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Attempting to identify what actually turns off the accessories after turning the truck off-Navigator

mainlyymainlyy Member Posts: 17
edited June 2014 in Lincoln

This is a different attempt at an earlier question. My 03 Lincoln Navigator is supposed to maintain electrical power for such things as interior lighting and closing the windows and such when you turn off the truck. Opening the door or waiting 60 seconds or so, the power shuts off.
My truck on the other hand, after shutting off the key, the accessories stay on and don't shut off after sixty seconds or when the door is opened, resulting in a dead battery. If the radio is on, the door opening will turn it off, that part doesn't work any more. What actually performs that particular task? Is it in the computer or is there a timer someplace attached to the door somehow? This one has me scratching my head, thanks for any help..................

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  • mainlyymainlyy Member Posts: 17

    Thank You Mr. Shiftright, I was reading some discussions on a Ford sight and saw some articles mentioning the accessory delay relay. someone had a similare problem to mine, the accessory power was off and wouldn't turn on. Just the opposite of mine. In "RockAuto's" parts cataloge they had an Accessory Power relay, I'm assuming it's the same part. I will be under the dash tomorrow for sure, I'm getting tired of having to disconnect the battery every time I park the thing. Thanks again for the help................

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