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Subaru Impreza WRX Wagon



  • nixomosenixomose Posts: 95
    The one thing that was hurtfully missing from my wrx was the armrest. I've gotten lazy in my old age, and I missed the feel of leaning on my elbow and still holding the shifter. ~$110 later, all is fixed.
    Break in periods (I recently passed 1000mi.) seem to take forever, but you've been without the car for decades, a few more weeks won't kill you. I kept it under 3000 for the first 500mi and under 4000 for the next 500, then I couldn't resist, and have been winding it out every chance I get. :-)
    (Don't look for the spark plugs, it's depressing to think that you'll have to pay somebody to replace them.)
    Good luck and congrats to all you new owners. I know I'm enjoying mine.
    My dealer has a new-owners meeting once a month, mine's tonite. See what useless things they have to say to me.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Congrats, hys.

    Russ: if you ask about using regular gas in one sentence, and then 1/4 miles times in the next, this may not be the car for you. If you're ever going to explore those 1/4 mile times, stick with premium.

    I imagine a knock sensor will retard timing with regular, but you would lose even low end torque, not just top end power.

    That plus an auto tranny would sort of kill the whole purpose of owning a WRX. IMO the 2.5l engine in the RS or Outback Sport may be better suited to your 87 octane needs and 50k miles/year pace. You'll likely get 26-30 mpg on those highway drives on cheap ol' regular.

  • digidawgdigidawg Posts: 7
    Hey folks,

    2 days with the Rex and I'm quite happy. Couple issues with which we are dealing that I thought I'd pass along; my wife and I are in the 5' 7" range and have found that the armrest extension clunks into our elbows while shifting. In fact, while test driving this was quite the turn-off, but we were told it was an option not a standard feature. The car we purchased came with the extension and is to be removed next week. In the two days of driving I've whacked myself pretty good, so - if you're "stump daddy" size - you might wish to reconsider.

    Also, we decided to get the clear coat finish after talking with a local rex owner. He's got a beautiful blue sedan that's less than five months old that has little paint chips in the front fenders already. He wishes that he had clear coated his too.

    So far, we love the car a lot. Waiting for the first thousand to pass will be a test of patience...

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    What kind of snake oil are they selling you?

  • stoner420stoner420 Posts: 165
    I've read a lot of people recommend the stonguard protective film, maybe that's what he's talking about?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Cause all cars have clear coat finish!

  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    It sounds as if the dealer has just increased their profit on this WRX deal! Stongard is quite different than a clear coat finish. There's usually no mistaking the two. :-)

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    The Clearcoat Finish could be part of the DIO-appearance package, I've heard about it, it includes:

    Clearcoat Finish
    Fog Lamps
    Black Rocker panel protectors
    REAL Glass windows
    caps for the valve stems
    headlights and taillights


  • lilbluewgn02lilbluewgn02 PAPosts: 1,089
    You forgot to add the ENGINE to your list
  • nixomosenixomose Posts: 95
    The arm rest fits me perfectly, so I can see where it would be a problem for somebody 5'7". I'm 6'4" :-)
  • qualityguyqualityguy Posts: 101
    just don't go together.
    Automatic tranny - this is up to your taste... Performance is still very good, it's just less fun. From what I remember, Corvette sells more automatic transmittion cars than manual. But WRX ain't no Corvette.
  • ponmponm Posts: 139
    Question for all...I have been pondering the thought of upgrading to 17" wheels and noticed several places have the rota battle wheels for 600.00 for the set plus free shipping. They weigh a little over 17lbs and I like the look of the grey, but I always believe the ole' saying of you get what you pay for. Considering some, ok, most wheels cost in the range of 250-350 per wheel, this 600.00 thing seems extremely low. Bottom line, are the rota wheels junk?
  • WarpDriveWarpDrive Posts: 506
    Some people on i-club have reported vibrations with their Rota wheels, probably a bad batch. So it does seem you get what you pay for (some risk of badly made wheels). Diagnosing vibration problems is not fun I tell you. I've been through it...the tire maker blames the wheels, the wheel maker blames the tire. I was considering the Rota wheels at one point and now am glad that I spent a bit more. Most people will opt for the Prodrive, OEM, OZ, Volk, BBS brand wheels. Yes they cost more but replacements may be easier to find down the road.
  • digidawgdigidawg Posts: 7
    Hey Folks,

    For Paisan and company - as far as the clear coat goes, -yes I'm aware that clear coating is quite common. This is an extra layer of protection that I was willing to buy after seeing (on sites like this) and speaking to (neighbor with a Rex) folks who've had paint problems with the car. As well, the Subaru guarantee (if I understand correctly) does not deal with rust caused by road salt. Well, in Minnesota, that's THE main cause of body cancer on cars. We got a ten year warranty on rust-through pertaining to any and all forms with the added layer of protection.

