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Why would a dealer put 6,000 miles on a car?

davezzzdavezzz Member Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in General
  • I saw three seemingly almost new Audi cars for sale at a Toyota used car lot, the salesman told me they bought them from the Audi dealer
  • Certified Pre Owned
  • 2014 model year
  • all had around 6,000 miles

What's going on here? Why would a dealer put 6k miles on a car?



  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 187,351

    It's more likely that they are Audi executive cars, or employee leases, and the Toyota dealer bought them at auction. Most of those vehicles go to Audi-only dealer auctions, first. Which would make me wonder why they were passed over.

    Also.. only an Audi dealer can sell a true Audi CPO car. I'd take any CPO designation from a Toyota dealer with a grain of salt.

    If they did come from the Audi dealer, they are probably service loaners, but I have no idea why they would wholesale them to a Toyota dealer. (unless they are in the same dealer group).

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  • davezzzdavezzz Member Posts: 2

    Thanks, your right they're not CPO, but they have two years left of the warranty. My brain crossed wires.

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