How can I get Nissan to warranty my 09 Versa.

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I have a 09 Nissan Versa that I got new and I have 160,000 miles on it and maybe no more. Around 155,000 miles it had a miss. #4 spark well full of anti freeze and # 3 and #2 have some. #1 has something else, exhaust ? I call Nissan and took to a Nissan dealer as per Nissan to get an estimate. $1700. I called Nissan back and they won't cover it, why I had to go to a dealership if they won't cover it I don't know. They said that's the 1st one they have seen. Then at 160,000 transmission started sounding like a power steering pump low on fluid. Well I don't know how to ck fluid level the Nissan dealer by St. Louis that's starts with a B would not tell me how to ck it. I took it in for cvt fluid change. Over $200 later it still has the noise. I told service manager and he said that transmission don't sound good. It won't pull its self now rpm won't increase if in gear but will in N. I called Nissan and asked when did Nissan start building throw away cars she said they don't. I told her about trans. she said sorry no warranty. I said I have not had for 5 years and it looks like it is worth around $9000 and to fix around $8000. I think this is a parts car. The problems I have are not normal and I fell that Nissan should make it good. I have a F150 with over 200,000 head fine 6cly. and trans works fine as well. NISSAN if you can't make a car like u used to please let us know that in 5 years your new car will be worth $0. Maybe the French think this is normal or a way to sell more cars. Well if they Nissan do not make this good that new Challenger looks better than that new 370z. That a $9000 loss thank you very much. Any suggestions on the sign I'm going to put on my Versa that's sitting off a busy road?

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    Its not going anyplace soon. It can sit at the side of the road. A lot of miles? I had almost this many on two Chevy's a 63 and 65. It should have a value with 160,000 mi. it has none.

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