembled with lots of rattles and noises. Mechanically, it was alright, but all the noises finally drove me to dump it.

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