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Lexus LS Dealers and Service Issues



  • I'm sorry, I didn't say it clearly. The $850 quote was additional to the basic service, for which they had estimated $250, so the total was in accordance with the quote.
  • elmer3elmer3 Posts: 20
    I spend at least 3 months in Florida. Can anyone tell me of a positive experience with a Lexus Dealer there. Thanks
  • I just experienced a weird problem with my 2003 LS430 which I've owned for 3 1/2 years. The car is always garaged and this morning when I went to get it I found all 4 windows about half way down and the moon roof flipped open. The doors were also locked. This happened once before about 2 years ago.
    I can understand triggering the remote control inadvertently since I always have it in my pocket. Or it could be triggered from a spurious source. However, there is no remote control for the windows that I know of.
    Does anyone have any idea what could cause this? Has anyone else experienced it?
  • I think that if you hold the Unlock button down for more than a second, it will roll down the windows. Don't know about the moon roof though.
  • rgswrgsw Posts: 333
    Need to check the owner's manual. One can open all windows and sunroof by holding the button down for several seconds (in the unlock position). Also, you can open or close all windows and sunroof by inserting the key in the door lock and holding in the unlock or lock position for a few seconds. This feature is useful in warm/hot climates when you want to open all windows and sunroof before you get in the car. Also, did you know your headlights will go "off" after exiting if you click the lock button twice. Lot's of nice stuff.
  • Thanks for the helpful comments. I guess you learn something new every day.
  • famwaldfamwald Posts: 114
    "did you know your headlights will go "off" after exiting if you click the lock button twice. Lot's of nice stuff."

    We have our headlights programmed to go "off" after I turn the car off and open the door. There were three options, I think, that I had to choose from.

    The dealer programs these according to which choice we select, as well as the windows/sunroof feature. They can be changed at the Lexus service department, and perhaps other independents may be able to do it.
  • rgswrgsw Posts: 333
    It's my understanding that the Lexus dealer will reprogram selected items "free" (one time)during the first twelve months of ownership. I'm very satisfied with the vehicle the way it was set up at the factory, but pleased that they give me a choice.
  • I don't know where in Florida you are, but the following link will provide you with Lexus Elite Dealers for Sales and Service. There should be one near you.
  • Hello, Need to buy front oxygen sensor, made a research and found out that there are sensors with different quantity of wires, from 1 to 4, does anyone here know how many wires do I need for my 1998 LS400 front and rear sensors? Thanks
  • slexy1slexy1 Posts: 38
    I just learned a lesson the hard way. I have an "out of warranty" issue concerning my 2001 LS 430's trunk lid mechanism. I was just told that I should have gone to the dealer I serviced the car at most before I called the Lexus 800 # and got turned down based on the VIN # and records on my car. I am now trying the D.O.M. (District Office Manager) through my main service dealer who is located in Torrance, Ca. Lexus HQ's.

    I blogged about the issue here:

    "2007 Lexus LS 460's Retro 1990 Trunk Lid Mechanism"
  • slexy1slexy1 Posts: 38
    I just wanted to clarify what I said above. The reason I got "turned down" by Lexus Corporate and my local dealers (IMO) is that I buy from "people" more than I buy from "companies". By that I mean that I have been giving my Lexus service consumer money to Independent Lexus Service shops more than dealers, ever since my 2001 LS 430 went out of warranty, and "heavy turnover" of employees at my favorite service dealer happened . I was servicing my 1990 LS 400 at a dealer until ("the same thing") incompetent (IMO) upper mgt. at that dealership made many long time mechanics, etc., that I got to know and trust over many years, leave.

    So, when I called the Lexus Customer Satisfaction 800 # about my "safety issue", I found out that they may have looked at how much money I've been spending at the dealerships in recent years. The dealers and their "District Operations Mgr." certainly care about where you get your car serviced, so they may have been influenced by my recent "lack of loyalty" to the dealers. Of course, I'll never know for sure, but it doesn't matter, as I'm thrilled with the Independent Lexus Service in my area.

    Independents are usually former Lexus Master Mechanics that either didn't feel that they were treated right at their dealerships, and/or wanted to have an "equity ownership position" vs. and "employee" position. Even the mechanics that work at the Independents want to get away from certain dealers, and evidently prefer working for the Independents.

