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I am new to this forum so pardon me if I am asking something that has been asked before several times. I am about to buy my first car and before I finalize this car I have few concerns on which I would like to know your opinions.

Used 2013 Nissan Altima 2.5 S Sedan 4D (very good condition).
Millage: 31,400
Price: $12,995 (Edmunds/KBB values: $14,999. )

  1. The car was bought as a rental fleet by the Enterprise in March, 2013 and in only 1 year, it was driven over 30k miles. Even though I will be doing a full inspection by a independent mechanics, I am concerned that if the car was stressed too much while driving and those issue will show-up in future as it was almost used 90 miles/day since the day of purchase.

  2. The car had a front impact collision accident about a month back (that's why it is cheap I guess) but I found in the police report and also in the accident pictures that only the front bumper was damaged very slightly and nothing happened to the front headlight lights/hood/engine. So I am wondering if I should be concerned about the accident.

The price is firm though, the dealer is not willing to reduce even $100 and the vehicle is under warranty until 60k. In terms of driving, the car is smooth but as I am a beginner, I don't know much about it. Please let me know what you guys think.

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    Okay.. first, a car doesn't car how many miles you drive per day... 150 miles one day, 20 the next, 350 the next... it's all the same. At least on the upper end. (lots of short trips are another matter)..

    So, a car that's had 30K miles in one year is better than 30K miles in two years, because it's been exposed to the elements for one less year... Other than the time factor of exposure to elements, miles are just miles..

    As far as the value, try re-posting here:

    Someone can chime in with a wholesale value, that might give you an idea if your price is fair.

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    Thank you.

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