power moonroof failed

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The power moon roof on my 92 integral just failed. Actually, the power is still working to slide open the roof, but it cannot be closed. I think the motor must be ok, but why can it only go one way? Could it just be the close button broke? The roof didn't fail suddenly, but first went very slowly, and then totally stopped.

I'm in Jersey, does anyone know good places fixing moon roofs? I called a few garages, but they don't handle this kind of problem. Dealer is too expensive - 75 bucks just to have them look at it.

Thanks in advance.


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    I believe yours closes by cable, and this may have broken...a less possible explanation would be the switch, yes, although it is a bit unlikely that only half a switch would fail.

    A body shop would be your best bet I think. Depending on the design and accessibility, this job may be not so bad or fairly labor intensive. It would also be good to know if there is an obstruction in the sunroof slides that caused undue stress on the cable.
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