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BMW Owners Meet the Members



  • lm_lm_ Posts: 2
    Mine's a jet black 2.8, black interior and black top. Bought mine in April of 2000. Like steverisity, sold some tech stock and feel elated every time I think about what I got from my stock and every time I look at my car! I am so glad I did it!

    I've got just a bit over 9,000 miles now and have loved every one of them.

    It's funny, sometimes I think I'm totally used to my car and I forget the awe I felt the first time I saw it, until I'm approaching it in a parking lot... then I think the same thing all over again. What a sexy, amazing looking car!

    My friends tell me that I'm still driving with a smile on my face (when they see me on the road) ... of course I am! :)
  • dave222dave222 Posts: 3

  • dabimmerdabimmer Posts: 165
    Dave, thanks so much! I had waited for probably a week for this response . So glad you did,
    I'll check it out and thanks again for the info.
  • I have 2001 3.0 T. Silver with red seats/black trim interior and black top. I bought it back in Feb and I've driven about 8500 miles so far. (What can I say.. I live in PA and my girlfriend is in NC)Some minor electrical problems but nothing major so far and the loaner cars are great! It also helps me to keep the mileage lower than what it should have been. :-)
  • vincent7vincent7 Posts: 10
    Have silver metallic with black leather. Bought the car in February. I now have 2,200 miles on it. I have two other cars.
  • brave1heartbrave1heart Posts: 2,698
    Hey, I don't recall "nude pics of Britney Spears" being part of the deal. I suspect you might have had a little too much of the first part of the deal (cheap grog) the night when we discussed it. I think we threw in some free cigarettes hand-rolled by the bushmen and lots of entertainment. So far, we've only delivered on the entertainment part but what a delivery, eh? Look for the grog and cigarettes in the mail but be patient and don't keep your hopes too high ;o)
  • krodrenkrodren Posts: 31
    Where in Pa are you? Only ask b/c my dealer (Devon Hill, Devon, PA) I don't think offers loaners (I know, I can't believe it either). But I love the 3.0i.
  • fcarbonefcarbone Posts: 1
    I bought my Topaz/Tan/Tan 2000 2.3 Z in April. It was my "reward" for hitting my income goal 6 months straight. It took me almost 10 years to hit that goal, so the car is real special to me. Plus it's a blast to drive. I want to know if anyone has done any modifications to improve performance.
  • macodeamacodea Posts: 1
    Hi, I recently just bought a new 2001 BMW 525i. I was also thinking about buying a 530. Has anyone driven both?If you have please tell me what you thought about the two!Thanks
  • I live in Conshohocken and I work in Malvern (Great Valley corporate center) so I know Devon Hill. I can't believe they don't offer loaners... I though pretty much all luxury brands (lexus, BMW, Merc etc. offer loanders now days...) I bough mine from Don Rosen BMW. Past Wednesday, I had to get my bad alarm sensor replaced and they gave me 528 sedan for the day.
  • erricksonerrickson Posts: 130
    Greetings from Houston, Texas (actually Katy for those of you familiar with the area)

    Saw Brave1heart, AAron330i, Bavarian, et al do their intro I figured I should do the same...since I too have been putting my $.02 in on everything from how to install a Universal Transmitter, to my experience with Moss Motors in Lafayette, La (a positive one!!!) over on the 3-series board...

    I am the satisfied owner of a 2001.5 325i, Blk/ Blk Leather/Moonroof/Step/CD/Sport Pkg I have had it for about a month....and am loving it.

    This was probably the least intelligent financial decision I have made (since we also have a 1998 Volvo, and a 2000 Expedition), but my wife wanted HER Volvo back, after driving the SUV around town for awhile. I was not going to do a 50 mile daily r/t in a Ford Expedition..... so the answer was..... a new BMW of course!

