Olds Alero no start

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I have modified ign. switch with resistor, the telltale yellow service lite on steady. No help. spray starting fluid in air intake engine tries to start. Snap Analizer shows no codes. fuel pump works intermitantly with analizer. Still no start.


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481

    You might need to insert a fuel pressure gauge and see what's going on with that. Using the starting fluid and having that "sorta" work might indicate fuel delivery problems but there could be other reasons for that behavior, like worn out spark plugs for instance or weak coil performance.

    but I think you need to establish that there is adequate and constant pressure in the fuel rail.

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    GM VATS security system may be preventing spark?
    there are ~6 or ~16 possible VATS resistors values possible - did you measure the resistance value in the real key's resistor to be sure you are using the right value?
    (is VATS/security/lock light on dashboard staying lit?)

    i won't ask why you had to modify the ignition switch. My GM car's ignition cylinder has required disassembly/reassembly due to being stranded in a parking lot due to its known-inevitable failure on a hot day (cars is on its 4th ignition cylinder now - with no recall...).

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