Have no power to the rear window and lock of only one door. 2004 Buick Rendezvous.

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With my 2004 Rendezvous the power window and the power lock of the left rear door no longer work. All other doors and windows work correctly. The power window does not work either from the switch on the door itself or from the driver's master control switches. The window lock out switch is not activated. All other windows including the right rear door work from the driver's master control work. The power locks work on 3 doors from the driver's and front passenger's door switch. The other 3 door locks also work from the key fob.
I had first had problems with the power door lock, so I replaced the power door actuator to no avail. Took apart the black rubber cable housing running through the door and found no frayed or exposed wiring. I wiggled the wire connections also to no avail. Seems odd that power to both the lock and the window would be gone. I haven't had the time or not sure even how/where to put a voltage meter to check voltage. Fuses are ok. Could this possibly be a relay fuse? Never had one of those go on any car I've ever owned. Not really willing to pay dealer prices for labor and parts for them to hunt and peck, try and see.
Any suggestions for me? Help would be much appreciated. Thanks


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    Could it be a bcm?
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    No It cannot be a BCM. The power window circuits all share the same main power and ground connections through the drivers door switch, and have their own power circuit when the windows are operated from the individual doors. (They still ground through the drivers door switch)

    Meanwhile while the BCM is an important part of the door lock system, both rear doors share the same power and ground feeds from the BCM, so if one of them works the BCM itself is essentially ruled out.

    While both of these problems are with one door, they are not related in any way. Each of them needs to be analyzed (diagnosed) separately.
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    It has to either be a problem leading up to the left rear door or the switch itself, since the master switch works on all windows except for that one. And the master switch can't control the left rear door so power is not getting there. If you take the panel off and hooked up a meter at the switch it would probably show 0 volts when you press the switch down. There has to be bad connection leading to there or a broken switch. Don't even bother messing with the master window switch. If the wires are good then the problem is most likely the switch itself.
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    I know your post is old, but do you have an update on the solution of the problem? Thanks
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    I hope he managed to pop the door panel off and test each of these problem separately.
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    DubTap21 said:
    I know your post is old, but do you have an update on the solution of the problem? Thanks
    I can help as I went through my 03 Rendezvous left rear door today.  Window would not move with either switch. Tried a junkyard master switch same problem. Disassembled the door card and exposed all the wiring. There are 5 wires on the switch connector. 

    Two wires go to the motor (brown and darker blue) and two are fed from master switch (green and purple) and there is constant power (lighter blue). Get a test light and find which wire is constant as it will be hot when key is on. The purple and green wires are up and down from the master switch. I popped off the boot and located all the wires but found the purple and green wires were broken. The lighter blue constant power wire was starting to crack. I cut them all and added new 14g wiring and small butt connectors and heat shrink to protect the fittings. It was broken so close to the door body side plug I wasn’t comfortable with soldering the wires.  

    If you need more help I may be able to assist. 
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