    Independents never told me I could not go out into the shop for "insurance reasons" and watch the work being done to my car, if I wanted to (I love an "education" along with my car's service). Independents are less expensive than dealers. Most Independents try to save you money wherever thay can by doing "a la carte" things vs. selling you "package deals" that can include services that "can't hurt", but are not really necessary at that time (IMO). But, even the Independent's "service package deals" are less expensive. I also find that Independents "try harder" in many ways, as they know the dealers make so much more money that the dealers can always provide loner cars, while the Independents only sometimes do, or never at all. Being a business man myself, I know that the dealers have to somehow include the expensive cost of having loner cars in the prices they charge.

    Finally, I never feel like I'm sacrificing quality in any way when I have my Lexus cars serviced at Independents. They can keep up with the latest things going on with all Lexus vehicles. In fact, I believe that Independents actually provide a much needed service for Lexus Corporate, and the dealers. They are an "extra set of eyes and ears" out there in the world to help Lexus customers stay loyal to the Lexus brand, while having the integrity to direct customers who need warranty work done to the dealers (who make money from warranty work!).
  • andyr1andyr1 Posts: 1
    I own a '98 LS400 w 176,000 miles - love the car. Before I had and still have a '92 LS400 which now has 265,000 miles.
    "92 was serviced @ both dealer & independents. Most of costly work done on "92 was suspension/wheel related - upper and lower control arms, ball joints, rotors, etc. Also sensors.
    Question - does anyone know if "aftermarket" parts for items listed, supplied by independents, are the equivalent in quality - ie machining, material - of dealer supplied parts???
    I had a bad experience @ a Lexus dealer - could have been very costly - dealership has since changed hands - may give them a try. @ oil change, they told me I need control arms and rotors for '98.
  • sidgriggssidgriggs Posts: 122
    I took delivery of an LS460 in June (May build). When I purchased the car I added chrome wheels, which were installed the day of delivery. The next morning, I checked the tire pressure on all 4, with my tire gauge--all 4 were at 33psi, per mfg specs (18" wheels). Looks like everything is fine, but I do make it a habit to manually check my tires every month (always in the morning, after the car has sat overnight, so as to get a good cold tire pressure). When the car was a month old, I checked and all tires were low. I added air to all 4 and decided they must not have seated the new tires well--or something. But, in the past month, I have checked the tires each Sunday morning--and the cold tire pressure (using the same air gauge)has decreased each week, & in every tire. After the last check, I aired all 4 up again! The loss was 2.5 lbs in 3 tires and 3 lbs in tire four. The spare's pressure has remained constant. I am in Dallas, TX, and it is hot here this time of the year. That being said, usually at the first cold snap each year I would loose tire pressure in my prior Lexus models with the tire monitors--I knew, because of the monitor. Have any of you ever had this happen or do you have an explanation?
  • After 3 months of continued air loss, I took my car to my dealer--they remounted all 4 tires and aired them up to 36 psi. I just checked the tires and all 4 are loosing air as before (approx 1/2 lb per week). I plan to give this a couple more weeks to make sure the air loss continues--But who should I contact "Bridgestone or my Lexus dealer"?
  • Doesn't this car have a built-in air pressure measuring device? Makes me curious if some leakage in that mechanism could be affecting all four tires at the same time. Seems so unlikely that all four tires (or wheels) would be defective in a similar manner.

