1981 Buick Regal - carborator woes - HELP

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I can't seem to find a carborator that works for my Regal. I've had 3 rebuilt carbs installed. All have the same problem. The accelerator pump jams and doesnt seem to fit in the chamber properly. These 3 have been rebuilt by Holley. The mechanic says he can't locate a new one. He has a different company that provides rebuilts but it'll cost $200 more than the Holley. I've already got over $800 in trying to get a holley carb to work. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't know if the more expensive one would be any different than the Holley.
Will any other carborator work?

Signed - mechanically challenged single parent


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    I don't want to be rude but the car is 20 years old! You invested $800.00 in a car probably worth $50.00? Consider buying another quality used car and put the Buick out to pasture.
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    Well, look, he likes his car so he likes his car...we should help him out as best we can!

    Rebuilt carbs are a problem, not just with your car or mechanic. When a rebuilder does the carbs, what he does is takes a whole bunch of identical carburators and then disassembles them, cleans them all together in a huge pot and then reassembles them, switching parts as he grabs them. So I'm not surprised that the pump from Mr. Jones car doesn't fit in the carb body from Mrs. Watson's car.

    A new carb is really the way to go, or a carb from a wrecker. Otherwise, you'll just have to keep putting on rebuilds until one works. Rebuild "errors" can run as high as 10% of total shelf stock, so I hope you don't get the ten bad ones in a row.
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    Go to your loal speed shop and get and Edelbrock or Carter AFB carb. In the end you will thank your self. Holley carbs are extermely touchy, in the right hands I have seen them do wonders, but for the rest of the weekend wrenchers, the Edlebrock can't be beat for tunability, and reliability. You don't have to worry about a bunch of idle circuits, power valves, that may be your problem, or float bowl adjustments. If you are a real die hard Holly fan, go get a new one. I hear the Road Demon models are a lot easier to dial in. They cost about $300 for a 625 cfm.

    If you don't have a local speed shop. try http://www.summitracing.com They WILL have one for your application, at probably the same cost or cheaper than the rebuilds you have gotten. I got my Edelbrock from them for $280 You can get a NEW 750CFM Holly for $240 with electric choke. From summit, so I don't know where your mechanic shops at but...

    If you kept the reciept from the shop that rebuilt your Holley, you may be able to sell it of at a swap meet or something. At least you may be able to recoop some of the money you invested.

    Good Luck and let us know how it pans out.

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    But an Edelbrock won't work if you have to pass a smog test, so think about that, too. Otherwise, if that's not an issue, this might be a solution to your problem.
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    GM NEVER used Holly! Only Rochester Dual Jet Quadra Jet carbs. In either event if that becomes a concern Edelbrock makes a re-worked Quadra Jet carb that is supposed to be smog legal prices rane from $387 to $470 at summit racing. According to the book the application for the 81 reagal would be model number EDL-1903 price 408.95 + handling
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