    A local auto scribe, Paul Brand of the Star Tribune (who's quite respected),recommends this in our climate so we felt that this was the only dealer add-on that had any merit. Seemed to us rather prudent after seeing a five month old Rex with a few chips. Dunno - I guess time will tell on this one.

    You folks have had negative experiences with this type of service? Its not something for which I would have typically bitten but, based on the a priori info, I thought it might have been a good decision. Comments welcome.

    Nixomose - thanks for the insight. They must build these cars for Americans of standard height. Being short, (by American standards) I run into this type of thing often enough. Glad that it works for you. If they could just saw off two inches I'm sure I'd enjoy it as you are! :-)

    Great group - appreciate it.

  • locke2clocke2c Posts: 5,038
    interesting point about automatics Qualityguy, but the problem there is that the Corvette's large naturally aspirated V8 works a whole heck of a lot better with an automatic than Subaru's small turbo H4 does.

  • gary32gary32 Posts: 3
    Having almost convinced myself that at 45, I wouldn't look silly driving a WRX, my next hurdle is practicality. I put on 30,000 miles a year with a 150 mile round trip commute a few times per week. My current vehicle, Saab 95, is very comfortable on the highway. Anyone else have experience with this kind of a daily drive? I worry that the Wrx may be fatiguing after a while. Are the seats comfortable for the long haul? How about road noise? Still considering Passat but my heart says Wrx.

  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    I'm not sure any clearcoat will actually help prevent paint chips but maybe this is a new product. I bought my first Sube in MPLS 10 years ago, got some protection package add on then from the dealer - Morries. Have never had it on another one since and live in Chicago now where there is far more salt used as its always slushy here compared to MN (so much for moving to warmer climes!). Make sure you touch up all those paint chipped areas with something and you will be fine. My 11 years of reading Brand and comparing with well known car magazines would suggest he isn't quite the authority he makes out to be and is out of date on some topics but I haven't read his column for over 5 years now.
    All manufacturers rust warranties are for rusting from inside out. If you lose paint and primer and have exposed metal on any exterior surface which is not repaired, there is no manufacturer which warranties that. Also any after market rustproofing which involves drilling holes in closed compartments will automatically void your factory rust warranty. Some of those box sections once galvanised and painted aren't supposed to be messed with ever again and if you do, you are on your own as far as the manufacturer is concerned.
    Do you need to have annual inspections for this protection package? The one I got made you do that. Only good thing about it the first few years I complied was that you got a hand carwash in January! Had to pay some token fee for that inspection though. The company providing the warranty went bust too,found that out when the inspection place no longer did inspections! But for a price they had another product and company to reprotect my, by now, slightly old car!
  • karl1973karl1973 Posts: 89
    Well, I do about 45 miles one way daily, and the WRX is a very comfortable highway cruiser. It is quiet inside (much quieter than my previous vehicle, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and my current other vehicle, a Mazda Miata). If you are good, and keep your foot off the gas, the gas milage is respectable too. The seat is also very comfortable (at least for me). I am 5'11" with 34" inseam and I don't use up all the seat travel.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Most of that was just me joking with yah. In all seriousness I'd be interested in the exact product they are going to apply etc.

  • philwang66philwang66 Posts: 61
    I think the WRX seats are great! I've taken it for road trips and the seats are quite supportive. While the ride may not be as plush as the 9-5, it is very comfortable and not at all harsh for a small car. It also feels very stable for a small car.

    good luck with your purchase decision,
  • subaruwroxsubaruwrox Posts: 2
    I've had my Rex for 2 months now, and have only given it baths that I did myself. I heard that I should wait before doing a wax, because of the clear coat. Is 2 months sufficient to wait? I was going to take it in today or tomorrow for a thorough going over at a professional car wash place.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance. (PS: I complained earlier about the shifting, and as several of you predicted, I'm definitely getting used to it, and I think it's actually changing\easing a little after 2500 miles.)
  • rmerkelrmerkel Posts: 2
    As a proud WRX owner (the sedan) for nearly a year now, I had the same misgivings and have been thoroughly pleased to find it a practical daily driver. I find it quite comfortable as a commuter. As Phil said, it's unlikely to ride as smoothly as your Saab, but the best way to describe it is "firm" rather than "harsh". It's not by any means uncomfortable. If I recall correctly, though, the Passat is also rather stiffly sprung (Germans and their autobahn-burners).