    The rationalization goes something like this:
    Volvo - hers
    BMW - his
    SUV - ours (for roadtrips to grandma's, dog groomers, etc)
  • giredgired Posts: 5
    Just wanted to introduce myself to he group out here. I am a new 325 convertible owner in Boston..picked up my car last Sunday. Mine is a black/black/tan lethaerette auto. Great car, awesome power and acceleration :)

  • krodrenkrodren Posts: 31
    Thanks. My daughter bought an A4 at Don Rosen, so I know loaners are expected (altho their Audi garage now gives you Enterprise rentals). We'll see about Devon Hill when I go in for my 1 free oil change this fall.
  • cmr530icmr530i Posts: 278
    My brother owns the 525(manual,sport package) and I own the 530(manual, premium sport package.) My car definitely has more power and is quicker off the block, but I feel the 525 holds its own very well. We had his 525 up to 100mph on the 5 freeway in SoCal and it was effortless, quiet and smooth. One difference that I am enjoying and that I have heard the 525 isn't available with is the auto-dimming rear view mirror. I also ordered my 530 with more options(rear sunshade, xenon lights) and I am enjoying the car tremendously. I think the options really enhance the driving experience. My brother bought off the lot and thus was limited on options. Did you order yours or purchase from the lot? I think that if I lived in an area where there weren't so many aggressive drivers that I would have opted for the 525. I know my bank account would have been happier! But it is dog-eat-dog on SoCal roads so I opted for the extra power.
  • zpkzpk Posts: 1
    Bought my 1998 2.8 silver/black roadster in March. Already put about 8K miles on it. Never really cared about driving before, but you can't not want to drive this car. Nothing cures a bad day at work better than the feeling the wind blow through your hair on the twisty roads home.
  • julia12julia12 Posts: 10
    Congratulations. I love my car (same color combo as you) but am finding it hard to keep clean and scratchless. Did fine with last winter, with snow tires...but I missed the big storm in March. Enjoy, especially with the great weather we've been having. See you on 128 or the pike!
  • giredgired Posts: 5
    Hi julia12...thanks! Just wondering if its the color thatz making it painful to keep the car clean. I've never owned a black color car and I can already see how much effort needs to be put in to keep it spotless. Oh perhaps you'll have an answer for me on this - where do you get your car washed from? Do you know if Scrubadub has brushless wash systems? Also are you a member of the BMW Club of Boston? I am thinking about becoming a member. Hope to see you on the highway one of these days.....have fun!
  • bernard1bernard1 Posts: 58
    Hi, my name is Robert and I live in MD. I own an 00 Estrroil Blue/Blue/Bue M Roadster. We purchased our car in August of 99 and have just over 8400 mi. Great car!!!
  • julia12julia12 Posts: 10
    It depends how obsessive you are. I am fairly obsessive (see previous posts in either this or the 3er 'vert forum on parking, swirl marks, etc...) Basically, I've been going to the Lechmere do-it-yourself wash, but you need a zillion quarters and need to bring another person so you both can dash around and maximize the time and the must bring your own clean bucket, a safe car cleaner, and I use sheepskin mitts. Only use the brush on the wheels. I have not dared try a mechanical wash...I also have had the car cleaned at the dealer a few times (BMW of Peabody) but am suspicious of circular motions (a big no-no) and resultant swirl marks...I also use a California Duster from time to time depending on what type of dirt is on the car. I hear Griot's Garage has great products but haven't investigated fully as of yet (check website). I also hear great things about the BMW club of Boston but have not joined. I was walking on Newbury St. last night and saw a new black 323 CiC and thought it might be you, but it had a black interior...and speaking of interiors, the sand interior will get dirty. I am about to venture into the land of trying to deal with this but am holding off as long as possible. I don't know how the leatherette smells, but the leather smells great! Wave if you see me (I have a South End parking sticker). But you will probably run into clembo first...
  • davv62davv62 Posts: 76
    I recently bought a BMW 530, and prior to buying it I test drove both the 525 and the 530.

    I think you can be very comfortable with your decision to buy a 525. I was very happy with the way the 525 drove when I tested it. My drive was relatively short because the dealer I went to to drive that car had a pre-determined test driving route. I got it up to 80 mph on the stretch of highway that we drove with little effort and it drove very smoothly at high speed. Prior to that, I had driven a BMW 330, and Mercedes C320, an Audi A-4, a Saab 9-5 and a Lexus IS 300. I found the BMW and Lexus cars to be the top performers for what I was looking for.

