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Scruff Mark on Car

jboudreau1jboudreau1 Member Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Mercedes-Benz
My wife backed out of the garage and bumped into my car. Both vehicles have a scuff mark (fuzzy white area) that regular wax will not take off. No dents are present. Does anyone know what I can use to clean off these marks.


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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Try some "brasso" from your local supermarket. It is a mild abrasive. Also some paint thinner might work, but be sure to test it on some non-visible part of the bumper first....actually, paint thinner is pretty harmless unless you drink it.
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    alanmakcaalanmakca Member Posts: 12
    I had the same problem on my girlfriend's car. Try applying some painter cleaner wax or car polish. I would be wary of the brasso or paint thinner. The brasso may be too abrasive for the clearcoat and the thinner may damage the clearcoat/paint. I used Meguirs Deep Crystal System Step 1, which worked quite well. (Followed by Steps 2-polish and 3-wax)
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    sddlwsddlw Member Posts: 361
    There are many products that may work. Although I've never tried Brasso, I would not dismiss Shifty's advice. For around the house products, I've used toothpaste to polish out small, light scratches with good results. However, I've now come to keep a variety of car products in my garage for these little problems. I have a collection of polishing compounds and glazes of different grits. From most abrasive to least, I like 3M's liquid rubbing compound (fine grit), Meguiar's "Swirl Remover", and Meguiar's "Show Car Glaze". Meguiar's also makes something called CLear Coat Cleaner that is very mild and might work for you. For really deep scratches, you might have to use something like 2000 grit sandpaper and then polish. 2000 grit is available at many auto part shops.

    However, if there really is no scratching, and it is just a little rub mark on the paint, the paint thinner might just do the trick without any polishing. Be sure to use paint thinner though, and not laquer thinner. A little paint thinner on a rag will do no harm at all to your paint. Say by-by to any wax though. And this might make the finish look slightly different when you are through. Just re-wax.
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    amengualamengual Member Posts: 33
    I found a small scratch on the rear bumber of my new car. It seems to me that the top coat paint on the bumper got scratch and the rubber or plastic base is showing. It looks yellow. Is there any way to fix a 1 inch thin scratch on a bumper?
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    traderalex1traderalex1 Member Posts: 39
    regarding the earlier posts I read concerning remedies, there a a couple things worth trying.
    If the scuff mark is truly on the surface, and not deep into a paint, a clearcoat polishing compound may well do the trick. I have found that the liquid Formula 7 clearcoat polishing compound works very well for removing surface scuffs, and foreign paint matter. It may take three to five applications of applying, waiting to try, and then polishing, before all evidence is removed. Patience is a virtue. Just follow the product directions. Wash and try the affected area, first. Use a mildly damp rag to apply the compound in same general direction of the scuff. Don't be afraid to apply some pressue when rubbing. Wait for it to dry to a haze, and then polish the residue, off (falls off generally like a powder). You will most likely need more than one application. For a stubborn spot, you may try applying the compound crosswise to the scuff.
    If that does not work, then using one of the clay-based products that professional auto detailers use will produce a high probability of success. Clay seems to have some interesting properties for removing surface blemishes without harming the finish underneath. There is one product out there called "Clay Away". I have not used it myself, but heard it peforms just about as well as anything a detailer will use.
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    armtdmarmtdm Member Posts: 2,057
    I have had great succes with these by using a cleaner wax with elbow grease.
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