Chevy Suburban Rear Brake Squeal

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I have a 2008 suburban LTZ. I changed the brake pads about a three months ago, due to wear. About a month ago I replaced the rear rotors and pads again due to excessive squeal from the rear brakes. I did clean the parking brakes while changing the rotors. They did not look to bad. I am still getting a squeal from the rear, more so when I turn towards the right, but also some during normal driving. Has anyone else had, has this problem, or do you have any suggestions to help with this problem. Thanks to all whom reply.


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481

    What kind of brake pads did you use? Were they of very good quality or a chain-store generic? Did you use brake cleaner to thoroughly clean the rotors and pads after your work? Did you try any brake squeal silencer on the backs of the pads?

  • mlaniermlanier Member Posts: 23

    I did clean everything. The brand of brake pads ..... not sure but they are the ceramic ones bought from a local parts place not a franchise. They carry top notch stuff. I did not try using a brake squeal silencer on them, but it is going to be my next step.

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    My mechanic has replaced pads, rotors, calipers etc. I've had my van in about 5 times now, with the same pattern of degradation back to pulsing, grabbing squeeling rear brakes after about 25 miles. I don't know what my brakes even look like, but it feels like the caliper is hanging loose from a mount and grabbing sometimes even when I don't press the brake pedal. When braking, I get squeel and pulsing.

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