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If my transmission fluid is some what brown if changeing it in my 2001 Pontiac grand prix GT with

pontiacfan85pontiacfan85 Posts: 10
edited July 2014 in Pontiac
I have have a 2001 Pontiac grand prixGT with 162000miles on it the tran fluid is a little brown looking if i change the fluid will it shift beter??? Any feed back would be much aappreciated thanks pontiacfan85

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  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,453

    No harm in doing that but please take it to a competent store to have it done.

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  • Ray80 thanks for the feed back but you're saying that trainee change wouldn't help anything the last time it was changed I have no idea I bought the car 7 months ago but when I bought it it was redish the fluid and now its like light brownish fluid it has like a smell to it.The shop told me that the fluid was brown and burnt and needs to be changed or a tran flush but what i really need to know is if i get one of this done the flush or just drain the old fluid and put new stuff in would that help it shift beter meaning like the car shifts fine but a cople of harsh shift ponits thats about it just wondering if that change would help any with that. Thanks ray80 for the fed back and mr shift right as well thanks Pontiacfan85.
  • Thanks mr shift right for the feed back thanks pontiacfan85.
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