Certified 2012 Honda Accord - deal or no deal?

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Yesterday, we went to Honda dealer in DFW area and test drive a certified used 2012 Honda Accord. Certified 2012 Honda Accord: Mileage 30,759; Penfed invoice price=$15,994; Quoted us for $17,281; willing to go down by $500 to $16,781. Can anyone please let us know if this is a good price. If not, at what OTD price should we counter offer? How much monies is too high for this Honda Accord? Greatly appreciate your help. :)


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    We'd have to know more about the car...model, (EX, LX, SE) coupe or sedan, options, engine size

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    Thank you for your response. It's 2012 Honda Accord LX sedan. Engine Size: 2.4L 4 cylinder. Certified 4 years (48000 miles) warranty bumper to bumper and Power Train 7 years (100,000 miles) warranty.

    We offered $14,000 OTD, the dealer didn't accept it and we walked. The dealer maybe willing to go down to $16,000. Is $16,000 a good deal?

    @Mr_Shiftright said:
    We'd have to know more about the car...model, (EX, LX, SE) coupe or sedan, options, engine size

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    TMV for a certified one is $17,484 dealer retail, clean condition for a 75032 zip code. That assumes it's certified by Honda. If it's "dealer" certified, I'd use the dealer retail number of $16,573. Deduct some if you are looking at a 5 speed manual transmission.

    You can appraise it here.

    Looks like the dealer isn't too far off, going by the "book" value. Good luck!

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    I have no idea what your sales tax rate is where you live nor do I know what the license and registration charges are.

    Those charges can be considerable thus making your offer unacceptable.

    The store has no control over those fees. They simply collect that money and send it to the state.

    I'm not sure where stever got his numbers nor do I know what a "dealer certified" car is...never heard of such a thing but using that 16,573 number here is Washington with our high sales tax, your REAL offer would have been around 14,500. For a lousy 500.00 profit I wouldn't be willing to let it go either.

    You might look for a car that isn't Honda Certified. Honda requires their dealers to replace things that aren't that necessary such as brake pads that still have a ton of life left in them.

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    A "dealer" certified car would be one that has an extended warranty offered by someone other than Honda (or other manufacturer). It would be similar to one offered by Fidelity or one of the other aftermarket warranty companies.

    Sometimes you get some good perks with a factory certified car, like loaners or road service. Otherwise I don't think I'd pay extra for one myself unless it was a brand that was known to be problematic.

    And you see plenty of posts here where someone paid extra for a certified car with the 150 point checklist and the brake pads are worn, or the tires don't match.

    Isell makes a good point - I was getting numbers before your local taxes and fees. It looked like your $16,781 quote was before those fees also. Getting the Accord OTD for that would be killer.

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    Thank you all for your responses. The invoice price was $15,994. The tax is (DFW area) = $1,028.98. The dealer prep, tags, state inspection, etc. = $259. Total OTD price was $17,281. They're willing to go down by $500 to $16,781 (OTD price). Maybe, if we increase our offer to $16,000 (OTD price), they would accept it. So, is $16,000 or $16,781 (OTD price) a good deal? Thank you!

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