Camaro ls vs infinity g37x, my friend is lying or some thing?

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Hello Guys,

Here is a little story which left me puzzled.

I leased my Camaro ls in February 2014, new, paid no inception fee, only paid like 100$ i believe for registration transfer. and i believe no more than another 100$ for document fee, if even that, no other inception been paid. Lease is for 39 months, MSRP of the car i believe 24k. monthly payment came up to 347$.

My friend a month ago leased infinity g37x for 39 months, with 1500$ inception fee, the car is also 2014, new, MSRP i believe 34k. his monthly payment he said is 319$.

So my question, how he got 319$ monthly payment on car which has MSRP of 34k even with his inception?

I really feel like, either Chevrolet ripped me, or my friend is really lying. I did some calculations and there is just no way his car should cost him 320$. Can some one clear this debate for me?


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    There are some variables missing from the equation. Two things I suspect are different about these deals:
    1. The vehicle's residual value (as a percentage of MSRP), and
    2. Money factor

    That's just a guess.


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    Camaros don't lease very well. I think that's because they don't have any trouble selling them, so there is little need for lease incentives. Also, a car like the Camaro will, on average, get a little more abuse than your typical luxury sedan. The bank needs to make a little more on the lease to compensate for that. (after all, they are getting the car back at lease end).

    In 2011, I leased a G37X with an MSRP of $42K for $357/mo.+ tax... with about $700 due at signing.... The G37 has historically leased for a very low payment, so your friend's story is believable.

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