    The seats may feel a little firm at first, but I have found them very comfortable on long trips (considerably more comfortable than softer seats) as well as very supportive in harder driving. If you're a bit large, the bolstering may be a little tight, but you can get your dealer to change that for you.

    There is a little road noise from the big tyres, but, again, I find it quite acceptable at freeway speeds.

    I quite regularly do a 250-mile trip in one stint and have found the WRX more than comfortable enough for the purpose, and have done several longer trips, and have had no complaints.

    So, yes, it's quite practical as a daily driver. But, on a Sunday morning, find a stretch of deserted, twisty road and go a drive. If you don't come back smiling I'd recommend a visit to your doctor :)
  • hunter001hunter001 Posts: 851
    interesting point about automatics Qualityguy, but the problem there is that the Corvette's large naturally aspirated V8 works a whole heck of a lot better with an automatic than Subaru's small turbo H4 does.

    The Corvettes naturally aspirated V8 also works a whole heck of a lot better with a manual transmission too, than Subaru's small turbo H4 does. So what is the point ??

    The Automatics and the Manuals both have turbo lag right off idle, but both of them take off like bats out of hell, when the turbo spools up, which is at any speed about 15mph, which is where I do 99% of my driving.

    The Automatic is a great commuter car and offers thrilling acceleration when needed and superior handling, when compared to a lot of others on the road, including the manual-WRX, primarily by being equipped with sportier springs than the manual-WRX and by the better power re-distribution afforded by the kick-[non-permissible content removed] AWD system of the Auto-WRX, that the manual-WRX lacks.

    The manual-WRX however, offers better control over the gears, which is a big plus, inspite of its other lacks when compared to the Auto-WRX.

  • lilbluewgn02lilbluewgn02 PAPosts: 1,089
  • p0926p0926 Posts: 4,423
    Digidawg- I'd have to know the specifics of what they did but it sure sounds like you got "chumped".

    Additional rust protection is usually sold as "under-coating" or some variation of the term. At best this procedure (if it's even done, dealers have been known to charge for such things and never do anything since its hard for the buyer to tell the difference) may provide a slight improvement in reducing road noise. At worst if can actually void the manufacturer's warranty (as pointed out above). In fact, improperly applied, it can actually accelerate body/frame rust by trapping moisture next to metal. The statement that the manufacturer's rust warranty doesn't cover road salt is also false.

    Re clear-coating: In the past, this term has meant nothing more than the dealer waxing the vehicle (which could actually cause harm if the paint isn't fully cured). Also as previously mentioned, Stongard is a clear acrylic product that is applied to the front end and reportedly provides excellent protection from paint chips caused by road debris. However, I've yet to see a dealer offer to install Stongard so I suspect that what you really paid for was a very expensive wax job.

    -Frank P.
  • wheeldogwheeldog Posts: 39
    Just picked up my new silver WRX wagon yesterday, and it is great! Staying south of the 4000 RPM limit is a challenge, but nothing I can't handle in the short term. I've found the handling and power delivery to be as-advertised. One pleasant surprise is the looks of the car. Even though I was convinced I would buy a WRX, I kept having second thoughts about the funky front end styling. Now that I own one, I can't believe what a great looking car it is, and much more 'distinctive' then the styling of many Japanese sports sedans. The only negative I've encountered so far is the stereo - even at moderate volumes I seem to get some random buzzes (from the dash?). I'm not too worried about it though.

  • narenjinarenji Posts: 161
    I have a set of gunmetal Rota Subzeros... I ordered them thru America's tire co, and they were supposed to be hubcentric, but arrived non hubcentric. They're on 225-45-17s Kumho Supras. I never got much vibration, but was peeved that they arrived non hubcentric, when Rota said to the Tire store rep that all Rota's with the 48 mm offset are hubcentric, because they're basically made for Subarus. The tire store since has installed hubcentric rings, and the wheel/tire combo feels about as good as stock, except for the tire, which wants to track undulations and cracks in the road.

    They seem very well made, but yet they're reasonably priced. A lot of the cost of the more expensive wheels is in the brand. The OZs and BBS are lighter than Rotas, but they're double the cost per wheel. I've been very pleased with my investment.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    My buddy Scott just put Rotas on his Yellow rex and his are hubcentric, pretty nice with the sumitomo tires on it I think it was $1000 delivered.

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