2003 Buick Rendezvous ABS problems

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Recently (176,000 miles) I have experienced a weird "bubbly" feeling when coming to a stop. It feels as if the pressure on the break is suddenly gone, feels like there are parts garbling around and then it engages again. This lasts only a second or two, and the car is able to stop and does not jerk or pull to one side. This does not happen every time, or every day. A passenger in the car can feel it and hear it as well. The ABS light is also coming on and the AWD light disengage light. This light and warning does not come on when the brakes act weird, can come on just driving down a smooth road for no apparent reason. But the two things happening (disengaging, and weird brake sensations). Have recently replace the rotors and pads and this still happens. Have also taken others for a ride to have them feel what I am trying to describe and it never does it with them in the car.

Any help or advice?


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    Thanks. I'm taking it in to the dealer today, another automotive shop said the same. I'll let you know what they say.

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    what did they say?? im having the same issues!!
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