1999 Honda CR-V clutch - replace or sell with 143K?

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Hi all! I have a 1999 Honda CRV (standard not automatic) with 143K+ miles on it and the clutch needs to be replaced. First of all, I bought this car with 11 miles on it and have well maintained it for the last 14 plus years. Secondly, I now live in Brooklyn, NY where a car is not necessarily needed. Finally, the best mechanic I found in the area is charging $1100 after I just put $400 to replace 2 leaking cylinders which we hoped was the issue in the immediate. However, he did advise that a new clutch will be needed soon and, in fact, the clutch began to slip soon after leaving the garage. (FTR This is the first time I had to replace it.)

I am wondering, if I do replace the clutch, how much MORE I am in for going forward. She is a great and reliable car that has had only maintenance repairs including a timing belt plus replacing a catalytic converter, oxygen sensors, and the exhaust pipe underneath. New tires just this spring. (Side note: The mechanic offered me $600 for her. Ha!)

Basically, I love having a car (and this car in particular) but I do not want a money pit going forward and since I CAN exist without one... should I sell and be done with it? Or get her fixed and roll the dice?
Any old time CRV owners have advise? Thanks!


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    Well if we presume your car to be in average condition it's probably worth $3000 with a new clutch and probably about what your mechanic said without a new clutch---so it does make sense to replace the clutch--especially since you know the car so well.

    Any old car is going to cost you money. As long as your averaged-out monthly repair bills are less than 1/2 a normal car payment, then it makes sense to keep putting money into it--at a reasonable rate. The average new car payment is something like $450/month, and you really can't buy a decent clean used car for less than $5,000, so even if you put in $100 a month or $150 per month to keep this one going, you are far ahead of the game.

    You know, if it was a bad engine, I'd say let it go, but you should get another 50,000 miles out of this vehicle if you maintain it.

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