1999 Cadillac Seville STS

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After 4 weeks in dealership, 8 burned pistons, 6 cracked oil rings, all replaced under warranty; 47,000 miles. New tires, goodyear z rated tires caused front end shake. Could not balance tires. Had to be replaced with Michelin. Any input?


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    Well, happens to the best of cars. I've seen Mercedes blow up in 1,500 miles. Not often, but it happens. That what warranties are for. As for the tires, that's really not Cadillac's problem.

    Anything made by human beings (and robots) is going to suffer a calamity now and then. Engines especially undergo tremendous stresses so any serious manufacturing error is going to show up sooner or later.

    I don't think your case is an unusual as you might think it is. As long as the dealer did the repair correctly, you should be fine.
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    Check out some of the past posts on the regular Seville board to see how others have dealt with the vibaration problem.
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