    I wanted to test a 530, but that dealer told me they had none available and would not for the forseeable future. So I went to another dealer, and he let me take the 530 out on my own and go wherever I wanted, for as long as I wanted. I had a great one-hour drive on several Connecticut highways that offered different opportunities. One was straight and flat with little traffic, so I could really open it up. The other was curvy and hilly, to see how the handled under those conditions. That drive is what hooked me to the 530.

    The 530 certainly has more power than the 525, but I thought the 525 handled itself quite well and that you can be very comfortable with your decision.
  • vaarkvaark Posts: 7
    Just got my 530i with man trans, prem pkg, in-dash CD, folding rear seat, cold wx pkg, lumbar, conven pkg, Topaz blue with gray leather. This is one great car. I plan to get an extended warranty later. Highly recommend this color combination. How often should I change the oil? Dealer says approx 15K miles.
  • ellentellent Posts: 1
    Proud and very happy slave to a 2000 328i titanium silver/gray, step, sweetheart in Los Angeles.

    Autocrossed a time or two with BMW CCA, and hope to win the E46 M3 convertible.

  • cmr530icmr530i Posts: 278
    I just received my Original BMW Accessories catalogue in the mail and as I looked through it, BMW does offer a clear protective covering to guard against abrasions. It says it won't harm paint, yellow, fade or crack and peel. You can order it for the front lower section of the hood and mirrors for $99.95 and the bumper for $83.95. How do these prices compare to scothcal?
  • dabimmerdabimmer Posts: 165
    Can't really give you a good answer on how price compares, maybe Dave 222 will see
    this post and give us his input. he'll probably know. Sorry
  • Just got back from my first road trip in my 2001 525iT. It's the Sport wagon, Titanium/gray with the sport premium package, convenience package, cd and steptronic.

    I like the car better every time I drive it. Got it in March, about 4500 mi now. On a 6% grade it's no powerhouse, especially trying to accelerate from 50 to 70 after one of those slow pokes finally gets out of the left lane, but using the manual mode in 3rd and 4th it does run well. It is also very smooth and quiet all the way up to 110 or so--not much different than at 55.

    I was dissapointed in the gas mileage at highway speeds (75-80), getting about 24 mpg. Maybe the engine isn't broken in enough yet. My old 1992 Bonneville SSei got 25-26 in similar situations.
  • davv62davv62 Posts: 76
    I'm surprised to hear about your highway gas mileage. I have a pretty fully loaded 530i with steptronic but no sport package. I got it in March and it has about 4000 miles on it. I get pretty lousy mileage around town (14-15 mpg) but that's probably because I have a heavy foot when I start out, which hurts in stop and go traffic. On the highway, going about 80 mph, I get 30-31 mpg. Could it be the sport package that's lowering your mileage?
  • I suppose anything is possible--but I certainly would not think the sport package would have any effect; mine is a wagon, but again I would not think that would have much effect either. Maybe I will hear from other owners; HOW ABOUT IT, 525 OWNERS?? I get about 20-21 mpg around town, with some freeway and some surface streets. I'm surprised the 530 is doing so much better on the highway; I hoped for about 30 mpg from the 525.

    Are you reading the computer or computing based on miles/gallons? The computer gives me about 1 mpg better than the calculations.
  • davv62davv62 Posts: 76
    I was reading from the computer. Maybe I should calculate it on my own.
  • Hey everyone! After trying to keep up with the sedans board for the last 3 months, I'd like to introduce myself now since I've just recently received my steel gray 325i with black leather, PP, SP, CD and HIDs. I must say for now, it was worth every last cent I paid for it! I hope everyone else is enjoying theirs just as much!
  • giredgired Posts: 5
    Hi..sorry for the delayed response and thanks for all the info. I went to the Scrubadub self-wash in Brighton and it was a painful experience working with quarters and I eventually ran out! The change machine didn't work either..I'm not a fan of self-wash bays. I called Scrubadub and asked them about their systems..I was told that it was safe on convertibles and apparently lot of people bring their convertibles there. I might just go take a look. The problem I have now (not sure if its one really) is all the rattles I keep hearing especially from the driver side. The roads in Waltham are really bad and the rattles are a huge annoyance. They also seem to quiet down when the windows are down. Anyways wondering if you've come across this before in your readings. Hope to see you on the road sometime!
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