Ford Expedition AC problems

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My front ac goes in and out....especially when im accelerating. My rear ac doesn't work at all. Im lost....and


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    Well you're going to have to scan the system for some hints here. This type of condition can be caused by a myriad of things. One always suspects that a vacuum leak is present when AC cuts out under conditions of low engine vacuum (acceleration); but you could also have issues with the high pressure or cycling switches that protect the system.

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    Hi Mr Shiftright. I mentioned it to a guy who knows about automobile repair. He said high pressure switch also. Where is it located? How will I know if that's the issue?

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    And thank you for ur responses.

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    I have a 2004 Ford Expedition EB with 230k miles. All in all a great truck. My front AC has blower has been acting up and has now stopped blowing . I do not think it is the blower but rather some sensor telling the blower to go on and off. This car has auto climate control. The blower does not function for the heat, defrost or in any manor. the fuse is still good
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    My 2005 Ford Expedition has an AC problem. It works fine in the back but starts blowing hot air up front when you accelerate and won’t go back to cooling and the rear of the car keeps blowing cold air. What’s up with that?
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