    Do let us know when the mystery is resolved.
  • I think the air pressure monitor is by use of a sending unit inside the tire and not a direct connection between all tires and a control.
  • I have been to a Bridgestone dealer--he said air loss is due to chromed wheels. Lexus dealer had my car for 2 days and said there are no detectable leaks AND "a 4psi air loss in a six week period is not abnormal" In all 5 tires--BS. Anyone else have this type of air loss? I have recorded the cold tire pressure weekly for the past 13 weeks. Have added air 3 times and the loss averages 3.5 lbs per month. This does not seem normal to me, but I guess I'll buy an air compressor and keep filling my tires each month.
  • rgswrgsw Posts: 333
    I have 2006 LS430 w/ Chrome Wheels and am not experiencing air loss. Sometimes go for over a month with no change.
  • Do you have Bridgestone tires on your LS?
  • fabt1fabt1 Posts: 5
    My previous Lexus also had tires that leaked air and had chrome wheels. I was told by the Bridgestone folks that the chrome finish sometimes chips/peels, which results in the tire not seating properly on the rim, and subsequently leaks. If this is true, I don't think there's much you could do about it other than scream at lexus for new wheels.
  • Concerning the tire pressure loss in regard to chromed factory wheels. The Bridgestone dealer is blowing smoke in regard to chrome wheels being the source of the problem. Unless a wheel or wheels have been damaged ,eg: violent curbing ect. a chip of chrome externally is not going to be a factor. Occasionally a dealer employee will fail to dress the wheels and tires properly on remount and fail to get a good bead set and there by create a problem.
  • kevin_qkevin_q Posts: 3
    My Stock Wheels were Chromed Plated by Park Place Lexus Plano when I took new deliver of my brand new 2003 Lexus LS 430 and now after 5yrs they are losing the first 10 pounds of air presure very quickly after filling them full. This takes about week for them to lose the 10 pounds. Filling them up every week has become a pain. Lexus in Plano said I need to buy a new wheels.
    Sewell Lexus in Dallas, said I could send out the wheel to be fixed for 175 dollars. I would think this kind of thing would have been would have been warranty item, but appreantly it is not. I heard this is a problem with all chrome wheels after certain period of time.
  • cneumancneuman Posts: 55
    I know that I'm posting this under the wrong topic, but for some reason this is the only one I was able to sign in on. Anyway, I'm trying to find where the discussion took place some time ago about a solution to the problem of protecting the sensor for the cruise control on the 2002 LS. Mine was just replaced due to a crack in the sensor. I know I remember reading about various things that others have done to try to protect that sensor, since it is in such a vulnerable location. Does anyone have any idea where I might find that discussion? Please help me if you can.
  • mac1lsr1mac1lsr1 Posts: 20
    cneuman, I haven't checked this forum in a good while, and just caught your question. While I don't have a link to the previous discussion on protecting the laser sensor, I CAN tell you I've followed others' advice to protect the sensor with a piece of clear Lexan, doing it on my 2005 LS 430. I first measured the size of the metal frame bordering the sensor (height x width), then took this measurement to Home Depot and had them cut this exact size from a slightly larger piece of stock. Cost me approx. $8, if I remember correctly. I attached the Lexan to the sensor metal frame surround with pieces of stick-on Velcro, 3M brand. It's been on there for maybe 2 1/2 years, and hasn't budged. I have never noticed any detrimental effect on the operation of the Laser Cruise Control, which really surprises me, since I never clean behind the Lexan. I mounted it with Velcro with the idea of removing the Lexan periodically to clean off dirt that accumulates on its back side, but it's just too darn hard to reach the area in front of the sensor without removing any bumper trim. Took a lot of my patience to get the Lexan placed where I wanted it. And I used a lift, so I was working with the sensor at about eye-level. Will be harder if you have to lie on the ground and do it. But it can be done.
  • cneumancneuman Posts: 55
    Thanks mac1lsr1, for your reply. Sounds like one of the solutions I was referring to reading about, but could not remember the details.

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I put brand new BBS 3-piece racing wheels on my 2001 911/996 C4 as soon as it arrived POE. I kept having problems with both of the rear tires having low air pressure for the first year or so. When I finally realized it was due to small,tiny, cracks in the wheels I contacted BBS.

    BBS was aware of the problem and had already upgraded the wheels to a slightly thicker metal and thus sent me two new interior rim wheel pieces along with new bolts and o-rings.

    So it does happen.
  • rennyboschrennybosch Posts: 329
    My LS460L tires (all 5 of them) lost about 6 psi over 5 months, going from 36 psi to 29-31, thereby turning on the Warning light. When I took the car in for its 15,000 mi service I told the dealer (Park Place Mission Viejo) that I wanted this problem fixed, if necessary by replacing the wheels. They tried to tell me this was normal, that the manual instructs you to check air pressure regularly, that they would be happy to refill the tires anytime I wish to stop by, and -- finally -- that they are about to install a Nitrogen system to fill tires with Nitrogen instead of air, which is supposed to reduce leakage.

    Have any of you with 460's had similar experience, and what was the resolution, if any?
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