Need Mechanic in VERMONT

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Just moved to Vermont with my 240 wagon and need an honest genius mechanic up here. Can anyone recommend such a person? Thanks so much!


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    Oh, you want a genius AND honest. Frankly, if you just got genius but not honest that's better than honest and not genius (as for as your car is concerned).

    Okay, seriously now.....maybe you could contact your local AAA, and ask them who in your area is certified by them and also works on Volvos.

    If that doesn't work, you'll just have to flag down every Volvo in Vermont and ask who's deliriously happy with their mechanic.

    Also, a 240D doesn't need a genius. It's not that complicated a car. Just someone in the top half of their class would do fine, I think. good luck with this,

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    ...but finding a Volvo mechanic in Vermont should NOT be a problem. If oracledba tried flagging down every Volvo owner in Vermont, they'd spend years getting to everybody. Like I've said before, one can't swing a dead cat in New England without hitting three Volvos, two Saabs and a Subaru.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Is that why they are cosidered so influential in early election results? "As Vermont goes, so goes Rhode Island!" Maybe I've got that wrong.

    I don't think Volvos are really in the same category as a Saab or Subaru. Many mechanics hate working on Saabs or Subarus but not on Volvos. Volvos are more mainstream in engineering and also a better car all things considered.
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    I'm not trying to debate the merits of Volvo's engineering vs. Saab and Subaru, I'm just saying the you see an awful lot of all three in New England, particularly in Vermont. In fact, in some places, I'd say it's probably easier to get your Saab fixed than a Chrysler. Really.
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    Well, sure, if there are specialists. Saabs are good cold weather cars and many Subarus are AWD or 4WD, so it makes sense you'd see them in Vermont--which can have very nasty winters. No place for my cars!

    What I was driving at is that a GENERALIST (who works on many makes) would be much more apt to work on a Volvo for you than a Saab or Subaru.
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    You mean to tell me you live in Vermont, drive a Volvo, and you don't listen to NPR? :-)

    Check out this link:

    You should be able to find a mechanic there. Good luck.


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